Garlic for potency: recipes tinctures to improve erection

Many people know that garlic is good. In garlic, there are a large number of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that are needed by the body.

Garlic to increase the potency may men of all ages. Doctors often recommend the use of garlic for the potency. As you know, sexual health is important for every man.

Garlic is really good for potency, but it is important to know whether or not garlic is expressed on the potency and what is their effect on the male body.


The use of garlic for the potency

If you have symptoms of sexual dysfunction, the men begin to panic and purchase a variety of drugs that for impotence.

To increase the potency in men, you can not apply for expensive medications, simply add the daily ration of garlic.

Garlic for the potency of the men in the daily use:

  • Krowootschischtschajuschtscheje the action,
  • Thins the blood,
  • Strengthens the blood vessels.

It is known, erectile dysfunction appears to be due to disorders of blood circulation in the genitals. At its core, an erection is the result of a rush of blood to the Penis of the man.

In addition, the influence on the potency of garlic is characterized by the fact that these vegetables can purify the blood of excess cholesterol, which is often a cause of various violations of erectile.

To get rid of garlic smell, you can drink parsley food or milk, that reduces the amount of sulphur compounds, what is the cause of a specific smell.

On the question of how garlic affects the man, we can say that increases Libido, increases sexual arousal and Libido. As a result of the systematic use of garlic erection will be longer and stood up.

Many men give up in vain prefer eating garlic because of its strong smell. Garlic increases the potency, especially if it's just before the sexual intercourse. You should specify that garlic, and in the cases when there is a weak erection in the morning.

Garlic is not effective, the potency of men, but many like peculiar smell. It is not as an important issue, since it remains for the use of this product, which is too obtrusive smell.

You can use garlic to eat, core cutting teeth. Apart from that, the vegetables can be used in the composition of food, but not as a distinct culture.

Also in treating vegetable salad, garlic is also a positive influence on the potency.

Other properties of garlic

Garlic does not benefit men as a stimulant function of erection, there are also other positive features:

  • Antibacterial – culture fighting against a variety of germs.
  • Improves the immune system — can the off-season, as well as Stress and physical stress
  • Directs excess water and stimulates the metabolism, which helps you to get rid of obesity, so men suffering from excess weight often eat garlic.
Garlic cloves

Selenium, contained in garlic, is involved in the biological processes that support the normal production of Androgen, it provides a complete working of the reproductive organs.

Necessary selenium improves the quality of seminal fluid. The Element participates in the spermatogenesis, leading to the formation of healthy and motile sperm. Therefore, it is connected to are difficult to overestimate the influence of garlic on the potency of the garlic and male potency.

For male power, you must every day in the selenium level brought by the use of certain foods.

This Element to a greater extent with sperm.

If a man leads to sated sexual life that he necessary to eat food rich in selenium and zinc.

It's about:

  1. Seafood, meat, and fish (especially herring and tuna),
  2. Nuts: Cashew and pistachio
  3. Garlic,
  4. Cereals: Oatmeal, Rice, Buckwheat,
  5. Liver,
  6. Quail Eggs,
  7. Mushrooms.

The products must also be consumed if the erection disappears during Sex.

It is important to note that selenium, taken almost from the body when it is these products with Junk Food, for example, confectionery products.

Speaking of which, how garlic acts on the potency, you could say that, if it is taken systematically, the sexual life is always active and fulfilling. Garlic for the potency is better than synthetic drugs.

It will be slow, but its effectiveness is more durable.

Garlic and potency: effective recipes

There is also another process which comprises the preparation of alcohol tinctures. You Need 0.5 Liters Of Vodka Kilograms Of Garlic Pour. The mixture was placed in darkness for about a week, then use 3 tablespoons three times a day.

If you must have a good potency, garlic in an amount of from about one kilogram to chop, and put in three-Liter jar, pour boiling water, wrap the container with foil and place in a dark place.

Garlic Infusion must survive in a dark place for 1 month, every day, shake the can. The medium drink, 1 times a day on a small spoon.

The treatment of garlic also includes this recipe: to clean 300 G garlic, wash it in water, chop and mince in a glass container. Then, together with the juice of garlic to move in a different bowl, add 200 ml of alcohol and close the lid tightly.

Means of insist 10 days in a dark place, then drink once a day 5 drops in a glass of milk.

To garlic marinated, need:

  • 100 G of cooked garlic,
  • 300 G grated walnut,
  • 100 G Hazelnuts,
  • 100 G Of Rose Hip Powder,
  • 50 G of Rhodiola rosea,
  • 1 kg of honey.
Tincture of garlic

Need to mix all the ingredients and to consume resources after a big tablespoon 1 time per day.

The potency reinforce you can make a garlic-recipe. To take:

  1. 5 cloves of garlic,
  2. 3 tomatoes,
  3. 2 aubergines,
  4. 2 zucchini,
  5. 1 red bell pepper,
  6. 1 onion,
  7. 50 G Mushrooms,
  8. 200 ml of tomato juice.

All the ingredients need to sauté finely chop and season with olive oil, until soft. You can add pepper, salt, pour the tomato juice and put out for 15 minutes at medium heat.