Which products increase potency: tips on harmful products

You understand what food the potency increase? If a man didn't want problems with potency, he is only obliged, the right diet for maintaining the power of men. Because the products that can be eaten, also affect the sex organs. Food containing large amounts of fat, preservatives, carbohydrates do not have a negative impact on the entire body, not to mention the harmful effects on the potency.

Products to increase potency

What in the diet?

To avoid this, they begin to be proper and balanced nutrition prepared. You should include in your diet these products are:

  1. Seafood, fish (plaice, some varieties of mackerel), oysters, and squid. Recommended for use in cooked, baked or prepared on pair shape. In these products zinc and amino acids, the influence of the testosterone production and Stimulation of the formation of increased amounts of sperm. Useful for potency considered as cod liver oil. The contained vitamins play an important role in the regulation of the intercourse. The fish has a huge Reserve of vitamins, zinc and sodium. Good enough Omega fatty acids mackerel prepared to be actively synthesized hormone testosterone, and the therein contained phosphorus strengthens the potency.
  2. Rich in dopamine rapid ejaculation oysters. Oysters of the best quality advice in the spring. Since at this time they contain a lot of useful elements for the potency. Advise you in the raw state, to use, to improve the taste, add the juice of one lemon. Minus - use is expressly prohibited representatives of the stronger sex, says, the suffering of Gastritis, Diabetes and immune-compromised.
  3. Rennet (stomach of a camel) will not harm the people and the excitation of the erection is not worse than Viagra. The Problem is in the availability. Lab improves the composition of the semen, with their help, even men, can be noted the 50-year anniversary of fathers. Enough to eat 2-4 G of the product.
  4. For the immunity-boosting peculiarity of vegetables. This includes garlic, all types of onions (bulb, green), various herbs (Dill, parsley, celery), cabbage, beet and many others. Rich in carotene carrot masculinity is increased. To eat onion and garlic of useful raw materials. Use in the preparation of salads or as an appetizer.
  5. The meat dishes. Basic parts of the meat, of course, protein. It provides the body with energy that helps the desired substance and supports a high level of excitability. Very useful for the body, horse meat is a lean meat, chicken, beef and rabbit. For people with an unusual taste frog legs advises to eat. Excellent recipe for improving the potency to the use of roasted rooster is-scallops with eggs RAM or of a bull, mixed with minced meat pheasant. The effect of these products is stunning. For a better strengthening of the power of meat fried or stewed to be eaten. Because when you boil all the useful substances for men to go into the broth. The main thing to consider is that meat eating is the food you should eat in a moderate extent, to a lot of.
  6. Eggs - particularly useful as quail eggs. For the preservation of all the vitamins that is recommended in the egg, in its raw state. Egg is rich in vitamins, such as B, K, E, A, D and trace elements: phosphorus, Calcium, iron, zinc. Raw quail eggs reduction of cholesterol. A further advantage lies in the low probability of Salmonella. The main thing to remember is that the use is only by the use of fresh eggs. And if you mix the onion with the egg, you can is an excellent "pill" for the potency. Add in your daily diet scrambled eggs.
  7. Not to forget, of course, the vegetables, the primacy of which is the beet. Rich in vitamins and amino acids sugar beet has a positive impact on the improvement of the composition and the production of sperm. For the amplification of sexual desire seeds of this vegetable. You can use the cooked beets as a side dish once a week, and the result will not wait for you. The mixture of cooked carrots and turnips with the addition of honey is a good influence on the condition of the body. The consumption of beets is prohibited in the presence of the diseases of the nervous system, Hepatitis, and cholecystitis.
  8. Almonds, chocolate, dates - a delicacy for the weaker sex, but bring great benefit to the male body. Increase sex drive and promote the awakening of the feeling of love.
  9. Different types of nuts increase the potency. The increased content of zinc, Magnesium, and whole, Vitamin B-complex a positive effect on the entire sexual System. Contained in nuts arginine nitric oxide, erections activate to forming in the body. The total benefit from the consumption of nuts, in value, mix it with honey and dry fruits. Use as a Supplement to main dishes with meat or fish. Best properties as a pine core. He has a positive effect on the increase of potency when consumed in the raw state. Men nuts a day, are less likely to have a violation of erection.
  10. Honey, especially in combination with nuts, the power is a great charge. You can also use) as a part of other dishes (e.g., braised lamb with honey.
  11. Royal jelly stimulates the Libido, Reich hormones.
  12. Sour cream, cheese, cottage cheese, cream and yogurt - dairy products that are good for male potency. But not all milk products have the same effect on the potency. For example, the milk will be useful, only natural, no pasteurization subject. Yogurt is also is not a good reducing agent potency. Use your diet to only fresh and homemade dairy products.
  13. A good remedy to improve the potency is considered to be wheat.
  14. Iodine-rich algae, positive effect on the condition of potency. The use is limited for people who have the disease, a chronic intestinal.
  15. Mare's milk contains lactic acid bacteria and milk yeast acts on the body with a good therapeutic effect.
  16. Different berries and fruits. The production of hormones that contribute to such fruits as tangerines, pears, grapes, melon, etc. pomegranate provides to the organism the action of Viagra improves the erections and stimulates the sexual desire. Content of substances, dilates blood vessels, in the water melon unusual properties shows in the increase of the potency.
  17. To enable the content of nicotinic acid, carotene and many useful minerals in the pumpkin, support sexual vitality in men. The particular useful properties of this plant in the treatment of the prostate and the prevention of inflammatory processes, which leads to various diseases in men. To stabilize the potency begin the consumption of pumpkin to seeds.
  18. Special properties of Sauerkraut.
  19. Rye bread, and bran is rich in Vitamin B, which is very good for the erection.
  20. Beans and beans are products that a Protein in the body. Significantly male sexual activity increase. But to refuse from the soya bean is better, it contains the female hormone, the negative impact on the potency.
  21. Breakfast Muesli. Do you prefer the buckwheat and other porridges.
  22. Cocoa affects the increase of the endothelial cells in the organism cheap the potency of influence.
  23. Fresh juices improve the blood circulation in the organs of the pelvis, are rich in vitamins beneficial for the body.

