Vitamins to increase the potency


To eliminate problems with potency simply, if you the men in the nutritional vitamins, and follow the instructions to receive. The question is, what is the increase of it really is potency. The modern market is oversaturated meeting with special drugs, therefore, the right choice — a difficult task.

Below you will find the best vitamin complexes, which are capable to strengthen men's health, to regain or strengthen the potency. The advantage of the use of special drugs, it is, the multi-faceted effect on the body. You revive the sexual activity, improve health and fill the cells of useful micro-elements.

Vitamins and trace elements — special substances, which have different biological activity and play an important role in the work of each organ and of the organism as a whole. In the case of lack of the useful components of metabolism slowed down, which leads to disturbances in the body, and other serious problems.

In the private sector, useful vitamins, has the following effect:

• Strengthening of the immune system;
• Increase the speed of the nerve impulses between the Penis and the brain (a different page);
• Activation of the work of spermatogenesis;
• Reduction in the density of the blood, improving circulation;
• To ensure the elasticity of the vessel walls.

Vitamins for the improvement of potency — reliable helper for men. To improve the intimate component of your life, it is important in your diet and avoid deficits of useful elements.

In the case of their deficiency in the diet increase the consumption of specific products or to go the other way — buy special complexes in pharmacies or on the net.


With the right diet and a healthy lifestyle the potency remains until old age. But such situations are rare, and in practice, problems with male virility can already occur in young or adult age.

Identify the main reasons for this:

• The harmful and dangerous habits — alcoholism, Smoking, drug addiction;
• Limited mobility in the course of the day (lack of exercise);
• Negative environmental Situation in the Region of residence;
• Diseases in the field of neurology — epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease;
• Private Stress and overwork;
• Excessive physical activity;
• Taking certain medications — diuretics, antidepressants, etc.;
• Endocrine Diseases;
• Unbalanced Diet;
• Hereditary factors;
• Psychological causes — nerves, Depression, fears.

Each of these aspects individually or in combination, have a negative impact on the potency. Except the listed reasons, the sexual life disorders of the circulatory System, causing the Penis with blood be filled.

Another important factor is excessive weight, provoke the reduction of morning erections or suppresses the production of beneficial hormones. Obesity not only reduces sexual activity, but often leads to the emergence of Diabetes mellitus.

Negative effects on male force of the disease of the genitourinary system, such as Prostatitis, adenoma and other diseases. To avoid problems, it is important, timely surveys to participate in.



Remember that there is no single recipe of success for all men. In any case, useful to a particular drug. In a Situation the result can bring the simplest complivit, but in a different "Big Hertz" or more serious complex

The success of the treatment depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. There is not a single Vitamin or trace element that would be affected only to the potency, erectile function, or the production of seeds.

The male force is directly dependent on the quality of the work of the organism. If you take the correct Vitamin complex, can have many health problems to solve:

• Intensification of the work of the heart muscle;
• The normal function of the digestive tract;
• The walls of the blood vessels to repair and so on.

All of this happens against the background of the improvement of sexual function. Concerns about the dependence of the condition and the work of the internal organs from functioning of the reproductive systems, and Vice versa.


As already mentioned, often the male body needs a complex of vitamins. In order to improve the work of sex organs, restoration of potency and reproductive capacity, needed in the diet of the following elements:

• TOCOPHEROL (VITAMIN E) is the most important component for the body, promotes blood circulation and creates the flow of blood to the male sexual Organ. In addition, Tocopherol accelerates cell renewal, acts as an antioxidant for the body and the work of the endocrine glands (primarily the pituitary). He is responsible for the formation and maturation of sperm.
• ASCORBIC acid — Element, whereby the elasticity of the blood vessels, improves blood circulation and ensures optimal blood flow in the Penis. Ascorbic acid increases the level of testosterone, protects against the development of Prostatitis. The regular intake of Vitamin C in the body promotes the strengthening of the immune system and the formation of dopamine, the deficit often colds with reduced work capacity.
• VITAMIN d is Also useful for the potency of men. Its presence in the body promotes the production of sex hormones and the strengthening of the attraction to the opposite sex. The largest deficit occurs in the Winter, so that problems with potency is often intensified in this period.
• VITAMIN B — participates in the protection of the liver and promotes the formation of hormones. Its action is aimed at protecting the liver, improving tone, and the optimization of other functions. The greatest importance for the male organism are B6 and B12. Its deficiency in the body leads to a decrease of the sexual energy, and a number of other problems. In particular, B6 is required for the normal operation of the CNS. Not less important is the folic acid (B9), of whose existence the working capacity of the people and the durability of the potency depends.
• VITAMIN A provides the immune system, normalizes the working on the reproductive function of male representatives.


