17 natural methods and techniques that improve potency in men, in the home environment

Sexual potency the ability of the body, the men of intimacy with the partner.

Improvement of potency in men

Of the following:

  • the speed of emergence of an erection in men;
  • the duration of the marital games in the bed;
  • Emancipation;
  • even the opportunity to lead an active sex life and many other subtleties.

We examine in Detail our topic, such as the improvement of potency in men in a natural way, after 40 years, or even in an earlier age.

Because now this disease often, and in the case of young people.

1. You will see that from the list have a negative influence on your men's health

What can have a negative influence on the male force:

  1. A lack of exercise;
  2. frequent Stress and nervousness;
  3. Problems with being overweight;
  4. reduced testosterone in the body;
  5. To receive a variety of steroids for muscle building;
  6. Age and the beginning of menopause;
  7. Tobacco Smoking;
  8. Abuse of alcohol;
  9. Cardiovascular Diseases, Endocrine System, Thyroid Gland;
  10. Diabetes mellitus;
  11. long abstinence;
  12. sudden temperature variations;
  13. Repression of the Libido due to the false psychological beliefs about the vicinity.

Understand what the cause of the fault, then it becomes easier to solve, questions on the topic, such as the improvement of potency in men after 45 years of folk medicine.

2. You eat products with special vitamins for male power

Your body has a sufficient amount of vitamins B, C, E per day, as well as zinc, selenium and other minerals consume needs.

In which products contain these substances and what is useful for the male power?

Rich in zinc

  • Seafood;
  • Oysters;
  • Squid;
  • Shrimp;
  • Nuts;
  • Fish;
  • Peas;
  • Grapes;
  • Turnip;
  • Meat;
  • Liver.

Rich in selenium

  • Eggs;
  • Garlic;
  • Tomatoes;
  • apples;
  • Cabbage;
  • corn;
  • Rye bread.

Rich in Vitamin C

  • Parsley;
  • Carrots;
  • Cabbage;
  • Citrus fruits;
  • the berries of the dogrose;
  • black currants.

Rich in Vitamin B

  • Quark;
  • Kefir;
  • Cheese;
  • clotted;
  • other various products from the milk.

Rich in Vitamin E

  • green onions;
  • Vegetable oil;
  • Spinach;
  • Celery;
  • Egg yolk.

You implement in your diet to these products, to make less of a worry on the topic of how quickly the improvement of the potency in house conditions of the people's resources.

3. As often as possible, you train the muscle "love"

How can I find this muscle of love

  1. Try to stop the jet of water in the toilet. The voltage of these PC-muscle will enable you to do this.
  2. If your manhood is in a state of combat readiness, it is precisely the tension of this muscle of your body makes it bounce.

Pre-trained muscles of love for men:

  • the ability, Eruption, stamina in bed will appear;
  • better blood circulation in the genitals, cleaned Stagnation of the blood;
  • Amplification of the sensations with his beloved;
  • To improve the potency;
  • Normalization of testosterone in the body.

How to train

  1. You tighten this muscle in the short 2-3 seconds, and gradually to the long-compressions in isolation from other muscles first 10-15 seconds. Mediator of relaxation lasts for as much as the voltage.
  2. If your body is on alert, put from above a towel and let him jump, tensing the muscle of love. In the occurrence of extreme fatigue, renew the compression later. This is also one of the methods for exercising the Kegel muscles, and exemption from experiences on the topic about how to get to the potency in the homeland after 50 years or 60.
  3. Training the stop Jet in the toilet.

The key to success in the implementation of these exercises, the resistance and the execution on the conscience.

