How to raise it: recipes for increase of a potentiality

Of course, talk about the reduction in potency, we have in mind is a temporary phenomenon, and not a serious disease, it is necessary to visit a doctor and, above all, to find out the cause.

A temporary decrease in potency is due to different circumstances. This chronic Stress, physical and psychological Stress, severe emotional shock... alcohol and tobacco also act negatively on potency. Smoking leads to blood vessels to a narrowing of the blood, but it is with a reduction of the blood supply to the sexual organs.

Potency in men

If the decrease in potency the impact of some stressful situation, here is a recipe to give the possibility to relax the body, relax: a light Massage, Yoga classes (special exercises stimulate blood circulation in the pelvic area and genital organs), aromatic baths. Folk recipe: take a relaxing bath of Bay leaf. The leaves and not to evacuate-infusion brewing in the tub, adds an Infusion of chamomile flowers, take 15-30 min. before going to bed Or to the leaves of the Laurel insist in cold water for 12 hours and then bathe.

If the cause of impotence of various diseases (Diabetes, obesity, exhaustion, heart disease), then, first of all, the underlying disease must be treated. To soothe In other cases, and to strengthen the body. And you have to start with the normal diet. For example, very important for men, protein rich foods. This meat, fish, eggs - the natural aphrodisiacs.

Recipes for increase of a potentiality

Old and well-known recipe - scrambled eggs. For greater effect, you can fry some eggs with onions. The arc also contributes to the improvement of sexual activity, gives energy for the body. In addition, the sexual power of the men increases, meat to eat too much but not. Another recipe for a dish made from the testicles of a RAM. Fry them with the onions and add the eggs - tasty and healthy. In the Caucasus, a court is considered to be purely male.

If the meat is sick and tired of eating fish. Fresh, well-mackerel, broth cancer know the types - all of this helps in the improvement of sexual potency. On the side dish - vegetables, in which many different vitamins: beets in any Form, radish, turnips, olives, carrots.

The sexual activity and seafood. Oysters, Rapany, mussels in a spicy Sauce is just right.

Always keep on Hand nuts, sunflower seeds. They contain Vitamin E, which supports your Form. Walnuts, almonds, sesame seeds – sesame seeds in India rates, you eat with honey.

The delicious recipe is also in many Folk-textbooks a mixture of honey with walnuts. Prepare a mixture of equal parts of honey and crushed walnut kernels, take 30 minutes after eating 2-3 times a day 2 teaspoons for 3-4 weeks.

Figs at the southern peoples is also used to increase the effectiveness. He acts as a means to strengthen the energy, stimulates the work of the heart (which is very important), the liver, and the kidneys.

In the case of the peoples of Transcaucasia to the strengthening of the Libido of milk products: sour milk, yogurt. Tea, coffee drinks stimulating. And in TRANS-Caucasia know, still swollen and with the addition of various spices: cloves (by the way, it used for the same purposes and in China), powder of ginger, saffron.

In Central Asia, pistachios are considered to be remedies that improve male strength and strengthens the heart. In France, fresh artichokes to use for increasing the potency, as well as snails - a delicacy in many countries. In Greece, olive oil is considered to be indispensable means in the case of impotence: because olive oil is rich in fatty acids and nutrition gives you energy, and genitals.