How to improve potency in men with the help of natural remedies


Many men face the Problem of potency. Age, bad habits, negative external factors, such as Stress, bad ecology, problems are the reason for the decline of potency. By far not always the men contact a doctor with such a sensitive issue, so the Problem is not solved, brings to the man a lot of trouble. The first Phase of the impotence treatable in folk medicine, so at the first signs, you can method to this treatment. Folk remedies for improving potency in men eliminate the Problem quickly.

As I prepare for the application of natural remedies for potentiality increase

Before starting the treatment, requires to reconsider a way of life, to abandon bad habits. To eliminate necessary, negative factor, as the beginning of the development of the disease. To do this, you must know that can be a cause of lowering of potency:

• Alcohol affects the male force. Alcoholic beverages have a strong influence on the sexual sphere. Regular intake of alcohol leads to a loss of sexual ability to act. So, to get rid of the Problem, you need to stop the habit, if available.
• Smoking is the cause of many diseases, it affects on the potency. In the modern cigarette, many chemicals used to improve the flavor, the effect, and so on. In addition, in cigarettes toxic resin containing, on the production of male hormones. To get rid of the negative effects of Smoking, it is better to separate this bad habit.
• The wrong diet, namely the use of fats and fried foods has a negative effect on potency. In fried foods related to exposure to carcinogens contains the male force. Plant food, dairy products should regularly be present in the men's menu.
• Stress, nervous disorders, depressive States complicate the Problem of potency. You need to Stress, learn to cope productively to produce, with problems and difficulties.

But it is necessary to understand that impotence may develop under the influence of certain chronic diseases, such as:

• Diabetes mellitus;
• Epilepsy;
• Atherosclerosis and vascular diseases;
• Parkinson's Disease;
• inflammatory diseases of the prostate, bladder, testicles.

In the presence of such problems, to cope with the means of traditional medicine. Necessary drug treatment, which aims at the elimination of the basic causes.

Methods of folk remedies for increase of a potentiality


The national medicine offers a few effective means that can help cause the potency back to normal. To increase the potency of the following Folk medicinal uses of funds for the potency in men:

• Medicinal plants;
• Honey;
• Propolis;
• osinovaja bark.

On the basis of the above-listed remedies can effective medicines are made to improve the potency.

Medicinal plants

Folk remedies for the improvement of the potency contain herbal treatments. With the help of well-selected herbs improve potency quickly. The male force in the majority of cases is reduced due to inflammation or circulatory disorders. Medicinal herbs help to solve this Problem. With their help, you can the blood circulation, regulate the blood vessels, extend the inflammation to reduce.

The Nettle. Improves metabolism and stimulates the urogenital function. For the preparation of the medicines you take 100 grams of chopped herbs pour 300 ml of boiling water. The ready means to take three times a day before meals.

The root of Ginseng is the best stimulant potency. Required: the crushed ginseng root 0,5 El. L.; Honey – 2 Tbsp. L.

Such a drug is administered orally 4 times daily a teaspoonful to a dose.

Pumpkin seeds contain a large number of useful components that help to quickly restore male potency. The seeds need to take raw chop, mix with honey in equal amounts and cure 5-6 times in 1 tbsp. L. is Very effective in the potency in men tykvennoe oil helps to get rid of. In oil, large amounts of zinc, provides the necessary helper for the power. For the restoration of potency, it is recommended that medical enemas with tykvennym oil. It is recommended that this procedure 2 times a day – morning and evening. You have to oil 100 grams. This is enough for a good function of the prostate and improve the potency in men.

Thyme has amazing features, with its help it is possible to treat many diseases. Well, this herb helps in fighting impotence. It contains selenium, which promotes the production of testosterone, and molybdenum, which stimulates the thyme, the male sexual function. Useful for brewing tea with thyme. He helps you with male impotence and Prostatitis. Prepare the tea as follows:

• black tea – 1 tbsp. L.;
• dry flowering stems of thyme – 3 PCs.;
• to enhance the effect, add honey or mint.

From the listed ingredients tea is brewed. It should insist, within 7 minutes. Then tea strain and drink.

St. John's wort helps to restore the potency in old age. To prepare medications, they take 100 grams of dry raw materials and pour a glass of boiling water. Of fluid you drink 30 grams four times a day.

Ordinary garlic is an excellent remedy for the addition of male power. To achieve the effect, you can simply consume garlic in its raw Form every day. You cook it and the medication can. Recipes there are many. One of the most effective means of garlic with milk. 250 ml of warm milk, take a tablespoon of chopped garlic. The resulting means, keep on heat for two or three minutes, and then strain through a sieve. Therapeutic dose - 2 tablespoons, which you drink before each meal.

Honey for potentiality increase


Honey a cure for many diseases, it has a positive effect on potency. Effect will be noticeable, even if you eat one or two spoons of honey per day. For the preparation of the medication in the honey with the garlic, nuts, herbs.

The most popular folk medicine to raise the potency on the Basis of honey, a honey-nutty mixture. To cook the drug is take 100 grams of chopped nuts may be walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, and mixed with a tablespoon of honey. This powerful medium to give the results a week after the start of treatment. Medication you take a tablespoon before going to bed.

If you mix equal parts of honey and shredded ginger root, you can effective home remedies to improve the potency. You can take the medicine they need half a teaspoon before meals, three times per day.

Properties of honey are unique. Using natural honey, prepare various medicines that help your male power for the coming years.

Chudodeistvennaja power of Propolis

Propolis heals the whole organism, he enriched his valuable vitamins and minerals. The trace elements contained support, the potency is in order:

• Iron;
• Chrome;
• Copper;
• Zinc;
• Vanadium;
• Titanium;
• tin;
• Silicon.