4. Perform special exercises for the muscles of the pelvis

  1. Normal rotational movements of the pelvis (twirl the basin in different directions, keep your Hand on the belt and feet set on the plane of the carrier).
  2. Lift and lower the pelvis, lying on the Mat, and leaning with the hands and feet in the ground, the knees bent (keep your hands along the body).
  3. Bicycle (circular movement of the legs as in Cycling, we put the back on the ground, the arms to the body and the legs, vertebrae).
  4. The knee-lift to the shoulders at every step. There are two angle lifting the knee from the front if the hands on the belt and with the other side of the shoulders with raised shoulders to help it up to the temples with the hands (you can even slightly support leg (leg) duck.
  5. The boat (lying on the belly on the inhalation to lift and stretch the arms forward and the legs back to wait back in the opposite direction, on the exhale, legs and arms are omitted). In the case of a voltage your gluteal muscles are tense and relaxed.
  6. Squats (feet wider than shoulder-width apart, hands at your temples as in the case of the shock-technique during the exchange of blows, a knee flexor when inhaled, and tension of the muscles of the buttocks, the relaxation on the exhale and return to the starting position).

Why is it important

You need more physical activity in your pool, let the blood circulate well through the water channels in this area.

The better fills with blood to male Organ in the bed, the longer the erection.

Thus, questions on the topic include how to get to the potency in men at home fast and in a short time.

5. You don't often lose semen during sexual intercourse


Before you save the seeds after the bed:

  • a lot of energy in the body, the vivacity;
  • the preservation of the combat readiness of the Penis;
  • the preservation of the health of the body.

This means that now, not at all. If you know the correct periodicity.

How often this can, depending on the age

The right, depending on what time you can lose the seeds in the bed, depending on their age:

Improvement of potency in men food
  1. She is 20 years old — 4 days;
  2. You have 30 years — 8 days;
  3. 40 years — 10 days;
  4. 50 years — 20 days;
  5. You 60 years — it is to lose impossible seeds.

Remember, this addiction, follow him to sweat less, how fast the improvement in potency before the act with his girlfriend.

This does not mean that now after 50 years, you have to press the close with the woman and her wishes. No, you are to make a stable love with her, just don't convince thing liquid to the end! The permanence of love, it is important for the health of the man. Do not confuse the terms.

If Quick-Finish is a frequently recurring Problem, the experienced on our site you can how to get rid of Quick ejaculation.

6. Use the secret of the items

It is recommended, such as the elderly and people who are younger.

If you have a Problem with the lethargy of your male organ, and poor circulation of blood in him, what do you know the secret of items must.

What Position is bad for those with the disease

In Position, if the woman is on top, the blood from the Penis is most easily can be reduced in accordance with the law of attraction, and therefore harder to hold an erection.

So use the power of attraction in your favor.

To use which Position is better

  1. If you on the belly, and you are on your feet or on your knees, but in the item above.
  2. When she is on all fours, and from behind women.

Mind you, this secret of the items to know a lot about the topic, such as the improvement of potency to home, 1 day in men after 45 years, or younger guys.

Improve potency in men exercises

7. Narrowing at the base of the organ

  • Another advanced Chip to store blood in the male would is it jamming at the base with moderate force.
  • So you create such as a cable tree, prevents the outflow of blood in the body. Clenched on a circle with the thumb and the index finger and the middle.
  • The torpedoes can have their advantages, if you to means of contraception, you will have to cover it at the base with an average thickness as described above. So that the blood does not stop anywhere, and operational readiness.

8. Traditional Methods

  1. Mixed carrot juice with honey and drink three times a day for 1/4 Cup.
  2. Red cabbage juice.
  3. Walnuts with honey in equal ratio, mixed, and drink in the amount of 2 teaspoon of after eating 2 times a day. To enhance the effect, the take everything together with milk.
  4. Tincture from Pulmonaria officinalis. Cook them in water in a ratio of 1 Cup per 10 gram and drink 3 times per day.
  5. With the pure juice of the Aloe 1 teaspoon to consume before meals 3 times a day.
  6. Pumpkin seeds. For example, in a purified or powder form.
  7. Pine nuts, peanuts, pistachios, or hazelnuts are also useful.
  8. Honey and other bee products.

10. Perform the self-massage

Massage should be performed on the symmetrically arranged points, the for the potency.

The areas In which these points are

  1. On the feet, on the Achilles tendon;
  2. In the middle of the heel;
  3. In the time between the sacrum and the coccyx is closer to the spine on both sides.

