As an extension of the sexual activity in 50 years


How does the sexual arousal

The potency is very slim and complex process. In its formation, several different systems of the body are involved. The emergence of sexual arousal is dependent on the work of such systems, such as:

• Hormones;
• Vessels;
• The Circulation Of The Blood;
• The Nerve Endings.

In the first process, the hormonal System shuts down. Originally, it comes to the activation of the hormone-testosterone. He forces himself to form the nervous impulse. Pulse comes from the Hypothalamus. The nerve endings of the Penis. Nerve roots irritate the vascular system of the man. The blood vessels are expanded, their walls are on the rise. The blood flow of the artery in the groin increases. Under the influence of the blood flow filling the corpora cavernosa of the Penis. Skin is stretched, the Penis increases. At occurrence of an erection the compression of the sphincter muscle of the urethra enters the bladder. This is to prevent the ingress of the seminal fluid in the cavity of the bladder. Orgasm causes the release of testosterone in the prostate. It is the secret of the seminal fluid in semyavyvodyazhie way. The mystery mixed with sex cells and is in the urethra. Ejaculation Appears To Be.

Also in the formation of the powers of the mental System involved. The mental condition of man has an effect on the Libido. In the presence of various psychological factors Libido of the man can degrade or strengthen.


Reasons for the deterioration of the sexual arousal

After 50 years in the body significant changes. In the body metabolic processes weaknesses. The deterioration of potency is due to such reasons like:

• External;
• Internal.

Among the external factors, for several reasons. A significant influence of the occupation of the man. In the case of a long stay in a sitting Position in the organs of the small pelvis troficheskoe diet disturbed. The blood circulation slows down, the supply of oxygen is reduced. The work of the prostate and testicles does not happen fully. The mass of the body can change greatly. The increased weight also has pathological effects on the health of the sexual organs. Under the pressure of the excess of fat tissue pelvic organs are compressed and change your location. The man suffers not only the potency, but also the General health.

Among the external reasons, the change in the mental condition of the men. Stress at work, increased mental stress, quarrels in the family will cause a deterioration of the brain. The man is irritable. For him, the sexual attraction disappears. Rare sexual contacts harmful influence on the potency. In these patients, a deterioration of the blood circulation occurs in the basin.

After 50 years of men's muscle-skeleton weakens. Many patients do not deal, in addition to the sporting exercises. In the case of a deterioration of the muscles sexual weakness occurs. To lead to the recovery of potency is necessary, an active lifestyle.

The internal causes depend on the General health of the man. After 50 years, there are problems with various organs or systems. In many patients there is an increase in blood pressure, deterioration of the working of the hormonal system, metabolic disorders. Also, there is a growing current of chronic diseases.

Attributed to internal reasons, and different inflammatory pathologies of the reproductive organs. Special attention should organs the diseases of the prostate and mochevyvodyazhim. On the potency of Prostatitis, the impact of various etiologies. The danger of the disease is in the chronic course. The symptoms appear to be due to the large amount of time. In many patients the development of complications, one of which is erectile dysfunction observed.

For the potency to be dangerous and hormonal disorders. Such violations showed often in patients with Diabetes mellitus. In this disease, violated the metabolic processes in the peripheral tissues and organs. Violation of the exchange rates of the process difficulties in the functioning of the prostate gland and the Hypothalamus. A change in the hormone levels occur. The number of the testosterone level in diabetics was significantly lower than in healthy men. To solve this Problem, an experienced endocrinologist can help.

All of this pathology is accompanied by various symptoms that need attention. If there is a violation of potency, you need to the cause of their deterioration.

The diagnosis of the patient


In the case of the violation of potency in 50 years, it is necessary to seek timely professional help. The doctor helps to make the correct diagnosis and a useful treatment. For the diagnosis of the patient, ultrasound examination is applied, and on various analyses.

First, pathological changes in the blood circulation of the people. In diseases of the germ increases, glands in the blood of the patients, the number of leukocytes. White blood cells are responsible for the output of antibodies from the body. In the normal state, the number of white blood cells is low.

You also need to examine the state of the genitourinary system. For this purpose, an ultrasound examination. On the ultrasound, the patient or the inflammatory process in the tissue. When pathological changes are present, is an additional Hardware survey.

To install the correct sexual stimulation and the composition of the seminal fluid. After 50 years a decrease of testosterone synthesis, which affects the number of germ cells and the composition of the secretions of the seminal fluid. When a man realizes Fitch's eyakulyata, what he spermogramma needs.

In the case of suspected inflammatory diseases of the urogenital System, we recommend to pass swab from the urethra. In the smear to detect several pathogens or products of their life activity.

If the deterioration of potency occurs against the backdrop of additional pathological processes, specialists carry out further investigations.

How to improve arousal

After 50 years, experts have an annual checkup recommend. With age, the organs slows down, and chronic diseases work to be strengthened. Many patients will not be recommended to lead an active sex life. In the young years accumulation of the seminal fluid leads to disruption of potency, in 50 years, this process is the opposite.

Also, we recommend the following processes:

• Nutrition;
• Physical Activity;
• To provide the necessary treatment;
• The amount of vitamins and minerals in the body;
• Give up bad habits;
• Avoid strong fluctuations in temperature.

Men 50 years of age, must carefully carry out the choice of your diet. It must contain a variety of vitamins and minerals. In order to increase the effectiveness, it is recommended that the volume of zinc, calcium, phosphorus, and Protein in the body. Zinc is essential for proper and long-term work of the endocrine system. It regulates producirovanie testosterone. A large amount of zinc contains buckwheat in krupe, meat, Turkey, cedar-nuts, and beans. Calcium helps support the health of the bone and the tissue. There are a large number of dairy products.

Protein-rich foods improves the spermatogenesis of man. But note diseases the presence of a companion. This kind of products is forbidden, the men suffer from hypertension and cardiac pathologies.


The effectiveness also depends on the physical activity of the patient. In 50 years, a lot of men maloaktivnyi life style. Increase the range of movement also helps the oxygen increase, the nutrition of the tissue. A sufficient amount of oxygen extends the work of the reproductive organs.

If a man in 50 years, comorbidities, need for the implementation of their treatment. Therapy is strictly specialists. You should carefully follow the instructions of your doctor. This will help resolve the different possible complications on the part of the potency.

In 50 years, should stop different harmful habits. Alcoholic beverages cause the disruption of spermatogenesis. The formation of the seminal fluid complicated. Also such drinks function of the cardiovascular system to fail. In the presence of high blood pressure alcohol-containing Cocktails is completely contraindicated. Smoking also has vessels a negative impact on the work of the blood. In the case of active smokers, the filling of the corpora cavernosa is incomplete. Again, you can recover with the help of the complete absence of nicotine. In the presence of various problems with the sex organs is not recommended to visit a bath or Sauna.

All of these rules, the sexual function of men extend help. In 50 years, the potency slightly injured. Compliance with the correct way of life can reduce the risk of weakening of potency.