As nuts are helpful for men?

Such foods, like nuts, not often you find in the diet of ordinary people. But do not neglect their use, as each variety or type of nut is useful in its own way, has a unique composition and is used for the treatment and prevention of certain diseases. You look at you more.

Especially, the nuts we love the pleasant taste, rare someone to think about, what materials are in the nuclei. Especially, nuts — it is an useful product, quick snack between meals, a feeling of satiety for a long time. They are both in the kitchen as well as in the recipes of traditional medicine. As mentioned above, the nuts are a different composition, which is unique in its own way, but for each species there are differences, about which we will write later. What connects these fruits:

  • The presence of large amounts of Vitamin E.
  • Macro - and trace elements: Magnesium, iron, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, manganese, and others.
  • Extremely useful for the work of the heart and blood vessels fatty acids that contain large amounts in nuts. These Omega-3 Acids. Previously they were considered harmful, nor greasy, but it was later proved to have a positive impact on the work and condition of the said organs.
  • A great selection of other organic acids, on the body a positive effect.

Nuts for men's are rarely banned product. Only in the case of individual intolerance, as well as in certain diseases.

The benefit of this product you can describe for a long time:

  • The consumption of nuts vessels leads to a reduction in peripheral resistance due to the enlargement of the blood. So you recommend a high blood pressure.
  • Carbohydrates and fats, rich in all the varieties of nuts, which is converted in our body into energy, mainly due to the content of the element Magnesium.
  • Nuts are ideal as between meal, where the fat is very thematic diet, nuts are ideal for a diet for weight reduction.
  • Omega-h-fatty acids to give our bodies the opportunity to overcome atherosclerosis, the excess cholesterol to get rid of. These two factors are an excellent prevention of atherosclerosis of the vessels of the brain, of the heart muscle, Angina pectoris, and myocardial infarction.
  • Nuts are recommended as one of the healthiest foods for diabetics, you are able to, the reduction in the level of glucose in the blood.
  • The uniqueness of this product lies in its antioxidant functions. They are excellent in the prevention of skin aging.
  • The high content of Vitamin E, as well as micro - and macro-nutrients, there is health and strength of nails, skin and hair.
  • Strengthening the resilience of the organism, the diseases recovery after serious illnesses, including infection.
  • Effective effect on the reproductive organs.
  • As the prevention of cancer.

What are the popular nuts are useful for the potency of

Some of the healthy nuts for men — almond. Of the most valuable components we can identify. indispensable amino acid arginine, Vitamin E, dietary fiber Useful properties of almond for men is the ability of the blood, of the bile ducts and the liver. Almond has a choleretic effect, reduces blood sugar levels, therefore, admissible as a network cable diabetics.

It is noticed that some of the ingredients in the composition of the cores of this mother, clean the kidney can increase from Sand, potency, normalize sleep. Nuts-recommended for functional disorders of the nervous system, irritability.

The next nut — peanuts. Probably the most popular type, which have been salted more often we encounter in the Form of Snacks and roasted. Peanuts men's record-holder in accordance with the content of vitamins such as B1, C, B2, and elements (Calcium, Magnesium, iron, phosphorus, sodium and potassium). Due to this structure, walnut struggling with diseases of the heart and blood vessels, the formation of blood increase clots what is necessary with significant bleeding. Peanuts are also rich in anti — oxidant substances, so obviously its most important feature-an obstacle aging and formation of malignant cells.

What nuts are very useful for men? The next place hazelnuts for men. It contains Vitamin E and B6, in such quantities, which in the organism leads to activation of immune properties, the normalization of the nervous system. As these nuts affect the potency? This happens due to the reason Trace of zinc. It forms the basis for the synthesis of the male hormone, testosterone, in low quantities which is not the normal working of the reproductive organs. Vitamin E simultaneously, non-sterile effect is that it is important, in the case of suspected high gear. Like all nuts, hazelnuts vessels has a positive effect on the work of the heart and blood, soothes the nervous system, helps to overcome insomnia.

Helpful for men other variety of Butternut

What nuts affect the potency? For men walnut would be very helpful pistachio. You not only have a pleasant sweet acquired taste, but have a large influence on the potency. The fact that pistachios contain a natural plant hormone. Of other necessary components, you can select the vitamins E and B6, the minerals manganese and phosphorus. This composition makes them indispensable in diseases of the pulmonary System, violation of potency, weakening of Libido, in the case of any pathology of the prostate, in the case of the violation of the frequency of the heartbeat in the Form of tachycardia.

A walnut, a little different in composition — Cashew. In him a lot of iron. The calorie content and the amount of fat moderate. In Cashew there are almost all vitamins of group In, as well as a large stock of minerals: Magnesium, calcium, potassium, manganese, zinc and selenium.

The use of these fruits is obvious vessels in the pathology of the blood, diseases of the heart and of the blood, anaemia, for the normal condition of the gums and the teeth, for the reduction of cholesterol in Serum. Cashew nuts can effect the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.

The generous walnut the content of trace element selenium — Brazilian. Besides him, the Brazilian nut you take zinc, iron, potassium, calcium. Selenium has features that the substances are sometimes of crucial importance: rid your body of waste products and toxins, reduces the risk of developing tumors, has Anti-Aging functions. Like all nuts, Brazilians can lower blood sugar levels, improve the General condition, due to the high content of healthy fats, Omega-3 fatty acids.

Pine nuts

Some of the most delicious and popular nuts — pine nuts. Perhaps the only nuts that are safe to eat people who are prone to allergic reactions. Nevertheless, there are still individual intolerance of the product.

Pine nuts are also rich in elements, therefore, beneficial for patients with cardiovascular diseases, in the pathology of the kidneys and the urinary bladder. Found that the cedar nut for men normalizes the sleep and the function of the nervous system.

To of nuts to use, you need to eat properly. The line between benefit and harm is very thin, therefore, you should not eat more than a handful per day. Nuts can digest as hard to come by, in case of allergies to be unsuitable. Nuts are very useful well with dried fruits, nuts, with sour cream for potency, since they give the body instant energy, bearing, and zinc. You mention that it is better not to fry, that this product will ruin some useful properties.