Increase male potency the natural way

Most of the young people ask the question: up to what age a man can save potency? Physiology of the stronger sex allows an active sex life over a longer period of time.

With age, the processes of aging of the organism begin to be reduced, as a result of whose sexual functions, and in older people after 70 years — almost disappear. In view of the fact that a harmonious sexual relationship is one of the factors of health, each type should know how to the potency for the coming years.

Causes for sexual weakness

The majority of the representatives of the stronger sex ask, at what age in men, the potency or how many years drops, such a Problem appears for the first time. So the next logical question would be: how to increase Libido and improvement of sexual activity?

In the standard sexual function after the age of 45 starts to fade, causing the impotence occurs. However, under certain conditions, you can have successful Sex, and 65 years old and 70 years old. The potency to old age, you must care for your health and avoidance of factors that may have a negative impact

The following reasons for this include:

  1. Fatigue, lack of sleep and common Stress.
  2. Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages and Smoking.
  3. The increase in body weight.
  4. Common infectious diseases, especially of the urogenital system.
  5. Inadequate motor skills, and physical activity.
  6. Reduced intake of vital substances, the violation of their qualitative composition.
  7. Application of Original drugs and generics, because of the intake of men to disappear Libido and potency.
  8. Chronic pathology of organs and systems.

In the case of the combination of several unfavorable factors, the problems with potency, begin at any age, particularly in men after the age of 50.

Options for the strengthening of the sexual activity

The majority of the representatives of the stronger sex, in the first place, administered drugs. To strengthen the health in the standard, the help of medicines, only appeal, but lead to an increase in testosterone. Generic drugs, an erection, act quickly, but often cause side effects. Their application is limited for men over 40, and especially older than fifty years. Therefore, representatives of the age of majority is interested in how to increase Libido and potency, increase by means of other methods.

There are various events in which the improvement or restoration of sexual health. In most cases, of a strong half the time and inclination required to obtain a good result.

For increase of a potentiality at men to work in several directions:

  • A Regime of exercise.

If professional activity in connection with a lack of motor activity and the lack of opportunities for sportive activities, in a short time, every Person problems with health. Daily exercises not only help to increase the tone and improve the appearance.


Regular training to increase potency in men after 40 years. The probability of occurrence of diseases of a chronic character drops. However, you should not forget that the use of anabolic drugs and their generics are inverse processes begin. The quantities of androgens are reduced.

  • A fulfilling sex life.

If there is no Sex gradually, the attraction is reduced to a Partner, and later, the level of sex hormones may decrease. Therefore, for the increase of potency in men, a steady workout, to normalize the levels of testosterone and restore erectile function. require Intimate relationships increase the duration of sexual activity, even if the Partner is over fifty.

  • The weighting of the indicators in pursuit of conservation.

The presence of obesity leads to irreversible changes in the body. It comes to disorders of the endocrine system, thereby reduces the number of steroid hormones.

  • Improving the quality of care.

Lack of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals, the function of the various organs and systems interferes with substances. The deficit of such elements, such as phosphorus, zinc, calcium and vitamins B, E, C leads to a decrease in the potency of men due to changes in the work of the glands of internal and external secretion. This reduces the Libido and desire for Sex.

A balanced diet makes it possible to improve in a short time, the General well-being and, again, the necessary quantity of useful substances which have a positive influence on the male force.

  • Remove the effects of toxic factors.

If not drinking alcohol and not Smoking, in men, the sexual function for years to come. The potency in men disorders, reduced in 40 years, significantly in the presence of a companion. In this case, it is necessary to avoid alcohol and nicotine, given their irreversible effects on the entire body.

  • Start-up procedures apply.

Male potency after 50 years is also dependent on the level of immunity. Dousing with cold water or application of daily showers with the increase in the resistance of the organism against infectious factors. This reduces the risk of inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system.

  • Rational use of medicines.

In the case of disorders of the urogenital tract must consult a doctor. The use of drugs and different medications without prior examination can lead to complications and irreversible consequences.

The impact of alternative measures on sexual function

To include the first methods, the influence on the level of sexual activity, the use of natural remedies. The increase in the potency in men aged 50 years and you can. with regular use for a certain period of time A substantial part consists of the components of plant origin.

Such agents include the following types of products:

  1. Infusions and decoctions of the Basilica, rhizomes horse-radish, walnut leaves, grass lungwort, thyme, Ginseng.
  2. Pumpkin seeds in the raw state.
  3. The juice from the leaves of the cabbage.
  4. Tincture of garlic.
  5. Bees products.
  6. Parsley, Celery, Stalks Of Asparagus.

Very good effect can be observed by the Massage with the influence on the active points. The result is the maximum in an integrated approach to solving the problem. Carrying out manipulations with the application of essential oils relieves Stress and sexual arousal. This increases the potency in men, 60 years, and in some cases in old age.


Thanks to a series of measures, directed on preservation and improvement of sexual function, save the sexual force almost during the entire life.