So you increase the potency at home

Potency for every man – one of the most important aspects of life, not only physical stability but also the mental health. But, unfortunately, problems with sexual function can begin at any time and the causes of the fact, very different. For example, stressful situations can easily influence the sexual power of the man Therefore, the question of how to repair or strengthen the effectiveness of self? There are many possibilities, the promise, in the shortest possible time, improve your erection and make the sexual intercourse for longer. But for a start it is necessary to understand the reasons, according to which a sexual dysfunction

Policia in men

What is the potency affected?

A significant decrease in the potency not only physiological reasons, but also external factors can have an impact.

  1. Psychological Causes Of. Nerve disorders impact on sexual health. Regular stressful situations, experiences, and arguments to undermine the mental state, which reflects in the result in the quality of sexual intercourse. These include: fear of Sex, sexual failures, a repulsive appearance of a partner, frequent Stress, etc.
  2. Sexual Abstinence. When men have a long time no Sex, or he is misleading gularis, which increases the probability of a temporary reduction in potency. Eliminate this Problem simply by regular Sex
  3. The influence of medication.
  4. Cervesato. Because of the hydrodynamic of a man's life stagnant processes occur blood
  5. Bad Habits. Undoubtedly, nicotine dependence, regular consumption of alcoholic beverages and drugs affect not only the health, but also a significant influence on the potency
  6. Of The Age Factor. According to the statistics, found that after forty years the power of man begins to fade gradually, problems with sexual dysfunction can be observed. Begins fifty years in the body of a human to produce testosterone in much lower quantities, what the erectile dysfunction

Please note! Experts claim that the temporary disturbance of erectile function in the early diagnosis unrecoverable, even in the fastest time possible. On the contrary, disorders of the potency, which are permanent, and require a complex treatment.

Alarming Symptoms.


The treatment does not have to think about it, if the Problem is with the erection occurs for the first time. Cheerleaders have the following signs of a decrease in sexual desire and Libido:

  1. No interest in the sexual copulation.
  2. No spontaneous erections.
  3. Inadequate Erections.
  4. The erection during the entire intercourse.
  5. The inability to complete the sexual act.

If you have these symptoms from the point of view of the male anatomy, the reason is a sufficient filling of the cavernous bodies of the Penis. In the result, the body loses during the erection hardness. Parallel to the erectile function can interfere with, is the psychological factor.

After the identification of such symptoms, should immediately consult a specialist to determine the exact cause of the dysfunction.

It is important! If the exact cause of impotence is not installed, it is strictly forbidden to self-medicate. Because a wrong treatment can cause impotence.

Can I increase potency for a day?

In the case of loss of the possibility of normal sexual intercourse, the man can take care of the only question is how quickly you can improve the potency. It is quite possible, but the effect is not long (3-5 hours). It is recommended that this special means. You can measures both local, as well as the oral intake. The effect of the gels, and ointments is done by active substance, which is easily in the tissues of the Penis, strengthens not only your erection but also the sensitivity of the organ. As a result, the sexual desire, the duration of sexual intercourse increased. A similar effect has and preformed shape.

This is only in the selection of such stimulants worth paying attention to the composition. To remember that only natural ingredients will not be able to harm the health in General. Some of the most successful drugs on the Basis of Ginseng extract. Apply these funds to possible for ten to fifteen minutes prior to the start of the copulation, after studying the manual in detail and all of the contraindications.

The strengthening of the potency and enlargement of the Penis through exercises


As it turned out, there is a special group of exercises, which is able to not only eliminate problems with potency, but sexual organ a little more. This is the exercise that strain of the character, reminiscent of the Masturbation. Repeated exposure to a member of significantly improves blood circulation, which leads to the strengthening of the potency and the growth of the tissue through the supply of the cells of the Corpus Cavernosum of the blood.

Quick strengthening of the potency of folk medicine

For today's methods, the Alternative medicine includes, very effective and absolutely safe for health, therefore, men are at any age. An exception is only idiosyncrasy of a particular substance.

Alternative therapy to improve the potency are medium on the Basis of herbs (herbal teas, decoctions, tinctures), and with regular use can the following effects be observed:

  1. The Stimulation of the normal blood circulation.
  2. Prevention of inflammatory processes (also the cause for lack of erection).
  3. The protection stimulates the functions of the immune system.
  4. Normalize Hormones.
  5. The improvement of the mental state.

The totality of these indicators have a positive effect on the health of men in General, thus eliminating possible erectile problems.

Attention! Special herbal complex are able to increase the production of testosterone – the hormone of the sexual energy.

The help of herbs

  1. The Nettle. This grass is considered to be raw material separately or as part of a herbal-complex. To have a positive effect on the condition of the genitourinary system, you need a small amount of grass (100 grams) steamed and leave for an hour. The fact of the willingness of infusion you take three times a day one Cup.
  2. Ginseng. The grass is determined, such as a strong sexual stimulant. For the amplification of the erectile function is used as a basic component in the composition of many drugs. For the self-employed taking in pure Form. The fresh root, ground and mixed with honey. Such means take for ten days. Of the day three stages on a spoon. After the treatment an increase in Libido, normalization of work of the endocrine system (depends on the development of the male hormones), improves erection.
  3. Thyme. Is a very useful herb for men's health. But for the Stimulation potency is productive only in the Form of infusions. For this dry inflorescence (100 grams) filled with a sufficient quantity of boiling water (a glass) and drag left by one hour. One such drink eat recommended in the course of the day instead of tea.
  4. Hemp seeds. Applies to the improvement of the blood circulation and normalization of the exchange rate in the process. A small amount of the seeds and is used in an amount of a teaspoon of fifteen minutes before eating. This procedure guarantees a significant increase in sexual energy after just three days of taking

Prevention of male potency

Men suffer from problems with potency, usually are not go on the diagnosis, a doctor, and begin to independently deal with the Problem, by the various preparations. Without a doubt, the result does not wait – after a few minutes, wide awake, completely restored and ready for the satisfaction of the partner. These medications are very effective and have virtually no contraindications, it is only after the termination of the use, remain the psychological dependence and the fear of defeat to win. It is therefore not necessary to block the pathology after the fact, and resorting to preventive measures. Prevention:

  1. To handle more demanding the diet, because there are a number of products that are able to act as an aphrodisiac.
  2. You take vitamins with a content of zinc is exactly this Element which has a positive impact on the production of male hormones.
  3. Replace tea and coffee and herbal teas (see list above).
  4. Regular Exercise.
  5. Walks in the fresh air.
  6. Barefoot through the morning dew on the grass (new haptics significantly improve blood circulation in the genitals).
  7. Complete rejection of bad habits.
  8. The normalization of sleep and rest.
  9. Regular Sex with regular partners.