These products potency increase for men immediately

These products increase potency immediately

In the fast pace of modern life, the man of a variety of factors, the negative impact on the potency of surrounds. Be at the height in the bed — so it is extremely important for building long lasting relationships with the opposite sex, the feeling of his dominance and importance. For the reinforcement of male power in the run all options: from medications to surgical interventions. But first and foremost, the changes in the diet, because there are products to increase potency in men.

A balanced diet is a prerequisite for the health of all the systems of the human body. Eat healthy food, a man obtains of macro - and trace elements, Vitamin complex, amino acids, and other biologically active substances, you need to have a proper function of the reproductive organs, maintaining the vivacity and the high activity.

Proper nutrition, avoiding harmful habits, and complete physical activity, saving them from occurring ever more frequent manifestations of erectile dysfunction, decrease of sexual desire and the loss of the ability to reproduce. We talk about what products to increase the potency of men.

As to the appearance of the male diet?

Nourishing diet is not about health problems of the man the rich and the very different needs complains. In him necessarily add dishes of food, a lot of zinc, Magnesium, potassium, calcium, and other macro - and micro-elements, proteins of animal and vegetable origin, natural fats, carbohydrates and other compounds conducive to a significant improvement in the potency.if

For the quick recovery and the sexual skills necessarily the fulfillment of three conditions: avoid alcoholic beverages and cigarettes, play sports and eat right. To forget about problems with the potency in the diet vegetables and fruit, meat and fish, dairy products and some sweets.

The food of the people needs. rich in vitamins, for the normal operation of the reproductive organs Above all, it is the B vitamins, A, E, C, and D. in the Winter, when it buy difficult fresh fruit and vegetables, should vitamin take supplements, although proved, is that contained in the composition, the components are pretty poorly absorbed by the body.

Vitamins for increase of a potentiality

In addition, in the diet should be added that a rapid effect of aphrodisiacs, a large amount of zinc, the normal production of testosterone, and a high quality of sperm and increases the "happiness hormone" dopamine. Also on the Libido and potency a positive effect foods rich in antioxidants and Alkaloid theobromine.

Regular consumption of useful products for potency promotes:

  • Increase in the testosterone synthesis.
  • Strengthening of the vascular wall and the normalization of the blood supply to the sexual organs.
  • Improvement of the activity of the brain and the activation of nearby centers, who is responsible for the sex drive, and potency.
  • Increasing the production of seminal fluid.
  • Increase the Libido.
  • Increase the time, since the man will be able to save the sexual activity.

So, let's see what the experts recommend and there are products that the potency in men immediately.

Herbal Products

Their positive effect on the sexual capability of men based on the content of large amounts of vitamins, fiber, amino acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids, other compounds, sexual activity substances, stimulating. In addition to that, not the last role in this matter, proteins are of plant origin, although their value and worse than the animals proteins. In the daily diet should be:

  • Fruits and vegetables — carrots, beets, cabbage, onions, garlic, spinach, citrus fruits, pomegranates, melons, Avocados, and strawberries. The vegetables can be cooking or braising, and cooking of salads from fresh ingredients and with the mandatory addition of such spices as cumin, cardamom, Cayenne pepper, and ginger.
  • Nuts — it is proved that regular consumption of walnuts, especially mixed with honey, significantly increased the potency. Also useful, and other kinds of nuts: almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, pistachios, pine nuts.
  • The greens — several varieties of fresh herbs provides the body not only huge amount of the necessary substances for male power, but are also the strongest aphrodisiacs to increase Libido, sexual ability and stamina.
herbal products to increase the potency

Extremely useful parsley for the potency of its positive effect by stimulating the adrenal glands where testosterone is synthesized. In the composition of the plant, the compound is Apigenin, which circulates in the blood inhibits the man's estrogens, significantly reducing the potency.

In addition, the use of parsley is promotes the normalization of blood supply of urinogenital organs, prevents the development of Stagnation, and problems with urination, which is typical for Prostatitis. And when, shortly before the intimacy to eat about a hundred grams of this green is, is to increase the strength and stability of your erections.

Effectively, celery increases the potency in the male sex hormone. In addition, the plant belongs to the aphrodisiacs: if it consumes per hour to tryst, the power and the speed of the emergence of sexual desire to surprise yourself.

The erection is much stronger, intimacy, last longer and the orgasm is full with bright colors. Also celery promotes the quality of the sperm, increases the motility and viability of sperm, increasing the number of male germ cells with pathologically altered morphology.

Foods that are high in protein content

Useful products for male potency contain large amounts of Protein. For the maintenance of the health of the reproductive system and increasing the sexual abilities of the man should eat regularly:

  • Meat recommended lean beef, chicken, Turkey, rabbit.
  • Fish — perhaps the helpful for the male energy are mackerel and plaice, because they contain a large number of receiving participation in the synthesis of testosterone with Vitamin E and trace elements, which are capable to Libido to increase. Fish must be cooked or braised.
Products with an increased amount of Protein for the potency

To reinforce the positive impact on the masculinity of meat and fish dishes, you will need onions, garlic, add and Cayenne pepper, which is also known as powerful aphrodisiacs.

  • Seafood — shrimp, squid and oysters are famous for their ability to increase sex drive and make the man incomparable lover. Casanova claimed to have tired in bed: oysters and only oysters. The secret lies in the fact that it is in the seafood contain large amounts of selenium and zinc, without which it is not possible to the full work of the prostate, the production of a sufficient amount of active sperm, and a high Libido.
  • Dairy products — including milk products has long been known for sour cream for the potency. It is a powerful natural aphrodisiac that is rich in vitamins A, E and groups involved in the production of testosterone. In addition, in the cream contain a lot of zinc is also necessary for the synthesis of sufficient amounts of the male sex hormone. The regular consumption of this product provides the body of the man, Magnesium, calcium, potassium, and iodine, useful proteins, and organic acids.


The first place in this list, of course, takes the honey. Honey for the potency of men is extremely important, especially in combination with nuts. This is due to the high content of B-vitamins, Magnesium, potassium, sodium, iron and other trace elements. For the maintenance of the high potency food should be a day of honey a few spoonfuls, add it to the tea, milk and other foods. Particularly effective for increasing the sexual abilities apply honey, of the Pollen comes from the flowers of plants as aphrodisiacs, for example, whether or Jasmine marjoram.

Also mentions the positive effects on the potency of cocoa and dark chocolate.