Make regular Massage of these points for the increase of male power.

To know on which points have to work, Supplement your supply of practical knowledge of the topic about the male potency at home in 50 years or any other age.

Massage of the Achilles tendon

Improvement of potency in men traditional methods
  • Sit In a comfortable Position, take one of the legs to meet, the Massage with the thumb and the index finger tendon of the Achilles.
  • You start to RUB him and massage from top to bottom, a little bit of amplified pressure for about a Minute.
  • They perform similar attrition with the second stage.
  • After slight pinching in the Achilles tendon of both feet should be alternately for about a Minute. All of this, the sex organs are stimulated.

11. You use the method with the ice

  1. The bottom line is that you crumble a pound of take ordinary ice, and ground.
  2. Then small pieces of gauze wrap, apply it to different areas of the body and hold for 1 Minute.
  3. First apply on the base of the skull, then to the heart, and exit the area of the testicles. Here is an interesting method to the topic, such as self-improvement of the potency in 65-year-old older people or younger guys. Other, similar methods to the topic, as we reported in an article on the causes and treatment of erectile dysfunction.

12. Get rid of excess weight, if present

One of the main problems of potency man is overweight.

What causes obesity

What is obesity caused by fat belly and problems with obesity:

  • the level of testosterone decreases in the body;
  • produces the female sex hormones in the body;
  • cardiovascular disease and poor blood circulation;
  • and all this in the totality of a negative impact on the erection.

Therefore, you should be in good shape and pay attention to the physical Form.

13. Get rid of bad habits

The negative effect on erectile function:

Improvement of potency in men bad habits
  • Smoking;
  • Alcohol, Beer;
  • various psychotropic substances;
  • harmful coffee!

Get rid of these bad habits.

We make a decision: do you want to eliminate the Problem, or to destroy?

The right decisions, then you know the answers to the question of how to improve the potency in men folk medicine, and which products are better for this.

14. You take a shower and go to the Sauna

  1. The hikes in the Sauna gives about two times in a week, the Problem out of the way. You have to come every time in a steam bath during the hike in the Sauna, sit in it after 10-20 minutes 2-3 times that it improves the blood circulation in the body.
  2. Showers before bed also improves the blood circulation. Better to change the temperature gradually and do not make any sudden low temperatures.

15. You respect the sleep and enough sleep

  • Lack of sleep and drowsiness negative impact on male health and relaxes the Psyche of the people. Therefore, a sound sleep of about 8 hours is important to sleep as it should.
  • It is known that it sleeps, the various phases of sleep, and man be best if she was sleeping 22 or 23 hours.
  • Make sure that the Windows were well-pelles, and not to urge a lot of light from the street. Scientists have proved that in the dark room, where no ray of light, lack of sleep, in better times.
  • Sometimes useful for dress night will be a blindfold on the eyes. This will help sleep better and removes the disturbing thoughts to the topic, what herbs increase potency in men, or which Tablet is better suited for this.

16. Do not forget about the natural way of the solution of the problem

An active life style and sports to improve the blood circulation in the genitals. It is recommended, especially those who work on the Computer or a lot of sitting at work.

For example, it would be helpful:

  • Cross-Fit exercises;
  • Jogging in the morning or in the evening;
  • Yoga;
  • swimming;
  • Jogging;
  • Massage.

17. Pay attention to the emotional component, don't you feel in a negative or depressive state

It is important for the proper psychological setting:

  1. The fact that the negativity, Stress, and Depression inhibit and inhibits the reproductive ability.
  2. The essence of reproduction is that of comfort, inner harmony and the excellent conditions for the young are the most important criteria.
  3. We select your state. Take your state of inner self and not from the environment (condition to be always chaotic and disordered).
  4. Give more positive people and you will get the same in return (and if you lead in the world, often negative, will be very much depleted energetically).

That is all. Now you know 17 methods to the topic about the male potency folk medicine, and the strength of the attraction to women.