Propolis with success used as a folk medicine for the enhancement of the potency, it can as a preventive agent against Prostatitis. In addition, Propolis increases the effect of the treatment with the use of other drugs prescribed for the chronic Prostatitis and adenoma of the prostate.

Propolis is a powerful biostimulyatorom that helps improve your potency. The drug has the following properties:

1. relieves inflammatory processes;
2. kills germs;
3. strengthens the body;
4. stimulates the immune system;
5. reduces pain.

For the treatment of impotence prepare a tincture on the Basis of Propolis.


• Propolis – 20 Grams;
• Alcohol or high quality vodka – 80 ml.

Propolis need to grind, put it in a glass container and pour the alcohol. The container must close tightly and remove to a cool, dark place. Drug is infused for a week, in this period, it is necessary to periodically shake. The finished tincture drops, in a glass of water, you'll need 40 drops. Means drink before eating, 30 minutes before you on the table. The duration of treatment is two weeks.

The bark of the aspen – the best remedy for potency


This bark is the best national means of increasing potency, which also helps to get rid of Prostatitis. The most effective means known for centuries.

For the manufacture of drugs, you can:

• Kidneys;
• Bark;
• Leaves.

The cure from the bark of the aspen tree are a good means for a good potency, it is in the Form of decoction, extract or tincture. In addition, you can chew just the bark and rassasyvat', so the healing essential substances attach themselves to the body in its purest Form.

In the treatment should be careful, a wrong dosage can cause side effects:

• painful sensations on the part of the gastro-intestinal tract;
• cramping pain in the abdomen;
• Constipation.

Infusions to increase the potency is prepared as follows:

• Kidney Espe – 2 Tablespoons;
• boiling water – 1 Cup.

The kidneys with boiling water and leave for about half an hour. Drug, before food. To enhance the taste, you can add honey in the prepared means of a spoon, it just reinforced the therapeutic effect.

Two effective means: the bark of the aspen and Propolis can combine them and get an effective drug that helps manhood.

Tincture of aspen bark on alcohol or high quality vodka. The bark, there are two weeks, and drink before each meal to 50 grams.

The results of the treatment will not wait a long time until the effect of the treatment is noticeable already after a week. Folk remedies for the potency of the men in the Forum unanimously came to the opinion that the bark has helped a lot of masculinity.

Old Russian folk remedies for potentiality increase

Old Russian herbalists contain very effective, time-tested recipe. Apart from the fact that it is a very useful drug, it has a pleasant taste.

For the preparation of drugs over 200 gram:

• Plums;
• Raisins;
• dry figs.

Out of all the dried fruits you should remove the cores. Also, the walnuts in a quantity of 12 pieces.

All the ingredients need to carefully grind it, then mix it up and endure the cold. The mixture can be stored in the refrigerator. A day, 2 tablespoons of the prepared mixture of food, milk, or yogurt.

Bad for increase of a potentiality


Folk remedies for improving male potency Supplement spas. You can do a good job in the fight against this disease. It is a very useful tool that you can use to increase the effectiveness in the home.

Especially the attention should be paid to contrasting bathroom under the body. Its essence consists in the alternation of cold and hot water. The duration of the procedure is about 15 minutes. Two large basins with hot and cold water, in which they alternately dip.

Bath with Bay leaves helps in the fight against the disease. Pre-brewed and insist Bay leaves, then the Infusion into the tub. To strengthen the effect, you can add more, and chamomile tea. A bathroom should be before bedtime.

Showers can be combined with aromatherapy. The essential oils of some plants to increase the effectiveness. In aromalampu oils of ginger, cumin, cypress, thyme, rosemary. All of these scents have the property of increasing the male potency. A similar procedure can be used, such as the increase of a potentiality home remedies before the fact.

Food, the potency increase

Methods of treatment potency must be supplemented by proper nutrition. This means that in the diet must be present to increase the food, the male force. This is especially true for the potency after 50 natural remedies have to be supplemented by a nutritious diet.

These products include vegetables and herbs, dark green:

• Broccoli;
• Parsley;
• Coriander.

Good effect in the case of reduced potency nuts and seeds, especially:

• Cashew;
• Sesame seeds;
• Walnuts;
• Pistachios;
• Almond;
• Sunflower seeds nsrds.

Fruits and berries in the diet of men. Struggling with low potency to help:

• apples;
• Kiwi;
• Lemon;
• Grapefruit;
• Strawberry;
• Blueberries.

And also on the table should always be available, onions, beets, garlic, eggplant, radish, beans, beetroot, bell peppers.

Fried fish contains selenium in its composition minerals: Magnesium, zinc,. These substances play an important role in supporting the Libido.

It is shown that cholesterol promotes the development of male hormones. That is why it is important, from time to time, in the menu of fatty and fried meat are eat. In doing so, we must not forget the standard. The excess fat can lead to serious heart disease, which is extremely undesirable, especially for men in the age in which the risk of developing diseases related to heart and blood vessels is very high.

Mens diet is certainly the consumption of meat products. Especially useful in beef, it contains Omega-3 fatty acids, the vitamins D3 and E. the complex of these substances has a positive impact on the sexual health of a man. Topics the means for potentiality increase to appear very often in the forums that tells about the great interest on the part of men to this topic.

There are many recipes that allow you to increase male potency. It should not be for everything at once. A good potency folk medicine, it is better to choose one or two suitable options, which will help to cope with the disease. Correctly chosen folk remedies for potency quickly of a disease-free and back to its former strength.