Potency in men in 50 years

How to increase potency man after 50 years

Almost everyone knows that in the ages to fade, the sexual function of men begins gradually. This happens due to the natural processes of aging of the organism. In General, problems with potency, begin when the Patient crosses fifty years of foreign. In today's world, there are many medications that with the years lost manhood.

Supporters of the methods of therapy instead of expensive pharmaceutical preparations, the use of useful infusions and decoctions of medicinal plants. "How to raise the potency after 50?" — to find out the answer to this question, we recommend that you read the content of this article.

What is the sexual function in fifty years?

The term "potentia" characterizes masculinity. He determined the reproductive ability and sexual activity representatives of the stronger sex. The main components of potency, speed up the arousal, the duration of erections, quick ejaculation (initial seeds) and the degree of tension of the Penis during intercourse. In the absence of various pathologies and the management of a healthy lifestyle, the body of the man is able to save their sexual activity throughout life.

In the standard potency is a mechanism that leads the entire reproductive system of the patient in action, which caused a strong attraction. As a result, an erection is produced – it is necessary for the satisfaction of sexual desires, the attainment of the fun and the release of ejaculate. In healthy representatives of the stronger sex in the age of 55 around 8-10 documents per month happens. But the number of sexual contacts not only affects the age of the man. The frequency of Sex also depends on psychological factors – relations with a woman. According to statistics, in the wealthy families, the number of contacts between the spouses is significantly higher than in the case of partners end up arguing forever and swearing.

What is the sexual function in fifty years, should

Men's Health through the duration of each file must be in the standard at a distance of 2.5 to 3 minutes. During this period, most important sex organ is not less than 40-50 movements – frictions. If the Patient is taking a stable and long erection, this process may be 35-40 minutes.

The increase of potency in men over 50 is not necessary if the man feel after Sex, and satisfied. On the existence of problems with sexual function, the following disorders may be:

  • Reduction or complete absence of Libido – the sexual attraction to the opposite sex.
  • Reduction of the voltage of the Penis during erection, and during copulation.
  • Delay in release of seminal fluid, often in the case of the representatives of the stronger sex, early ejaculation, delay or complete lack of precipitates observed.
  • Weak erection or its absence in the hours of the morning, during foreplay.

The reasons for the decline of male power after fifty

In many patients, after 45 years, there has been a significant decrease in the sexual activity. This phenomenon from a medical point of view as legitimate, because it is through the physiological processes. As in the case of women, the stronger sex comes the climax – this condition occurs due to the decrease in the production of androgens. The most important hormone for the sexual health of men, the belief, testosterone. The decrease in the secretion of this substance that leads to a weakening of potency, the deterioration of an erection and other similar injuries. If the production of androgens is reduced genes drastically or completely absent, in a patient can occur, are signs of a feminisation.

In addition to hormonal break, to the possibility of men who have Sex relate to other reasons. So, weak potency in old age is often a result of frequent experiences, neuroses, the various complexes of Stress and overload. This type of sexual dysfunction called psychological. In such a case, a disorder of sexual activity requires a special treatment – the Patient needs the advice of a psychologist or psychoanalyst.

Potency after 50 drops under the influence of negative factors:

  • Lack of exercise – decreased activity of the patients during the day leads to a Stagnation of blood in the organs of the small pelvis. The erection is deteriorating.
  • Mechanical Trauma of the perineum and the Penis.
  • Pathology of the prostate and urogenital area – develops most frequently in men after 45 years, an inflammation of the prostate or benign tumour of his bead cloths. Both diseases are caused due to hormonal imbalance and low physical activity. Some diseases impotence provoke diseases of the urinary tract and reproductive organs fibrosis, Urethritis, epididymitis, vesiculitis.
  • Disruption of the endocrine organs – hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism.
  • Overweight and obesity.
  • Diseases of the blood vessels and the heart – for example, Angina pectoris or arterial hypertension.
  • Sex diseases.
  • Application of certain drugs gipoglikemicakie preparations, soothing and sedative, medications for high blood pressure and gout.
  • The recovery time after surgery on the organs of the Penis or urinary tract.
  • Increased sugar in the blood.
  • Alcohol abuse, drug use and Smoking.
  • Pathology of the Central nervous system – multiple sclerosis, injuries of the brain or of the spinal cord, and other disorders, which lead to the deterioration of the conduction in nerve fibers.

Attention! Reduced potency in men 50 years of age and also for young guys the frequent use of alcohol and other bad habits. They have a depressant effect on the reproductive function, impair the function of the nervous system. First, the Patient explains his aversion to love, Stress, overexertion, fatigue, and other causes. And according to him, validity appears to be the same to this Problem – so impotence develops.

How to increase sexual activity in 50 years?

