Whether hemorrhoids potency affect in men?

Hemorrhoids are the most common disease. Against this disease just as often, women and men suffer. Representatives of the stronger sex are often interested in the question of whether hemorrhoids on the potency?

According to urologists, the negative impact of the disease on the manhood. Hemorrhoids blood stagnates in the small pelvis, may be due to the functionality of the prostate, appears to be self-doubt. In addition, if the hemorrhoids even sexual contact brings less fun.

But there is a way out. In order to prevent problems with potency and to cure hemorrhoids, patients need adequate treatment. For the relief of inflammatory processes in gemorroidalnah nodes conservative therapy. For hemorrhoids of 3-4 stage appointed by surgery.

Hemorrhoids: types and causes

Hemorrhoids proctologic disease in which the veins yield to varicose veins and thrombosis. Pathology with equal frequency in men and women. Hemorrhoids suffering, adolescents, and children.

The disease is divided according to the type and stages. According to the phases of the classification – only, there are 4 severity levels of the disease. Each stage has its characteristic symptoms. What are the types of hemorrhoids, their three – internal, external, and combined.


Often men ask themselves, what are the causes of hemorrhoids are? Among the most important factors that trigger inflammatory processes in the veins of the rectum,:

  1. Hereditary Predisposition.
  2. A sedentary way of life.
  3. Weight lifting.
  4. Chronic Constipation.
  5. Imbalanced Diet.
  6. Bad Habits.
  7. The presence of excess body weight.

The statistics show that most common in hemorrhoids office workers and people whose work requires long periods of sitting.

The symptomatology of the disease

Before we find out whether or not hemorrhoids on the potency of the man, we consider the characteristic symptoms of the disease. We have already mentioned that there are 4 degrees of severity of haemorrhoids respectively, and the severity of the symptoms in each Phase is different.

With hemorrhoids 1 degree of the symptoms may lack in the principle. The Patient can only itching occasionally torment and burning in the Anus. Sometimes the disease is manifested lengthy constipation.

With time, the symptoms are always more pronounced. Among the characteristic features of hemorrhoids:

  • A violation of the process of digestion. In the case of patient there is constipation, alternating with diarrhea.
  • The presence of bleeding from the Anus. On 3. and 4. Stage of hemorrhoids can massive bleeding.
  • Itching and burning sensation during and after defecation.
  • Heaviness when walking.
  • Pain in the Anus. The intensity of the pain depends on the size of the inflammation. In some cases, the pain is just unbearable. The pain is amplified when sitting or physical work.
  • Prolapse of the inflamed hemorrhoid to the outside.

In the case of occurrence of the above symptoms, it is desirable to immediately proctologist to apply, go to differential diagnosis.

The connection between hemorrhoids and impotence

Whether hemorrhoids potency? In any case, Yes. The first significant factor is the psychological state of the man. The Patient feels chose to shame in front of his chosen, so it is difficult to relax.

In addition, the trust falls in itself is introverted man, and avoids sexual contact. All of these factors over time can lead to the development of psychogenic erectile dysfunction.


  1. Hemorrhoids cause stagnant processes in the small pelvis. The violation of blood flow in the pelvic area leads to during sexual stimulation in the cavernous body of Penis blood comes enough.
  2. The man suffers from hemorrhoids, the pain during Sex. In view of this, the Patient tries to have sexual contact. The pain occurs especially during orgasm when the muscles of the perineum can be reduced.
  3. Against the background of hemorrhoids often congestive Prostatitis develops. In such cases, the potency is deteriorated even more.
  4. During intercourse the man can cause a hemorrhoidal veins, anal bleeding develop, or simply fall out of the Anus inflamed nodules. All of these factors reduce the quality of the intimate life.

Thus, it can be concluded that the hemorrhoids negative influence on the erection. Men suffering from this disease, prone to impotence the fact.

How to get rid of erectile dysfunction and hemorrhoids?

Conservative treatment of hemorrhoids

Impact on the potency of hemorrhoids. As I said, that the disease is capable of, the negative impact on erectile function. How do I fix the Problem? According to doctors, to a good erection, a man will need to heal completely hemorrhoids.

If the diagnosis is confirmed, is that the disease is at stage 1-2, then you can recover at home without resorting to surgery. The conservative treatment will quickly improve the quality of life of patients and prevent the development of complications.

The therapy provides for:

  • The use of anti-inflammatory suppositories and ointments for topical application. Also tablets steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and antispasmodics may be prescribed for the strengthening of the vein, -.
  • The Diet. From the menu, fried dishes, ready meals, meat, sweets, sodas, alcohol.
  • Compliance with the rules of Hygiene. After each defecation the Patient wash must be Anus with cold water. Toilet paper use.
  • Moderate Movement.

At observance of all above mentioned recommendations, you can quickly get a Remission of the hemorrhoids.

It's not that the Patient goes to the doctors too late, resulting in the conservative treatment helps. In such cases, the hemorrhoids to be treated surgically. Today, there are many techniques that can help, once and for all get rid of the disease.

Practiced, radical and minimally invasive surgery. Minimally invasive methods are effective in hemorrhoids hard grade 2-3. If the disease has spread to stage 4, the Patient is an exceptionally radical surgery.

Among the most popular and most effective techniques:

  1. Cryotherapy.
  2. Hardening.
  3. Is Hemorrhoidectomy.
  4. Ligation.
  5. The Surgery Longo.
  6. Laser coagulation.

After performing the Operation, the Patient will need a course of Rehabilitation. According to the time it can take from 2 weeks to 4 months.

Measures for the restoration of potency

If you have problems with potency, patients require appropriate treatment. We will repeat what originally it is necessary to have a stable Remission for hemorrhoids, and already then to start to therapy ED.

So, what to do for the restoration of Libido and potency? First and foremost, we should style our lives. Alcohol and tobacco because, otherwise, the effect of therapeutic measures should be avoided.


Other Points:

  • The Patient must on a diet. In the menu prevail fruits, vegetables such as berries, herbs, cereals, meat, fish, seafood, and fermented products.
  • Mandatory physical activity. You can perform Yoga, Hiking, Nordic walking, swimming, Kegel exercises.
  • Physiotherapy Treatments. Very useful in case of problems with the potency. Well leech therapy, su-jok proven, Thai System of healing, acupuncture, electrophoresis.
  • Taking drugs to increase potency in men. For the normalization of sexual function selective PDE-5 inhibitor, homeopathic remedies, ointments for topical application, dietary Supplement can.

There are also a number of limitations. Patients with hemorrhoids, and impotence contraindicated, absolutely contraindicated in hypothermia. Also the Sauna is not recommended. All temperature differences are quite harmful for the vessels.

It is also recommended daily schedule adjust. Sleep and rest everyday after work for any man. Optimal 6-8 hours of sleep. After work, we recommend a walk in the fresh air and avoid long stay in the static Position.