In how many years usually starts the potency to fall

There are different opinions about at what age the pace of deterioration of the potency with renewed vigor. Someone thinks that this ability remains until old age, and some will notice, that already in the middle age it comes to negative changes. Why is it happening? What are the reasons for the decline in potency? How to increase? What are the factors that can have a bad influence on male health?

If reproductive function is reduced

if reproductive function is reduced

Every day the man of the external factors, which often have a negative impact on his health. Potency in the first place due to the hormonal background. In reducing the levels of male sex hormones, the menopause can occur.

Not all people can boast of her fertility at the age. However, we sometimes hear the news that someone become a father 70-80 years. In most cases, low potency occurs after the age of 50. How quickly the impotence comes in, is influenced by many factors, and usually the man can have an impact on this indicator.

Reasons for the decline in sexual activity

As already mentioned, in men, impotence occurs when the changes in the production of sex hormones. Even in healthy representatives of the stronger sex, after 30 years, every year level of testosterone decreases by about 1%. If a man does not take care of himself and is subject to certain risks, the negative changes occur significantly earlier, and it comes to impotence. The age is not always the decisive factor.

After treatment of the causes of the decrease in potency, you can clearly the normal sexual activity to extend. Impotence in men start due to the following factors:

  • wrong way of life;
  • Diseases of the body;
  • Stress and obesity;
  • harmful work.

The influence of the life style

the influence of the life style

Sometimes, little men care about their physical condition and allow for a regular overload. No recovery acts on the hormonal level, and this gradually leads to a decrease in the potency. You should problems with your sex, you should plan the attention on your time. Therein, the strain should alternate with relaxation, sleep and must be paid due attention!

Male potency also depends on whether there is a place in the life of bad habits.

Smoking, drugs and excessive consumption of alcohol affects the health of men. To develop most frequently, problems with potency, to lovers of beer. This is mainly due to the fact that this drink increases the level of female and reduces the concentration of male hormones.

To delay the onset of impotence, you need to be careful what medications the man takes. The intake of artificial testosterone blocks gradually, the normal production of its own hormone. This leads to age-related impotence.


On erectile function diseases of the genital organs and hormonal disorders. Often problems with potency occur in men, the age is to far, but they suffer from diseases:

  • acquired diabetes;
  • Stroke;
  • Circulatory Problems;
  • Inflammation of organs of the urinary system.

Not to mention sexually transmitted diseases. Because some of them, the potency can not lose weight only faster, but also completely disappear. A sharp decline in sexual activity can also happen because of the irregular sexual contact or, in the case of the disease Arthritis.

The influence of Stress and obesity

To senile impotence came as late as possible, should the man at a young age track of your emotional state. We can not allow, nervous breakdowns, persistent depression. The focus on the positive.

If the work evokes strong negative emotions, it should be remembered that health is more important and, perhaps, change the nature of the employment. The right attitude not only affects the sexual sphere of life, but also on the state of the organism.

Although the potency and age are closely connected to each other, not the last role plays the type of food of the man. Obesity makes the body weaker. An important place a moderate amount of exercise should take. Avoid lack of exercise and the consumption of large quantities of fatty foods.

How does the nature of the work

how does the nature of the work

Problems with potency often begin in men, the long time worked in production, where you are faced with chemicals. Due to the action of toxins through the activity of the whole organism, including the work of the sexual organs.

What are the symptoms of the disease are

To know at what age the impotence occurs, you may notice the Problem early on. Man should listen to your body, to help in time of him. As we know, a raising of the standard of potency, perhaps even in old age.

If in men impotence begins, such signs may occur:

  • weak erections;
  • the disappearance of morning erections;
  • the delay of the onset of ejaculation;
  • decreased sensation;
  • incomplete swelling of the Penis.

Starting at the age as the sole reason for the decline in sexual activity should not. The preservation of the ability of children largely depends on the of the man, and impotence can wait until old age. To know, to realize in how many years with men often have problems and some of them can be avoided, you should properly take care of your health.

Restoration of sexual activity in old age

Some studies have shown increased potency in old age is quite possible! This is due to the fact that the decline in the potency can start, not only because of the age-related changes, but also because of the bad life style and bad habits of the people.

A lot of men at the age of aspiration is not to come to a solution to the problem from a professional standpoint and not address to the doctors. They believe that impotence has the right to do with her nothing. In fact, now there are treatment methods to help the man, the health of the reproductive organs, thereby reducing the potency.

To know up to how many years you can save the ability to have sexual relations, man must way to keep track of your life. In order to stay healthy, it is important to lead an active life, play sports, eat, and conduct a regular sexual. Supports the entire body, you can feel safe and every day until the ripe old age!