To get rid of, problems with male virility in old age, you need to complex the solution to this problem. The man should change for the beginning of the whole image and the quality of your life. To this purpose, it is to establish nutrition by its menu, and greasy dishes of food. This rule does not relieve the man of obesity, which is also detrimental for the potency. Help in the improvement of the "masculinity" Fitness-sports, renunciation of bad habits.

On the development of sexual dysfunction has a negative influence on the use of various drugs. So, if such a Problem occurs, do you think, have you lately drugs for the therapy of depressive States, arterial hypertension, psychosis, or a reduction in the ratios of cholesterol. They inhibit the excitability of the nervous system, resulting in a decrease in the activity of men in bed. Prior to the use of these funds, make sure you check the instructions.

How to improve potency after 50-55 years? Well, it helps in lowering the sexual activity of the complexes of gymnastic exercises. It is designed specifically for the representatives of the stronger sex, problems with Sex. Such a Training cone-complex. It consists of simple exercises the regular execution increases the blood circulation in the organs of the reproductive system, which significantly improves the potency.

For the reinforcement of the sexual function, they recommend the use of contrasting bathroom with cold and hot water. But in this case, you have to be careful not to burn. In the case of violations of the erection, the by emotional Stress, rates of the soothing hydrotherapy for the whole body. In this case, the add allowed plants in the tub decoctions of healing. Useful for potency and other means of alternative medicine. Get the most effective method of therapy, the treating doctor will help you.

Important! To increase the potency in men after 50 the diet. If you wish to increased activity in the bed, you need to eat more proteins. You stimulate to strengthen the process of spermatogenesis and men's health. But it is sure to take into account concomitant disease of the patient. Protein rich foods are not consumed on a large scale for disorders of the circulatory System.

Medical restoration of potency in men

In the case of a negligible reduction in the sexual activity, the representatives of the stronger sex special complex of vitamins can assign. Your application helps the duration and quality of Sex. The significant decrease in potency after 50 years of doctors taking the tablets with a stimulating effect.

If the Patient for any reason does not want to resort to the use of drugs common actions that stimulate the erection, he prescribed topical preparations. Such medicines are sold for the potency in the pharmacy. In General they have the Form of cream or Gel that increases masculinity.

Good to know! To have an increased potency in 50 years, not necessarily on medication use, stimulating erection. Such drugs will take a good result, but their effect for a limited time. To develop the exciting resources, psychological dependence can, if the man feels insecure without the taking your pills for the potency.

Traditional recipes for men's health

As the improvement of potency in men after the age of 50? The best solution is to be used for this purpose, various infusions and decoctions of medicinal plants. Also has a good effect of the medicines on the Basis of vegetable raw materials, in its composition only natural ingredients. After the application of natural remedies in patients not side effects occur. Restoring potency in 50 years, the following recipes will help alternative medicine:

Traditional recipes for men's health
  • Very useful for men dairy products. With constant use you will exempt the people from the problems with the sexual activity, normalizes the metabolic processes in the genitals. The potency at the age of 55 years was as a young guy, drink tea with medicinal plants – saffron, cloves or ginger.
  • Lift the quality of sexual life, and increase the body's resistance to various infections helps effective medicines on the Basis of honey and walnuts nuts. Cooking is not difficult – you just have to mix the crushed nuts with honey in the ratio 1:1. The food at the restaurant must be in an amount of 1 tablespoon 2-3 times after the food. The duration of this therapy is not more than 1-2 months.
  • Natural analogue of the modern stimulating drugs, is a common St. John's wort. It also improves the blood circulation of organs of the groin Zone, which causes the man stimulates a burst of energy, the Libido. From medical herbal Infusion. To dried St. John's wort in an amount of 2-3 tablespoons and add 1 Cup of boiling water. A drug is approximately 2 hours, after which you can apply as intended. An Infusion of St. John's wort drink, you do not need to 50-60 ml less than 3 times per day.
  • The best Folk recipe for strengthening the male forces believe a special tea on the Basis of hops. To cook, it's 1 tablespoon of ground pine is sufficient cones plants pour 1 tbsp. boiled water. The broth needs to cook minutes on a mild fire not more than 5. Medium apply to 1\2 the parts of a Cup 3 times per day for 4-6 weeks.
  • Restoration of the former masculinity in patients after fifty years, and the decoction of the rhizome Pasternak. He not only stimulates the erection, but it improves the immunity. The medication is prepared as follows: take 3-4 tablespoons of the root parts of the plant and mix it with 5-6 spoons of sugar. The resulting mixture is put on the fire and cook slowly for 10-15 minutes. Then the Tool will leave in a cool place for 7-8 hours. Take 1 Tbsp. before the meal was finishing.

The representatives of the stronger sex need to understand that the male potency is reduced to 50. Although the human body over time loses its function, many older patients can still manage it, the activity in the bed. And stable sexual relationships for a long time to continue to inspire you and your Partner need to to the rules of a healthy diet and lifestyle. We hope this information will help to get rid of our readers, the problems on the sexual Front. We wish you all the best of luck!