Increase the potency in men the natural way

There are many methods of recovery of erectile function... But, as for the improvement of potency in men the natural way? Begin to eat, to do sports and non-stress situations, be exposed to. Details - more!

General Information

Correction of sexual function through natural means - not a myth. However, this should be able to really help only in case of minor problems with the male force. Yes, and immediately restore potency is unlikely. Much here depends on all sorts of factors.

Potency in men

The most important are:

  • Old Men. Who has not spoken, but to promote the 30-year-old representative of the stronger sex is easier, the same level of testosterone in the blood than men, which is already over 60. By the way, up to what age can a natural potency remains - earlier it was told.
  • The cause of the fault. If the Problem is on the background of emotional tension, the Chance of a successful correction of the potency of natural methods is much higher than in the presence of any organic lesions.
  • The General condition of the organism. People, a whole "bouquet" of chronic diseases, it is much more difficult with the help of natural ways to have a correction of the condition of each System of the body, including the sexual.
  • The health of the blood vessels. The micro-circulation in the Penis depends on the patency of the tract. If a Person suffers from progressive atherosclerosis, then he is probably a drug in need of help in achieving the increase of a potentiality.
  • Lifestyle. Much easier to carry out, to improve the sexual activity of the people, not suffering from bad habits and lead a healthy lifestyle and to eat properly.

Taking into account all these factors, it is clear that the increase of potency in men the natural way – quite a laborious process that requires a responsible handling with your own body.

The right diet and the potency

If it is not about the medical treatment of erectile dysfunction is one of the most important aspects of the successful implementation of the rationalisation menu of the day. For the increase in Libido and overall sexual activity need to eat in a balanced way. The diet should necessarily be present vegetables, fruit, meat, milk, cereals

To avoid nothing unusual in this sentence, no, the main thing – (I) fried and smoked foods, and eat according to Plan. Fast Food and ready meals – the bad the friends of the potency. They contribute to the clogging of the vessels by atherosclerotic Plaques and to a weakening of the microcirculation in the organs of the small pelvis.


In addition to these traditional recommendations, in addition to the input in of days card the following products:

  • Nuts and honey. In the complex application of these natural treats quickly sexual activity, the main thing to eat, you can, on a regular basis.
  • Fruits of the sea. Fish, oysters, squid sources of zinc and polyunsaturated fatty acids, the elasticity of the vessels and the normalization of spermatogenesis.
  • Camel-Stomach (Lab). One of the unique products that improve the potency in men immediately in a natural way. Is considered as the strongest natural aphrodisiac which is very effective. However, the use should have to buy it in a specially processed Form, Yes, a product, and not always easy.

The right diet – a way of restoration of the sexual activity, without the interference of chemicals.

In addition to streamlining the menu, very important in the fight against obesity. Fat tissue has the property of generating specific biologically active substances, which are antagonists of testosterone. The result of their influence is to a sharp decline in the number of Androgen with the development of the characteristic diseases and symptoms.

To prevent this, it is recommended that in the gym and in parallel nutritionist. Thus, the normal mass of the body and to increase the potency in a natural way in the shortest possible time.

Special exercises

When it comes to the question of how the male potency through natural means - the first thing that comes to mind: "do the specific pressures in the simultaneous application of methods of manual therapy".

And not in vain. Because in the daily execution of the respective exercises, the quality of the sperm can significantly improve, strengthen Libido and to restore the micro-circulation in the organs of the small pelvis.

Methods of physical effects on the reproductive system:

  1. Squats for the potency. Almost as usual, but when reaching the Position of incomplete squats have to stay inside for a few seconds. The back is worth it. This naive load perfectly strengthens the pelvic floor muscles and promotes a rush of large amounts of blood to the organs of the reproductive system.
  2. One of the Kegel exercises. The universal method for the normalization of blood circulation in the area of the sexual organs, both men and women. The essence of the exercise is the alternating contraction and relaxation of the muscles, which lifts the tail (purely for the stronger sex), and anal sphincter. The relevant "muscles need to shrink", hold in this state for a few seconds. The longer it turns out to do it, the better. With this physical burden, significantly the muscles for an erection by a sharp wave of blood to the organs of the small pelvis strengthens.
  3. A variety of inclinations, Rotation of the pelvis, lunges. All physical activity, dealing with the groin area, are useful for the potency.

It is also about testicle massage FR is the increase of a potentiality. To repair a way, the individual cases in a relatively short time, the erectile function of the man. Effective in both light as well as heavy problem. Its essence is the impact of the Massage on the external sex organs and the stimulation of the work of the testicle. Thanks to such exposure, the amount of testosterone a positive effect on the sexual activity of the man.

A healthy life style and an erection

In addition to the correct diet and regular physical activity, one of the most important aspects of the stabilization of the reproductive system and the entire organism, the avoidance of harmful habits.

Young people do not often think about the consequences, waiting for you after years of Smoking and alcohol consumption. However, these are factors that are particularly disastrous for the health of the reproductive organs of the man.

Nicotine – the strongest natural enemy. Not for nothing it is said that only a drop of it can kill a horse. The constriction of all blood vessels in the human body, significantly the microcirculation deteriorates. The terrible consequences of these effects are heart attack and stroke. The first Symptom of disorders of blood circulation in the body - as the time is the development of erectile dysfunction.

In the event of timely cancellation from the smoke and potency can recover completely. The main thing – to want to change.

In relation to alcohol, then in small quantities and good quality, it is provided that does not cause particularly adverse effects for the body. But, as practice shows, most of the activities and uncontrolled consumption of alcohol. This leads to liver damage. As a result, it will produce in the location is the necessary for the build-up of testosterone substrate. As a result, reduces the amount of the hormone and sexual activity. Therefore, alcohol with caution should be consumed.

Dealing with Stress

One of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction nervous stress. The modern man is constantly working and lives under the influence of the authorities, which is often enough of a strong emotional Stress.

Of course, not need to stop work. However, it is desirable to reconsider the possibilities of the own priorities in life and try to be a little different to perceive an unpleasant Situation. It is often very difficult, but desirable.

In addition, to reduce the voltage a little vacation can go on trips. After a busy day, we recommend to go to relax with friends or simply take a hot bath. Any activity that promotes the exchange of the attention of men with his problems in more pleasant moments, remains to be the best antidepressant.

The ineffectiveness of all these aspects, you can make an appointment with a psychotherapist. He finds the true cause of the problem and advise how to solve it.

On the basis of the aforesaid, one can draw the conclusion that natural means to increase potency in men exist. In most cases, for their efficient use of a serious desire to change, to assume the representatives of the stronger sex. Everything you need of men to want to!