Products for the improvement of potency assessment for men

Proper nutrition is one of the conditions of a stable sexual function. Already in ancient times, women knew that the charge for dinner spouse for turbulent and hot night.

Medieval men had their own recipes, on the height in the encounter with another lady of the heart. Modern research confirms the effectiveness of the food for sexual performance.

What is a positive effect on blood circulation?

The mechanism of erection lies in the saturation of the erectile tissue of the Penis with blood. This process runs smoothly, you should carefully monitor the condition of the circulatory system.


There are a number of food vessels, a valuable contribution to the work of the blood and of the heart, as well as the blood circulation in the genitals.


Top products for male enhancement abilities take nuts. In the nuclei of contained materials, the for the full activity of the reproductive organs.

An important advantage – the availability of arginine, an amino acid that promotes the development of nitric oxide. Thanks to him, is due to the filling of the Penis blood and an erection.

Medical experts recommend mixing different varieties of nuts – walnuts, pine nuts, pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts and eat them with honey. The improvement of the therapeutic effect is achieved when a core of raw, without previous roasting. Meat and fish dishes are also recommended cooking with the addition of nuts.

The greatest power is the difference between the pine nuts. You not only increase the ability to achieve an erection, but also improve health in General.

Mare's milk

The choice of the products, which the potency, it is worth to consider and Mare's milk. For the Russians, this drink is not too familiar, but he is in many ways the milk of other animals exceeds.

The consumption of kumys allows you to:

  • The heart and the circulatory System strengthen;
  • Improvement of the blood values;
  • Stabilize the metabolism;
  • To improve the health;
  • Increase your immunity of the organism;
  • Aging Prevent Processes.

Drink 1 Cup of fermented Mare's milk half an hour after Breakfast. During exacerbation of diseases of the digestive system are interrupted therapy.

Bee products

Honey and pollen are related to the bee products, the blood supply to the Penis. Their use improves the production of testosterone in a male's body Protein to introduce, necessary for maintaining a high level of sexual activity.

Honey can be used as a in pure Form, replace sugar and jam, mix it with nuts or dried fruit. The consumption of such a mixture contributes to the strengthening of sexual function.

In the presence of cancer and graves ' disease should consult with a physician before you is bee products in a permanent diet is important.


About the positive effects of fruit and vegetables on the condition of the circulatory system also known.

Regular consumption of striped berries provides:

  • Extension cycle light strip, it is necessary for strong erections;
  • Warning of malignant degeneration of the prostate;
  • The activation of the amino acid compounds;
  • Prevention of age-related impotence.


The positive effect on the work of the erectile function is different, and pomegranate juice. A daily serving of the beverage in an amount of 200 ml helps significantly sexual function improve.

The most important properties of the pomegranate:

  • The increase in the gaps in the arteries;
  • The normalization of the blood flow in the Penis;
  • Strengthening of the walls of the blood vessels;
  • Slowing the aging process;
  • The improvement of the condition of the nervous system;
  • Prevention onkopatologiy.

Foods that increase testosterone and improve Libido

For sexual normal levels of testosterone drive are responsible in the body. Its decrease is due to a number of factors, hormonal imbalance, illness, age-related changes.

In case of insufficient development of the hormone you can start to eat foods that will help you, strengthen its synthesis.


On the first places of the Rankings, where contain products for potency in men, you can find oysters. Its unique composition allows you to:

  • Improvement in the production of sex hormone;
  • Enhanced Erections;
  • Stimulate Libido;
  • An increase of the produced semen.

The influence of oysters on the testosterone is, the presence of large amounts of zinc, and valuable amino acids. Best sea are fruits, fresh in the spring, when the clams reproduce actively.

For therapeutic purposes, a sea creatures raw with the addition of lemon juice should be. However, a useful product has so, there is a downside – increased mercury, which is why you should not be consumed, oysters daily.


Horticultural vegetable that is always used less for cooking, is extremely useful for the improvement of the potency. With the help of the beet, the production of sex hormones, provide the body with necessary nutrients, activated the General health improved.

It is recommended that you brew the seeds of the vegetables or cooking, and you add it as a side dish to meat, herring.

For the improvement of the potency, you can resort to a 2 recipes:

  1. RUB carrots, the same number of cooked turnips and raw. Mix with a teaspoon of honey. Take 70 G per day;
  2. Root vegetables, boil 500 ml of milk, chop and mix with the broth obtained. Add 100g Of Honey. Daily Rate – 1 Cup. It is necessary, divided into 4 doses.

To give of the beet men to suffer:

  • Hepatitis;
  • Diseases of the Central nervous system;
  • Inflammation of the intestinal tract;
  • Cholecystitis.


Beans contain significant amounts of zinc, vegetable protein and fiber. The trace element is an essential component for the Start of the production of testosterone. The presence of Protein and low in fat allows you to enter beans in the menu, men also suffer from obesity.

Recommended this type of sleeve consume make fruit in stew or cooked. If necessary, you can replace the cans of beans, the necessary nutrients are stored (you can read on the bench).


According to research in Texas, testosterone is made from cholesterol. Respectively, men must have food to consume with a high salary.

Chicken and quail eggs – the best source for the substance, he contains in its purest Form. Accordingly, Breakfast of 3-4 eggs provides the body enough for the active synthesis of sex hormones by the amount of cholesterol. For amplification of the therapeutic effect of scrambled eggs cooking in olive oil, flavors of the onion.

