Men's health after 40 years — the result of a healthy way of life

The increase in the potency in men after 40 years, is an urgent task not only for the stronger sex, but also for physicians. Annually a large Arsenal of drugs developed back to power or hold it until a later age.

Potency in adulthood

All of the sexual disorders, the Motivation for the development of mental disorders. Sexual health is the basis not only for the emotional well-being, but also for the physical, so that the question of power is always in the first place. A long current of of sexual disorder leads to the formation of neurotic changes, which can go into your power on the first Plan.

How does the potency after 40 years

Without a doubt, the age influence on quality and duration of erections in men. It is noticed that in older men the speed of blood flow, the level of the hormone testosterone, clearly, the elasticity of the vessel walls, as well as the sensitivity of the nerves deterioration reduces. Despite this, these can be natural changes in the body and does not cause erectile dysfunction, if a man has no other chronic diseases. Experts believe, therefore, that the main cause of impotence is the presence of other somatic diseases.

The decrease in potency after 40 years, almost always associated with the presence of hypertension, atherosclerosis, or Diabetes mellitus.

All of these diseases lead to changes in the blood vessels. Reduces their elasticity, the Lumen is not narrowed, the needs of the authority in the oxygen and its delivery to match, so oxygen enters defect of the organs. So in 40-50 years, about half of the men in atherosclerotic erotic changes in the vessels, which suffer the blood stream.

How does the potency after 40 years

For men after 40 years of characteristic of the change in the hormone levels, namely, reduced synthesis of testosterone. Earlier called male Menopause, now turn to other the term "hypogonadism". Is meant the reduction in the level of androgenic hormones with age. Decreased production of the hormone happens gradually, even in the age of its smaller amounts in the bloodstream. In 40 years, about 17% of men suffering from falling testosterone levels, that you feel in the Form of a reduction in potency.

Signs of impotence in men at the age of 40 begin to appear, when the testosterone level reaches the lower limit of the Norm. But hypogonadism can at any age start. Specific symptoms of lowering the levels of male hormones, there is not, all the symptoms are individually.

After 30 years, the aging process of the body of the man begins. Signs of a decreased production of the hormone can be:

  1. Interference on the part of the genitourinary system.
  2. Reduced to fertilise the ability of the man.
  3. The autonomic nervous system, tone of the blood changes blood vessels: men, too, feel the tides, the face reddens, becomes hot, you can add some blood to the upper body.
  4. Oscillations of arterial pressure, attended with a feeling of lack of air.
  5. Changing hormone levels can not touch and psycho-emotional condition: the person is irritable, fatigue occurs much faster than before, about the insomnia. The man in the situation, hypogonadism, are prone to depression, decreased performance, deterioration of health.
  6. Hormonal imbalance leads to such phenomena, such as the reduction of muscle mass, appears to be visceral obesity, abdominal type of obesity, the skin becomes thinner and atrophied, clears the scalp.

Increase the potency in men after 40

Male potency after 45 years, fails. But not all men with irreversible changes in the body, there are risk groups, where the hormone balance is created:

  1. Those men who were in puberty disorders of puberty.
  2. Diseases of the genital organs. It may, at the time of birth and during puberty.
  3. The surgical procedure on the genitals or the violation.
  4. Diseases that are sexually transmitted, and the "touches" of the testicles.
  5. Chronic pathology of all the organs. This is a Diabetes mellitus, ischemic heart disease, hypertonic disease, but also may have bad habits, such as alcoholism and Smoking.

Men's health after 40 years, exposed to harmful factors. If a man does not threaten a healthy life style, impotence him at an early age.

Increase the potency in men after 40

As for the treatment of potency?

The decrease in potency after 40 years, is an irreversible phenomenon. However, on the basis of the causes of erectile dysfunction, treatment is prescribed. Often, hormone replacement therapy, if no contraindications. For this purpose, a synthetic hormone, testosterone. The treatment regimen is calculated individually. The drug is used as an injection, patch, tablet. The result of the treatment with hormones, improving Libido, and sexual satisfaction. As observations show, for men after the hormone therapy, disappearance of, or reduces the Psycho-emotional disorders, vegetovascular violations. If testosterone will get more than a year, increased bone density, reducing the incidence of bone fractures.

In recent years, the most promising and most effective in terms of treatment are inhibitors of Phosphodiesterase. They are similar to chosen in the composition and effect, based on the individual characteristics of the organism.

Potency after 40 years of worry rather a consequence of lifestyle and men about their health, as a result of aging.