Vegetable oils and potency

The strengthening of your erection and increase in potency - the main merit of oils, the influence on the function of the production of prostaglandins in the prostate. The content of Vitamin E improves the function of reproductive glands and enhances the Libido.

Products with a content of vegetable oils, long time use for the preparation of the food, the improvement of the potency.

For a better potency of all of the listed products should be dosed, otherwise it can have the opposite effect. You make a diet, try to combine them in your diet of meat and vegetables, once a week they eat fish or other seafood. As a seasoning on your dishes, you choose the green and red pepper.

Products - the enemies of the potency

Man, watching over his health, you should know that alcohol is the enemy of potency is number one. Briefly, the improvement of the potency - the only thing able to intoxicating drinks, which eventually lead to impotence. Damage of the power brings the usual mint. If you value your manhood, discard the use of mint chewing gum.

the increase of a potentiality

Try to the amount of consumed potatoes and pasta reduce. Exclude from the diet white bread. The content of chemical substances in the sausage and sausages also no effect for the power, but only leads to obesity. Not a bite of Junk Food, and other products of fast preparation. Eliminate them from your diet Mayonnaise. Reduce intake of sugar, salt and coffee. Do not let yourselves be with smoked meat, the content of liquid for the Smoking caused the defeat of the testicles.

No Energy Drinks to consume. You prefer natural juice instead of Cola. The consumption of such beverages not only leads to disruption of potency, but also the load on the heart, which can ultimately lead to a heart attack.

A few more tips

You can see the contents in the products, harmful preservatives, nitrates and other additives that negatively affect potency. You can dispense with bad habits, no cigarette is worth your health. Start the implementation of the special exercises, which will lead to better blood circulation in the pelvic organs. A lot of the time they are not, but the effect is good. Take a bath with herbs, use spigot for swimming decoctions of Bay leaf, stinging nettle or fir.

Don't forget about the correct and healthy way of living. Sit less - move more, instead of Smoking and alcohol, play sports, not sit at night on the Computer - filled. And, of course, pay attention to your diet.