As for the improvement of potency in men the natural way

as for the improvement of potency in men the natural way

With a certain age, the representatives of the stronger sex are often problems with erection. The question of how to improve the potency in men, is of concern to many. Such a breach in the male body can be a real tragedy. The causes of erectile dysfunction can of Stress, lack of exercise, adoption, drug, alcohol, Smoking, improper diet, hormonal disorders. But we should not panic. There are many different methods to improve the potency. To help with the Problem of taking the modern means of the latest Generation of the tried-and-tested recipes of traditional medicine can deal with it.

Many men want already in Mature years, they improve their potency. Modern life is extremely negative effects on male health. Permanent lack of sleep and fatigue can also be the reasons for the weakening of erection and Libido. The recovery of potency requires time and specific measures.

As for the improvement of potency to home

Especially in the fight with erectile dysfunction you have a few basic rules to note:

  • A regular sex life. Reproductive male organs requires constant training. To avoid, for every man is important, long abstinence from Sex. He cares for the health of the whole organism, improves the quality of sperm and increases their number. Regular sexual contacts to prevent the further development of impotence. According to scientific studies, 2003, weekly orgasms significantly reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer.
  • Prevention of diseases, sexually transmitted. A similar infection may develop unexpectedly and quickly. To help your presence in the male body, show corresponding analyses. However, not all representatives of the stronger sex regularly study on genital infections. Any disease should go to a doctor and the diagnosis. Because of the risk of only the sexual organs, but also the entire male body are not exposed.
  • Proper nutrition should be one of the most important methods in the fight against erectile dysfunction. A balanced diet promotes the potency and ensures the Libido. In used products contain a large amount of phosphorous; this Element has a direct impact on male health and potency. You need to eat, which promotes the development of the necessary male hormones. According to the Phosphor of the most important trace element zinc for the man. He is involved in the synthesis of testosterone. Zinc deficiency in the body leads to a deterioration in the quality of ejaculate and the deterioration of potency. Also, food products that contain Vitamin E. It also offers the man a high potency and prevent negative changes in the cells of the genital organs. Proper nutrition promotes the quick elimination of problems with erection, restores the hormonal disorders, helps to recover within a short period of time. Improvement of weak potency with diet? You need to products the consumption of Protein, honey with walnuts, spices, vegetables and fruit.
  • Eliminating the use of alcohol. As a small man is drinking alcohol, the better is its potency. Many believe that a glass of wine, the desired incentive for Sex. However, it is not so. For example, in the case of Prostatitis, any kind of alcohol is absolutely contraindicated. In a Situation where it is unknown the exact cause for the weakening of potency, alcohol should be completely excluded from his life.
  • Get rid of extra pounds. Being overweight can also cause the decrease in potency. To lose slowly the pounds begin each morning with the charge. Sports, athletic exercises, and in the course of the day, visit the gym.
  • Restful sleep will help to rejuvenate the body. Chronic sleep deprivation, fatigue, weakness, extremely negative impact on the erectile function of the man. It is extremely important to always have enough sleep and rest after work.
As for the improvement of potency to home

As for the improvement of potency in men the natural way

Natural resources to increase the potency depends not only on the excellent work of the sexual function, but also on the General health and the strengthening of the male body. To circumvent the Problem, a specially designed training program helps. In the course of pubic lice muscle, which trained a direct influence on the erection. Every day these simple exercises:

  1. Rotation of the pelvis. You put your feet on width of shoulders, hands on the belt. The basin must be 10 minutes in one direction, then in a friend.
  2. Step on the spot, lifting the knees high and pressed on the abdomen;
  3. Knees slightly bent, hands on the belt. Then the knee is bent more, then you need to exert maximum effort and relax the muscles of the buttocks several times;
  4. the elevation of the pelvis, lying on the back;
  5. Rotation of legs, lying on his back, -; exercise - "Bicycle";
  6. a few times tighten and relax the pubic-coccygeal muscle.

In addition to physical exercises, it is important to eat certain foods. You increase the potency, stable erections Penis. Men need to eat regularly:

  • Honey;
  • Garlic in raw Form;
  • braised carrots in milk;
  • Walnuts;
  • Beans;
  • Chocolate.

Water - as a means to increase the potency

Water — as a means to increase the potency

Well to restore potency daily contrast baths in the night. You are a very positive effect on the blood circulation in the small pelvis and strengthens the whole body. For the execution of the procedure, a tub fill with cold water, and the other hot. In each container is required to successively overturn for a Minute.

Gradually increase the difference in the temperatures. It is important to know that first of all a strong temperature gradient can only harm. Also contrast showers to apply, as an Alternative to the baths. On the restoration of the potency a positive effect and a visit to the Sauna. In the bathroom, twice per week, and necessarily used birch branches.

Very effective method with the application of ice. In ordinary gauze, the ice needs to wrap. The matter is necessary, folded it tentatively several times. Such a cold compress to apply to one or two minutes to various parts of the body. Start with the head; to apply ice to the skull, then to the area of the heart, -; on the scrotum.

How to improve the potency of folk medicine

The folk medicine is effective rich in different recipes, which will help to quickly restore the erectile function. The most well-known methods:

  • Daily eating is a pleasure; honey with chopped walnuts. The components are mixed in equal parts. The medium for at least 1 month must apply. The best effect you can enjoy zapivat milk.
  • Good Troubleshooting carrot Cocktail with honey helps with the problem. Bee products and vegetables, such as carrots, have long been used as excellent opportunities to restore male health. Cocktail you have to drink a fourth Cup three times a day.
  • Prepare a tincture of garlic and take every day 20 drops.
  • Clearly the potency of red cabbage juice increases. It should be consumed daily in small quantities.
  • Decoction of herbs to the strengthening of the helps erection. Inflorescences of Basil, leaves, walnut leaves, rhizomes take horseradish. Then boil the red wine you need to 1 Liter and pour the herbs. The finished broth will consist of a warm cloth on it. Then the Filter and take before meals in 100 ml.
  • Is very effective in the treatment of impotence Pulmonaria officinalis. The plant should be regularly in salads and other dishes. Also a lung herb Infusion take; the dry grass pour the boiling water and take the funds.
  • Asparagus, infusions and decoctions made from maple branches, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds needs to constantly consume men, the problems with potency. Such means help to get rid of the problem.
How to improve the potency of folk medicine

A healthy way of life

The basic rule in fighting impotence; this follow the correct healthy lifestyle. It is important to take various preventive measures to consider in the age, about the problems of an intimate nature. Older men often think, how in 60 years, the improvement of the potency.

For the solution, different methods can be applied, starting with the exercise, and the application to special tools. The complex of the Problem of erectile dysfunction and rapid recovery for the men's health approach for the elimination.

If you have any special massages, sports, long walks in the fresh air. You can developed the best recipes of traditional medicine and modern innovations, from specialists to increase the potency.