Lean Beef

Lean beef has a positive impact on the level of male sex hormones. The meat contains protein and zinc are important substances for the stabilization of testosterone levels, in addition to the use of the product supplies the body building material for muscle building.

Useful 2-3 times a week, beef steaks cooking on the Grill. Also, the beef works effectively on male health, if you stew it, bake or cook.

Products, contributing to the normal Psycho-emotional background

Violation of the erectile function, often associated with nervousness, Stress, depression, mental fatigue.


Before resorting to medications with sedative daily dining to rethink the plan and the products to increase the potency, which have the ability to normalization of Psycho-emotional background. Their systematic use can cope with the mental difficulties without the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate – a known aphrodisiac, has the ability to improve the mood and increase the feeling of falling in love. In the composition of the black tiles of antioxidants contains Alkaloid compound of theobromine and phenyl ethylamine, which has a positive effect on the human Psyche.

For medical impact on the potency and the mood need to eat 2-3 squares per day, a glut of product-adverse effects on health. It is important to choose chocolate that contains at least beans 65% cocoa. Fillers only the nuts.

Of Goodies should stop, men with high blood pressure, diseases of the pancreas and the liver.


Well-Known Fruit-Antidepressants — Bananas. They contain:

  • Alkaloid Harman, the substance causes a feeling of euphoria;
  • Vitamin B6 – component, improves mood;
  • Tryptophan – an amino acid that promotes the development of the hormone of happiness. Pure depressive syndromes, it is for the therapy of anxious -;
  • Potassium relieves fatigue and Stress, strengthens the heart muscles.

You should eat fruit daily, especially men, whose professional activities in connection with permanent physical or emotional overload.


Oatmeal, which is good for the potency because of the availability of zinc and L-arginine also has a positive effect on the mental Constitution. A similar result Tryptophan is due to the content in Kaş, and for the synthesis of the hormone of happiness.

In addition, important properties of oats – the reduction in the level of sugar in the blood, overabundance negative effects on mood. Hercules is in the morning by pouring boiling water a few handfuls of cereal. For improvement of flavouring indicators you can add, in shell, fresh or dried fruits, honey, natural yoghurt.

The common rosefinch

Available and lenses in the top, useful products for potency are included. The healing properties of grains, complex carbohydrates, whose deficiency provokes the production of Serotonin, and folic acid, depressive and depressed in the present.

Also lenses provides the body with iron and regulates the level of glucose, which is important for General good health. For the preparation of the lentils to soak in water for a couple of hours after you cook it in the soup or porridge.

Fatty Fish

In the framework of the recent studies, it has been demonstrated that reduced emotional background, and a deficit in Omega-3 fatty acids. Without you not only mood, but also the mental activity worsens.

The largest number of the useful substance in cod liver oil and oily fish. Enough to eat meals from her 2-3 times per week, to ensure that constantly have a positive attitude, the necessary for a good potency.

Products, immediately increase the potency

It happens that a higher potency, as quickly as possible. The pharmaceutical market offers a considerable number of medicinal products in respect of the funds of the ambulance.

However, not all people are willing to constantly synthesized tablets take artificial. In this case, products will help immediately the potency increase.


Onion is effective for the rapid increase of the potency by the following properties:

  • Increased blood flow in the genitals, leading to erection;
  • Increased sensitivity of nerve endings of the Penis;
  • The stimulation of the synthesis of testosterone.

"Ambulance" – scrambled eggs with plenty of onions. This dish is in need of the intimacy, in advance of you take care of the refreshment of breath. For the preparation you will need:

  • Chop 2 medium onions and fry on a high heat until brown;
  • Smash 3 eggs into the pan and add olive oil;
  • Add tomatoes, the chopped slices;
  • Fry up to readiness.


The natural Alternative to viagra, helps in a short period of time lasting erections without any additional load on the body. The only drawback is the consumption of camel stomach trouble with his acquisition.

The first use of this product is the Eastern nomadic peoples discovered. Men, the stomach regularly ate camel, extended life, improved sexual and reproductive function. Through the stomach nomads of the fathers after 50 years.

For instant power for half an hour before the intercourse you have to stomach to eat only very small quantities of dried – enough of a piece to swallow with a weight of 3-5 g. you can Also prepare alcohol tincture, affects the sexual soundness, and drink shortly before your area. Recipe:

  • 100 G of a sausage product, pour 500 ml of vodka of good quality;
  • To the fact 2 weeks in a dark and cool room.


Several varieties of berries also differ faster effect. These products, the improvement of the potency, mix with cream or sour cream. List of the most useful fruit:

  • Sweet cherry;
  • Blueberries;
  • Black Currants;
  • Blue berry;
  • Blackberries.

The choice of berry depends on the taste preferences. You will have the opportunity to take a look or you can mix a few. For a Cocktail you will need about 150 G of fruit, and 2 tea-spoons of milk products. It is important to choose fresh berries – Frozen to lose a considerable number of useful properties. Berries need milk meal to eat before an audition.

Red wine

If an overabundance of alcohol has a negative effect on the potency and men's health, then a glass of red wine, on the contrary, differs no doubt useful. So maybe:

  • Enhance the sensitivity of the nerves;
  • You increase sexual desire;
  • Normalize the blood flow to the genital area.

Accordingly, a little red wine to drink for dinner, it is the desire and stable erections.