In addition to these vitamins, the body of the man needs trace elements. The most important of them — the zinc, magic, and potassium. For example, if a lack of zinc in the significant loss of testosterone, reduced Libido and deterioration of potency.

Another important Mineral is selenium. His entrance into the organism the high-quality of sperm and improving reproductive function. Selenium is often used in the treatment of infertility and for the improvement of the sexual organs. Inclusion in the diet of the studied trace elements avoids problems with male health and maintain it at a high level. With the proper planning of the diet, a comprehensive change in the body — improvement of the potency, as well as the work of the internal organs and systems occurs.

In the case of insignificant faults in the diet is the normalization of the power supply, the performance of the system can return in a short period of time.



To get the result, it is important to properly men receive vitamins for potency, and it fits exactly to the dosage.

The daily dose of vitamins:

• B1 — 1,5-2,5 mg;
• B3 — 15-25 mg;
• B6 — 2-2,5 mg;
• B9 — 0,2 mg;
• B12 — 2 micrograms;
• 100-400 mg;
• D — 10 MCG;
• E — 12-30 mg.

Not less important is the restriction, the rules of consumption are. Vitamins and minerals, is usually recommended, to the inside in the course of meal or after it. The exceeding of the daily dose listed on the packaging, is prohibited. Otherwise, the risk of side effects.

Product-Tocopherol, ascorbic acid and B-vitamins capsules or tablets. To swallow without having to chew (if none of the other recommendations in the instructions).

Vitamin D is recommended to drink a large amount of water or other liquid. To achieve the result we recommend a comprehensive intake of medicines — their effect is increased.

That's why the greatest demand for Vitamin-Mineral complexes, with a full range of beneficial elements. In the selection of the drug, you should consider the needs and nuances of the male body into account.


With the right intake of vitamins and mineral substances, can over the health. Here there are almost no contraindications and side effects. Of taking such medications should be used in the presence of intolerances to any of the elements or of certain diseases.

For example, Tocopherol is not recommended if cardiosclerosis and prohibited for patients who have a myocardial infarction.

Intake of Vitamin-restricted complexes in the presence of ulcers in the stomach or the diagnosis of kidney stones. If the reception of classical vitamins no results, you have to apply special nutritional supplements.

The main danger is in the dose, reducing possible side effects — accelerated formation of stones in the kidney, the blood clotting, the occurrence of skin rashes, sleep disturbances and other consequences.

For the avoidance of adverse consequences for the preservation and the expected result in the Form of the restoration or improvement of the potency, a visit to the doctor and go through a consultation. In addition, a habituation to exclude, it is recommended that the intake of Vitamin and mineral complex courses.

With this approach, you can focus on positive results and no side effects.



To deficit of useful components to exclude, the men should know, what products contain them:

• Tocopherol in sunflower and olive oil, celery, green onions.
• Ascorbic acid — onion, carrot, cabbage (fresh or sour cabbage), citrus fruits, parsley.
• B-vitamins — dairy products, nuts, fish, garlic, rye bread, tomatoes, and corn.
• Vitamin D — eggs (quail and chicken), fish oil, cottage cheese, cheese, milk, Butter.
• Zinc — Perch, Salmon, Garlic, Shrimp, Herring, Egg Yolks, Pumpkin Seeds.
• Selenium — seafood, corn, tomatoes, rye bread.

Also useful for the health of men:

• Oysters — increases Libido, of testosterone to enable production, prolong the sexual cat.
• Sea fish (mackerel, plaice) — improvement of the potency, increase the power of attraction.
• Beets — boosts Libido, contains valuable amino acids.
• Orange and lemon — increases the level of testosterone.
• Clams and other seafood (Rapany, shrimp, crabs, and others) — volume increase semen and testosterone, blankets, zinc deficiency, increase virility, improve the production of seeds.
• Quail eggs — improve erection, increase Libido.

Including in the diet of honey, bananas, chocolate, water melon, Avocado, pomegranate, meat, fruit, and other products.