Traditional methods and means to improve male strength

If it is to distinguish obstacles for the access to the attacker-specialists, but maybe you've already tried to be treated with medication, but expected and desirable result, for the restoration of the potency of the people use wisdom. Harm, not exactly, but the effect can be very positive and unexpectedly effective.

But if the Problem started already enough, must be treated in the folk medicine together with drugs.

traditional methods

Traditional Methods

In ancient times, there was also a Problem of the male partial or complete impotence. But probably not to the extent as it is now. What are the General tips for the prevention of impotence folk medicine?

Drink Minimal alcohol

To refuse this habit, because alcohol has a negative effect on the sexual function in men. If you abuse alcohol on a regular basis - this could ability to a complete loss of the sexual act.

Give up Smoking

Earlier of cigarettes present tobacco - and then it was harmful. But now there is the tobacco impregnated with chemical reagents for the enhancement of the odour, the effect of the joy.

Therefore, the modern products of the tobacco industry - the right way to impotence Smoking, and to more serious diseases also. In addition, resins that are contained in the tobacco, destructive effect on the production of the necessary hormones in the body.

Regular Hot And Cold Showers

Better every morning and evening to make it. Special attention is is the sexual area. This shower well accelerates the blood, increase the activity. Shower finish it with cold water, and according to him, need to vigorously rubbing it with a towel.

To stay from time to time in the city in the nature

Even outside of the urban conditions are desirable to spend in the ideal case, so much time - it is very soothing. If it is possible to walk barefoot at least on their Website, on the grass, Sand, stones, any natural materials.

On the feet, and a lot of active points, the Stimulation has a positive impact on all areas of health, including on the urogenital area. Such natural remedies - a wonderful Option for the restoration of potency, and reduction of the nerves and health in order.

Pay attention to your diet

Less fat, especially of animal origin. Less frying food should be - when you roast the harmful carcinogens that are detrimental for the potency.

No matter how trivial it sounds, but it is more fruits, vegetables, and vegetables should be a perfect tool for the health of the whole organism. It is better, if all of this is the natural wealth in its raw state. Milk products and cheese should necessarily be on the table to be men.

Less Stress

You can buy sedative drugs, try not to get annoyed at the empty space, less nervous. You should try to minimize Stress, otherwise it can lead to very dire consequences.

The most important thing is a sufficiently quiet response to external Stress Stimuli.

Folk Remedies

Folk Remedies


As for the increase of a potentiality useful, reinforced points run on to the soles of the feet with the help of barefoot, in the case when such a possibility during this time, you can achieve the same effect in a different way. Namely, with the help of mustard plasters. The procedure is as follows:

  • A couple of mustard plasters water in sufficient warm water
  • They fix successively the feet, the top of thick socks
  • Mustard hold the compress for ten minutes

To remove after the completion of the mustard to the feet to redness, rinse with cold water and vigorously RUB with a hard towel.


The welfare is popularly known in the medium of honey with walnuts. Both of these ingredients in and of themselves are wonderful aphrodisiacs, and only together - they just can't help.

It is recommended that every day, about 50 grams of honey-nut mixture, preferably after meals. The daily ration must be divided into two portions, each of 25 grams - about a tablespoon. Somewhere in a month, you can already the first positive results feel.


Herb thyme you can buy in the pharmacy in the Filter-packages, or loose. Preparation is simple: pour 100 grams of dry herb in a Cup of boiling water. You need to let it brew, and as soon as the liquid is cooled down, instead of drinking tea twice per day after meals.

The agent is a proven and effective traditional recipes recommend it for use.

Herb Lovage

Russian folk remedies, one of the most common. Grass in dried Form added to all the dishes, which eats the man. The grass fosters the desire and prolonged sexual intercourse.

The only thing you can him. not cheese plates to add, since the desired effect can not be

Drying the nettle

The nettle is popularly known as a kind of idiosyncratic Viagra. Dried leaves brewed as a tea and drink with honey. A couple of weeks of regular intake of this tea and you heal even complete the first Phase of the impotence.

Black Tea

The usual tea-tea leaves, which is familiar to us, is also a powerful and effective means to improve the potency. To put only in conjunction with welding will not harm the ginger in a Cup of saffron, cloves,.

Oriental spicy media stir up the blood and stimulates all the processes in the body. This is useful for tea and the prevention of impotence.

Tea on the Basis of hops

Tea, has been infused on the cones of the hops is one of the most well-known means. To do the correct preparation, you can take a tablespoon of finely chopped lumps, pour a glass of boiling water on low heat for 5 minutes. Then you have to wait, shelf broth to cool and drink half a Cup three times a day.


Tincture of garlic

Spicy vegetables with a specific smell useful for the health of the man, it can add, as a seasoning in various dishes. Also would be nice to get out of this vegetable tincture is prepared.

Method is as follows:

  • You take a three-Liter tin of
  • Garlic needs about 1 kilogram. It should finely chop the profession, certainly not the most pleasant, but the final effect of the treatment promises to be very impressive
  • You put the garlic in a glass jar and pour the brim with boiled water
  • The mixture should be shaking within a month, the daily Dose
  • After the expiry of the period of one month, you can start to take a tincture: one teaspoon per day with the aim of increasing the potency. And so on, until the whole glass of drink

The result of the treatment: in addition to avoid that is virtually guaranteed to restore the normal sexual function in men, and strengthens the health in General: helps tincture, colds, respiratory infections and other Virus attacks.

Ginseng Tincture

A very effective and established tool for preparing alcohol-based. And, in edited Form, they can be purchased at the pharmacy. With the aim of increasing the potency of the tincture you need to to 25-30 drops 2-3 times a day before meals.

But keep in mind that right in front of the sleeping tincture of Ginseng better go, since they have a pronounced tonic effect. So the last time of the day is better to take 4 hours before bedtime. It has some significant side-effects, so before buying a remedy, read the instructions on the sheet Packed with drugs.

  • Redberry tincture of the ancient Chinese emperors, and at all especially revered Chinese people for its almost universal usefulness
  • How to increase the male sphere, the tincture is able to rid the men of erectile dysfunction, testosterone production, and increases the activity and vitality of the sperm, and has a positive effect on the reproductive function
  • To do this, it helps to better manage the numerous resources, it gently soothes the nervous system, which cleans itself as one of the main reasons for the decrease in potency. No wonder that in China, one of the name Ginseng translates as "root of love".

All the folk medicine - a wonderful way to very soft action, they're natural and safe. You only have a decisive possible for someone, the disadvantage is that to feel the effect, you must have the means to take quite a long time. But the effect of the taking is not a one-off and long.

If you are taking prescription drugs, irregularly, from time to time, so much good from this not to be expected. You need a stable application, which determines the full rate, regularity - the desired effect.