How does Smoking affect male potency: the advantages and disadvantages of

There are a lot of scientific evidence for the negative effects of tobacco and nicotine on "masculinity". In spite of this, many men are convinced that the negative effects of Smoking on potency and erection does not last more than a myth. If this is actually?

Effect of Smoking on potency

A bit of history

Tobacco – plant, the Person is known for a long time. For the first time in Europe it appeared in the year 1496. With time, the era of Smoking and chewing the leaves of tobacco begins.

In XVIII-XIX centuries it was used as a cure against headache. And in the highest circles of society cigarette was considered as a mandatory Element in the wardrobe of men and even women (in some cases). Today, according to the statistics, about half of the population of the planet smokes on a continuous or occasional Basis.

But Smoking affects the potency, and to keep why men a good erection to old age fear of nicotine, such as fire?

Effect of Smoking on potency

Smoking is the cause of the large number of diseases. The most threatening, and rapidly evolving to stay cardiovascular diseases (coronary heart disease, heart attack, stroke) and malignant neoplasms in the oral cavity and lungs.

Impotence is one of the first signs of a serious condition. Statistically it is proved that all smoke suffer in men even slight sign of impotence, have an increased risk of heart attack.

Smoking and potency:

  • Nicotine, a powerful vasoconstrictor. Under his influence considerably the peripheral vessels throughout the body and in the organs of the small pelvis narrowed, in particular. As a result, insufficient blood flow to the Penis, which leads to a weakening of erection.
  • The lack of blood promotes the nutrition of the nerve-and muscle cells of the Penis. It falls in oxygen saturation. As a result, the current Problem of premature ejaculation and weakening of the sensations during orgasm.
  • The stay constrict the blood vessels in the location, the development of atherosclerosis, contributes to that even more reduces the circulation, aggravate the Situation. As a result, this leads to irreversible processes, and the development of severe cardiovascular diseases.
  • Regularly Smoking the normal structure of the spermatozoa will be destroyed. You lose your agility, the quality of the sperm and reduces their number during ejaculation. Gradually, a partial, then a full infertility develops.
  • Disorders of blood circulation in the genitals leads to a decrease of testosterone synthesis. For this reason, the interest in the other sex, and the immunity disappears greatly reduced.

All of these factors explain the negative effects of Smoking on potency in men. Of course, many smokers claim that they're so satisfied in the sexual sense. But you have to take into account that you can not the quality of the power to compare, if there are no negative effects of nicotine.

In addition, erectile dysfunction does not develop for 1 day. It is a long and gradual process that worsens slowly, but surely, the potency.

how Smoking affects the potency

Other Factors

Not to mention a number of indirect moments of the harmful effect of Smoking condition on male potency.

The most important are:

  1. The smell of tobacco. Not so much in the world of women, where the scent stimulates men to the next cigarette. According to the statistical survey, Bole 70% of ladies do not like when their Partner is reminiscent of "Live-ashtray".
  2. Persistent Cough. With time, it is a must-have companion for every smoker. This Symptom often interferes with the normal activity of the man, and certainly it would not be appropriate, during sexual relations.
  3. The risk of development of oncological disease of the oral cavity or the lungs. Smoking – the most important factor that leads to an acceleration of this process. Should think twice before you train.
  4. The financial side of the problem. Regular purchase nicotinic products, invisible to the men from his pocket a nice amount of money. You could be on more useful things (e.g., products for improving the potency).

One way or the other, but Smoking is not good in a normal sexual life of the people. Imaginary and temporary Status, the desire, cigarette in mouth, bad-boy, or a successful businessman, all of this is not the health of the people, and especially his success in the Sex.

Smoking or erections?

The best exit from the Situation, the complete renunciation of harmful habits. Depending on the length of service, the recovery of potency after Smoking cessation can virtually occur immediately, or not at all occur.

the negative effects of Smoking on potency

No illusions need that after 30 years of Smoking the vessels to be treated immediately, with the renunciation of bad habits. However, the continuation of the consumption of cigarettes exacerbate the Situation.

Smoking – one of the legal ways of life of the population to shorten. Be an active participant in the process of self-destruction or not, everyone decides for himself...