Products, which the potency of

Products, which the potency of

Of the products depends on the diet of the man of his health, including the potency. The consumption of fast Food, ready meals, greasy and other harmful food problems with "manhood". In this case, products of which the potency is recommended. To rethink, moreover, to limit the diet in General, as well as the consumption of alcohol.

What foods increase the potency?

To deal with the Problem, but also to maintain health, you should be in your diet:

  1. Fruits of the sea. In their composition a large amount of zinc and selenium minerals, the positive effect on the activity of the sexual function of the man. Therefore, you should your diet fish, shrimp, squid, etc. in addition, in a fat Guinea pigs, fish contains Omega-3 acids that play an active role in the biosynthesis of testosterone.
  2. Nuts. These products contain large amounts of minerals and vitamins, as well as arginine – an amino acid, a positive effect on the blood circulation, and thereby on sexual function. In medicine, there is a recipe for improving the potency. The crushed nuts and honey cost mix.
  3. Greens. Deservedly in the list of products, increase the potency of men, the herbs contain. The fact that the parsley is useful for the "male power" known to many. In your inventory, Apigenin, inhibit against the development of female hormones, which, in turn, the production of testosterone. In addition, the green is an excellent prevention of Prostatitis.
  4. Eggs. In this product there are cholesterol, which is the building material for the sex hormones.
  5. Garlic and onions – the food, the potency, and they provide the body with useful substances. These vegetables the blood flow to the genitals, the production of testosterone, which, in turn, contributes to increase the potency to improve. In addition, onions and garlic is an excellent prevention of Prostatitis.
  6. Meat. Already in ancient times, meat products were the main source of male health. This is quite justified, as they contain proteins and amino acids.

We should also tell you about the benefits for the potency of oysters and mussels. Even Casanova said that his amandi, he is obliged, this is exactly the product, so for Breakfast, for up to 50 pieces to eat oysters contain zinc and rare amino acids that provoke the production of sex hormones. The same effect, and mussels. It should also be taken into account that in the thermal processing, many nutrients are lost.

What other products to enhance male potency?

To improve "men's health" you should celery in your diet and ginger. In the first of Androsterone contain the directly responsible for the erection. In this hack fruit various minerals, and vitamins it contains, the positive effect on the potency, but also an excellent prevention of Prostatitis. Also in the case of vegetables, the turnip, which is also necessary for maintaining the "health of men" in perfect condition.

It is a very old recipe with ingredients that the potency of men. For him, chop into small cubes 100 G of veal meat, onion, and turnip to small. Put everything in a saucepan, cover with water and boil for 20 min. Then add the salt, a little parsley, dandelion, and a pinch of red pepper and Dill. When everything is boiling necessary, turn off the heat and leave it for half an hour. The dish is ready to eat.

Important Information

According to the conducted experiments proved that what a power is necessary in the diet were large amounts of Vitamin E, A and B. the last, by the way, the conductivity of the pulses improves the nerves. Men's health is also of great importance is the amount of food is eaten. Therefore, overeating is detrimental to the potency.