Useful products for the potency of the men

According to medical terminology, potency – is not to commit the body's ability to have intercourse. The Definition is derived from the Latin potentia, which translates as the ability, in terms of male sexuality. The term includes properties

  1. the degree of tension of the Penis;
  2. Speed of erection;
  3. Duration of the sexual act and his active Phase of the current.

What is useful for the potency of

Problems with Libido can cause psychological and physical factors. The latter include the Stagnation of blood in the organs of the small pelvis, functional disorders of the prostate, Prostatitis, decreased production of the hormone testosterone. For the normalization of these processes is important to observe the following rules:

  • give the body the physical stress – it makes the heart work better, increases vitality, normalizes blood circulation;
  • sports begin: running, Cycling, walking, strength training;
  • to visit a bath – it detoxifies the body, improves blood circulation;
  • do leg Massage can massage themselves or simply go barefoot;
  • take a contrast bath or shower;
  • conduct a regular sex, to prevent, a pledge of erectile dysfunction;
  • Junk Food, give up alcohol, large amounts of coffee, drugs-antispasmodics;
  • the Regime and organize a healthy sleep;
  • rethink food for the potency in men is particularly important, the easiest way is to have sexual activity.

Products, which the potency of

For the return of normal sexual life is helpful, what are the products to increase the potency of men. Experts recommend to include in the diet foods rich in vitamins A, E, group B. It improves the passage of nerve impulses, will affect the production of testosterone. Popular products for the return of potency fish, seafood, vegetables, nuts and fruits, which must be present in the daily diet. There are also unusual medium – Baranja testicles, a camel's stomach.


Products, the quick actions

For a very short time of activity of sexual life, the following products will help you to increase the potency in men:

  1. Oysters promote the circulation of the blood, are powerful aphrodisiacs. They contain the trace element zinc, rare amino acids that stimulate the production of hormones that increase the amount of sperm. By the substances, dopamine is the Libido increase. It is drizzle better in the spring, raw, with lemon juice. Men can't often haddock – it threatens a surplus of revenue in the body of mercury, Gastroenteritis. This is good for the prevention for the improvement of the potency.
  2. Flounder – useful it is due to the content in meat vitamins A,E, group, Element, zinc. Protein fish quickly absorbed by the body. Useful in cooking, steaming, braising, or cooking plaice.
  3. Cooked mackerel contains Omega 3 and 6 acids, participating in the biosynthesis of testosterone. Sexual health, improves potency, increases the production of sperm is increased by phosphorus and iodine in the composition.
  4. The meat distinguishes itself by a high energy value, which causes the body to produce the hormone thyroxine. He supports the hormonal excitability. It is useful, lean red meat (horse meat, lamb, beef) and diet (chicken, rabbit, Turkey, pheasant). In the ideal case, meat boiled or stewed, served with fresh herbs and vegetables.
  5. Nuts – contain use must be in daily. Due to the content of vitamins E, B, zinc and Magnesium treated problems with the functions of the potency. It has a positive influence on arginine erection in men. It is useful, hazelnuts, almonds, Cashew, peanuts, walnuts. In the ideal case, you need to mix with honey, dried fruits, bananas, apples, beets or carrots. The advantage for the male health is considered to be pine core, which is used to saturate the cells with energy and promote the production of testosterone.
  6. Nutmeg – a spice added in the kitchen or diluted with water and drink. Do not exceed the daily dosage (more than a third of a teaspoon).

The best products for potency

Among the points of the list of the best arrange, the following products:

  1. Chocolate – biologically active theobromine and phenethylamine, in its composition, the Libido increase. Useful is the dark chocolate with 65% cacao and higher. Fillings (especially coffee) better ignore, so that, exceptionally, nuts.
  2. Quail eggs – increases sex drive due to the content of phosphorus, iron and amino acids. Useful it is raw and up to four pieces per day.
  3. Chicken eggs – the poorer in the composition in comparison with quails, but more accessible for the power supply. The combination of fried eggs with onions, black pepper improves the potency of the man. There is not to recommend raw.
  4. Perga – a great product of beekeeping, Pollen is treated by bees. It is rich in proteins, carbohydrates, increases the secretion of testosterone to an appropriate level. The daily rate is 10 G, with caution you should use the bee in case of intolerance of honey or allergies.


Available Option to improve the potency of the man are fruits and berries. They are rich in vitamins, help to increase the quality, quantity of the seed, the lengthening of sexual intercourse. The most useful for men are:

  • Bananas;
  • Strawberry;
  • Mangoes;
  • Raspberries;
  • Dry fruits;
  • Grapes.


Effects on the sexual attraction can exercise and vegetables used as a main dish or a side dish. Men are useful at any age:

  • Onion;
  • Cabbage;
  • Carrots;
  • Beet;
  • Salad;
  • Celery;
  • Garlic;
  • Asparagus;
  • radishes;
  • sweet or hot peppers.


Special attention in the list of vegetables for the enhancement of potency in men turnip deserves. It is useful for the improvement of the potency, improve the secretion of testosterone, the stimulation of sexual desire. The turnip is cooked in the Form of seeds, meat dishes, raw grated, mixed with carrots, honey. Useful, cook the beets in goat's milk, grinding, mixing with Propolis. The daily intake of 4 times 50 G of potency.

What to drink for the potency of the men

In addition to the products, the knowledge in the diet, you what is useful to drink for the potency of men:

  1. Freshly squeezed juices, improve erection Yves complex revitalizes the body to eliminate disease. Useful to drink pomegranate, pumpkin, celery, water melon, other vegetables and fruits with a high content of Vitamin E.
  2. Mare, mare, or milk contains hormones influence on the immune system of the men's reproductive ability, the production of cells of testosterone. Helpful drink it half an hour after the Breakfast a glass per day.
  3. Ginger tea is made from grated ginger with boiling water and infusible in 10 minutes. For the taste of honey, Ginseng ,lemon added. The drink is useful to the men due to the high content of vitamins A, C, strengthens the blood vessels, stimulating potency.

Diet for the increase of potency

In order to revise back the sexual activity, views about nutrition. To have a better understanding of a diet that in the following:

  • the rejection of negative about the effect of food: fat, meat, beer, coffee, Julius drinks, fast Food;
  • you have to prohibit, pastries, sweets, sausages;
  • the restriction in the diet of sugar, salt, Margarine – stimulant obesity;
  • Elimination of harmful habits: Smoking, intake of alcohol;
  • the limitation in the products contain soy, capable to the receipt in the organism of the female genital organs;
  • eat need to the potency, the power of the male: it is cheese, olives, cooked vegetables, spices, green tea with ginger, nuts with honey;
  • to avoid the adherence of the daily requirement of calories and the power to weight gain.


It is already known, that is useful for the potency of men products. Remains to know, mixes, and recipes of dishes that you can take to increase Libido:

  1. The combination of honey with nuts, seeds and dry fruits. Blossom honey, walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, almonds, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds. The last sprout. Mix equal parts of the products, add the prunes, eat 2-3 hours before bedtime. It has a positive effect on the potency of the man.
  2. Boiled mackerel, broth cancer types, boiled or baked seafood. These dishes to eat well with the onion sauce: roast half rings, sprinkle with chopped parsley, celery, lemon juice and tomato paste. Fry briefly and serve.
  3. Steamed or baked in the oven with tomatoes, garlic, olive oil. The court increases potency because it contains only useful products for men.
  4. Dates with almonds, coconut plates. Already after half an hour, a significant effect, erection, increase, stimulate sexual desire of the man.

The information in the article is introductory in nature. Materials article does not call for independent treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give recommendations for treatment on the basis of the individual characteristics of each patient.