Increase the potency in men after 50: tips from Dr.


Potency in adulthood

Every man wants to, and at the age you feel full of energy and sexual energy. But, despite this desire on a subconscious level, we are still confident that, after 50 to 60 years of age, and the sexual side of life to say goodbye to. We are sure that the health of men over 50 years, the potency of the certainly leaves much to be desired, it falls inexorably. But whether this is so?

Never think templates! Make sure your potency is retained will contact you, and on the slope of years, keep it in an indescribable feeling of health and vitality, so characteristic of young people. And of course... follow the tips below. We will discuss all the possibilities for the improvement of potency, the practising physicians.

Why reduced potency in men after 50 years?

Factors here is not extremely a lot of and eliminate all of them, alas, always possible. Doctors distinguish between external and internal reasons that can reduce Libido. These reasons lead to a deterioration of the metabolism. As a result of the potency in men aged 50 years and above decreased.

External reasons for the decline in potency

Settle down. If you are forced to a sedentary profession, and you are, spend the majority of your work day in a chair, it is not surprising that soon disturbed, the blood circulation in the pelvic organs. Poor circulation caused by lack of oxygen and a deterioration in the activity of the prostate and the testicles. And the increase in the potency in men from 50 years – a difficult thing, as an impairment loss.

Alcohol and Smoking. Probably comment here is superfluous, because we all know how harmful for the male power of nicotine and alcohol. And if nicotine acts slowly, it is alcohol, provided the abuse, able to harm the male health very quickly.

Lack of exercise is also the reason for the extra weight, presses on the organs of the urogenital system, and moves you. As a result, apart from the potency, and General well-being suffers.

Stress. "All diseases of the nerves" - and it is really so. Constant Stress and mental stress have a negative impact on the internal organs and the condition of the back. Due to the changes of the psychological Status in men the desire for Sex disappears, and rare sexual contacts do not save the Situation. Finally, the blood circulation in the organs of the small pelvis.

Muscle-Skeletal. With age he's losing his strength, giving way to the weakness of the muscles and as a result of sexual inadequacy. It is important to lead an active life, play sports.

The internal reasons for the decline in potency


Among the internal reasons of the reduction of the potency problems with the organs and systems of the body. Primarily inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system, which is found in many of in his youth, but did not receive the right treatment as in the chronic Form, bleeding. The prostate, with time, begins, it is extremely harmful to the fragile happiness is how to influence the potency. To treat in men aged 50 years and above is more difficult, than in young years.

In addition to this, men increase in blood pressure, hormonal disorders, impairment of the metabolism disturb. Least a a result of Diabetes is often. Diabetes causes many complications, including the lowering of the level of the testosterone. In this case, you should contact an experienced endokrinologu, to prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Attention! The cause of potency disorders of the fracture of the spine.

In any case, if you notice, the lowering of sexual function, consult your doctor and investigate the cause. It will help to live in a much faster return to an active sex life.

How to improve potency? Tips from Dr.

You remember a few simple rules that you strictly comply with.

1. Move more and more often in the fresh air. Doctors advise you to choose the moving sports that are able to improve the blood circulation in the pelvic organs.
2. Smoke less and avoid harmful addiction.
3. Do not abuse alcohol. He lowers testosterone.
4. Keep Track Of Your Weight.
5. Avoid increase the blood pressure and cholesterol. 6. Do not take anabolic steroids. You are able to lead to impotence even at a young age.
7. You Avoid Stress. You can't hide from the Stress – but you can learn to abstract from them.

Follow these points, you keep the testosterone levels at a sufficient level, and the Problem of reducing the potency will not be affected.

In addition, there are several methods to increase the potency in men after 50 medications, exercise, and Massage of the prostate. Consider in more detail each of these elements.

Contrast bath for the potency


If you have decreased potency after 50 try contrasting bathroom. It improves the blood supply to the genitalia through the action of cold and hot water. Take 2 bowls and fill them each with water. A cold, the other hot. For starters, you put in hot water, keep it on for half a Minute, and then you climb into the cold. Repeat this process for about a quarter of an hour.

Eat... and at the same time, the Libido increase

It is no secret that some of the products to increase the potency in men, (even after 50). These products include:

1. Seafood as source of zinc. In General, it is recommended that you more Protein foods and eggs, meat, cottage cheese.
2. Legumes.
3. Nuts, and seeds.
4. Herbs, especially celery and parsley.
5. Natural unrefined oil, which is useful to fill salads. It's olive, sesame, linseed and other oils can.

