Potency Smoking: Smoking affects the potency?

Potency smokers is the part of male health, susceptible to the harmful effects of tobacco. In tobacco smoke a large number of carcinogenic substances, each of which diseases can lead to serious diseases of all systems of people, ranging from allergic reactions to the development of cancer, certain processes in the liver or pathologies of the heart.

Smoke and potency


All the modern studies show that Smoking had a negative effect on the potency of the men.

Impotence is determined by the doctors as the inability of the husband to intercourse. The most common manifestations of this disease are decreased Libido, violation of ejaculation, the reduction in the production of male hormones.

Impotence is a disease the continuous, so that it is causing in men the most negative emotions.

Doctors claim that the number of cigarettes plays no special role in the formation of impotence. So how Smoking affects the potency? The vessels — that is the point.

In cigarette smoke nicotine and resin. The process of Smoking is very bad for the circulatory System of the people. If a Person smokes, carbon monoxide, freed from tobacco smoke, disturbs to receive the body of oxygen, and this, in turn, has a detrimental effect on the cardiovascular System. Nicotine ends narrows the blood vessels in the body of the smoke, occurs a spasm. The development of the atherosclerotic disease, brittle, and constipation of the vessels — all this causes the nicotine for this reason, the defeat of the tissues of the heart muscle and the brain.

Scientists and doctors determine the influence of Smoking on potency:

  • Dystonia vessels (erection determined the vessels of the condition and the tone of the blood);
  • the formation of atherosclerosis Plaques in the blood vessels (due to the normal Plaques filling substances not made, which means that the erection happens);
  • the low level in case of insufficient production of hormones in the sexual activity (if the sex is only a Convention that the endocrine System is not working to full power) is life.

Therefore, the answer to the question of the impact of Smoking on potency is positive.


For men dangerous Smoking cigarettes and because the quality of sperm can change. The quality of the sperm decreases, which leads to a change in the genes, and this, in turn, can lead to developmental disorders and congenital malformations in the offspring.

Smoking also affects the duration and quality of intercourse. Scientists have shown that smoke people to have sexual intercourse approximately 6 times in the month, while in the non-smokers sexual activity several times higher. Also, the average duration of sexual intercourse for the Smoking men is about 4 minutes. Worth and sexual satisfaction: non-Smoking couples mention is more likely to be satisfied and happy with the process, as a smoker.

Smoking and potency are interdependent, that is, if the man smokes a lot, and the sexual problems will be much. And also in the case of the reasoning of some scientists about the maximum effects of Smoking on potency after 35 years, the youth to think about costs: impotence is not tied to youth or maturity. For smokers in every age there is a risk of circulatory diseases, the spread and on the tissues of the male sexual organ.

Virtually every Smoking, the loves, the violation of hormonal background, the pressure falls in the body.

It is worth noting that the greatest danger of impotence for men, in which hypertension is present. The high pressure in combination with toxic resins, and nicotine has an adverse effect on sexual function.


how to repair potency

Physicians respond to this question clearly: for the correction, you must stop Smoking. There are studies that prove that if smokers increase about 7 hours before sexual intercourse, not to smoke, the power of a cigarette, and the potency. But in order to fully enjoy the male potency, must categorically this harmful habit.

However, if the disease is in the stage of neglect, the single failure of tobacco immediately back masculinity, but it is the first step to recovery.

If a Person is Smoking the cigarette, it will potency is not immediately a healthy, since the rejection of tobacco — a complex process. He may be in Stress or mental health problems, irritability or nervousness, aggression or apathy Under such conditions, sexual life is not as pleasant. But after 1.5 months of work, blood vessels is normalized, the correct tone and rhythm of their work, for this reason, changes are visible and sexual: it creates firmer erections, increases time of intercourse, Libido, always more pronounced.

Men in the period of recovery of potency in the absence of tobacco Smoking, abusing stimulants of vascular tone, for example Viagra or its analogues. Thin-walled vessels after prolonged periods of Smoking can behave unpredictably.

Everyone takes care of their health a man needs to understand that the beautiful woman and satisfying full-fledged and healthy children is the right choice, that is the give up the pernicious habits. Because the negative effects of Smoking on potency is undisputed and scientifically proven.