Try focusing on these products and every day some of them be consumed. You will find the result is very fast.

Some of the popular recipes

In addition, fitoterapevty rates, try a few of the following recipes, which will help improve the health of the whole organism in General and prostate cancer in particular.

Honey and nuts. Close in equal proportions of chopped walnuts and honey. This mixture eat in the course of the month, 2 TSP half an hour after the meal. Keep the mixture in the refrigerator.

Red wine and dried fruits. Take kuragu, prunes and raisins in an amount of 100 G, sugar (1 TSP) to taste and sprinkle the mixture of cinnamon, cardamom and gvozdikoi. Red wine pour the composition and cook on low heat for about half an hour without a lid. Then as much time with the lid closed. Syrup, you drink 1 tbsp. L. 3 P/Day.

However, there is another "dry" method to increase the potency.

Medicines to improve potency

Currently in the sale of a large number of drugs on the Basis of Viagra, the effectiveness.


The mechanism of action of these agents is based on the enlargement of the blood vessels. This blood flow causes the sexual Organ and long-lasting erections. Here you have the list of side effects. Especially the side effect consists in a flood of blood and other organs and tissues, which can negatively affect your work. As a result of taking the drug is able to cause Tinnitus and headaches, clogged nasal cavity and breathing problems.

For people with heart problems it is important to know that nitroglycerin and other nitrates, usually prescribe the cardiologist, combine it with Viagra, and your colleagues. The concomitant use of these agents can lead to sharp decrease in blood pressure.

Massage and the increase of a potentiality

As the improvement of potency in men aged 50 years and above, in addition to the above-mentioned funds? Of course a Massage! But Massage Massage Discord.

Relaxing Home Massage. For its implementation, you'll surely have the help of the woman's need. Ask them to massage the feet and calves – this is Stress, helps relax and lead you into sexual arousal by the action at certain points. These are the most valued points (for a total of 3) are:

• at the base of the thumb;
• on the arch of the foot;
• between the little Finger and the heel, on the outer side of the foot.

In addition acupressure points are located in large number on the back and the belly. To apply for his conduct better a professional massage therapist, the try, the body (and not just the sexual organs) to make a full recovery. Massage relieves Stress and helps to provide the necessary energy for life. Women notice that after the Massage, your men will be always successful.

That doesn't mean help the only chemical means, - increase of the potency in men over 50 a safe method, like Massage and caused this.

Doctors also recommend, the course of Massage of the prostate from time to time. You can do it preferably at a specialist in the medical center. Prostate-Massage – a good prevention of impotence, but in the presence of Prostatitis helps quite weak, although the doctors actively recommend to his patients. If you discovered Prostatitis, that he does not treat in outgrown impotence, it from the inside and lift the immune system and destroys pathogens.

Exercises to increase potency


Exercise for men over 50, the potency is reduced, focus on the improvement of the blood supply to the organs of the small pelvis.

Important! The exercises should be done regularly, otherwise you lose your effectiveness. On average, after a month you will notice results. It is, however, a duration longer than the effect after using the pill for potency.

1. Potyagivanija on all fours. Imagine yourself on all fours, the back is straight, the arms are stretched out. Then sit down slowly on the buttocks caviar, wetted face on the floor. Arms are stretched forward.
2. You stand upright, breathe deeply, and shrink the muscles of potency. Wait a few seconds and relax while exhaling gently.
3. Sit-UPS, tense your buttocks, and stay in the position for a few seconds. Arms are stretched forward.
4. You lay back, close the hands behind the nape of the neck, breathe in, lift a leg in the vertical Position and describing your circles in a clockwise direction (2-3 rounds), then counter-clockwise.
5. You lay on your back, bend the knees, place the palm of your hand. Slowly the knee raise with the hands to the side, by a noticeable resistance to the muscles of the legs.
6. You lay on your back, bend your legs at the knees, the arms stretched along the body. Lift the pelvis off the floor and remain in this Position.

Many claim that the potency of supports to help at the right level for you, strength exercises with iron. But this is the best medicine, which increases potency after the "reception".

In order to lead to increased potency in men after the age of 50, drugs, of course, but there are safer and effective methods. And remember that the main thing is to stay young in the soul, and then your body itself will try to fit your mood. Do not forget about sports, relating to proper nutrition (and men much harder than women), try to the possibility of harmful addictions without. And of course you love your wife!