Folk remedies for improving potency in men: methods, recipes

Folk remedies for the improvement of potency in men can help in the fight with erectile dysfunction Prostatitis, and. They also improve the production of testosterone, which is especially important for "menopause". Similar recipes as there are for women, they help fight inflammation, and normalize the synthesis of estrogen.

so you increase the potency in the home

For male potency

For the male potency in old age and in youth, you have a large amount of nutrients. Just for the supply of the body of the man with vitamins and mine-layers at the best popular suitable. To increase male power the following required elements:

  • Zinc;
  • Selenium;
  • Chrome;
  • Magnesium;
  • B-Vitamins;
  • Vitamin C;
  • Vitamin A;
  • Vitamin E.

Thanks to their high level in the means of traditional medicine, the following effects proves to to obtain:

  • Increased Levels Of Testosterone;
  • Improvement of blood circulation;
  • Prevention of inflammatory processes and swelling;
  • Improvement of the nutrition of the tissues of the sex organs of the man;
  • The extraction of energy, the high-potency.

Together, these effects make for a strong, stable erections. To the man back sex drive, want to have Sex with his wife.

Rare Folk the methods can be called quickly. To produce the increase in the potency of folk medicine for 3 days, it will be difficult. Needs a longer treatment. Because the people's medicine primarily includes natural ingredients. You don't help immediately, but the effect is more stable than stimulating tablets.


One of the most useful products for men is a pumpkin. The greatest benefit it brings in the Form of juice and fresh, the seeds are not a successful heat treatment.

In the kitchen, the pumpkin contains large amounts of zinc. This Element the male body needs to produce large quantities of testosterone. This is especially important if a man in advanced age.

And fatty acids help levels of the representatives of the stronger sex all ages. Finally, in Prostatitis, in modern days, rejuvenated, and Omega-3 – its best prevention.

We offer you two special recipe, under the well-known Russian folk methods:

  • Balls of pumpkin seeds with honey. You put them in the meat grinder 0.5 kg of fresh seeds, not roasted. Add a Cup of grease, honey, and blind, dense spheres with a diameter of about 10 mm. in the morning you eat two or three of such Vita. The most important thing in this recipe – properly clean the seeds. If you remove the shell, leave the thin layer on most of the potency of essential trace elements;
  • Re-shelled is missing in a similar method as the seeds through the meat grinder. Blind from the resulting Tortillas and bake, not to dry. It is a delicious and light Dessert for tea. Especially if the finished baked goods, add honey.
Sunflower seeds for potency


This plant is not to bring everything to the point. Nevertheless, it is very useful for the enhancement of male potency. Especially a great source of the nutrients in the rhizomes of celery. In the stems of the necessary minerals a bit less.

The rhizomes and stalks celery one of the best ways to quickly increase the potency of men. A glass of fresh juice can help celery directly in front of the act of intimate nature, you feel more self-confident.

You can try the following Folk remedies for male potency with celery:

  • Izmelchaem rhizomes and stalks celery. Also add the shredded carrots and beets. Stir, pour olive oil and lemon juice, and salt is better not to add. Eat like a normal salad, tasty, and nutritious;
  • Dry Celery. RUB until the state of the powder. Convenient to use, constantly in the food to add, and at the same time improve its potency;
  • Three rhizomes on a grater. Pack the mixture into two layers of gauze juice squeezing. 2 tablespoons per day is sufficient for strengthening male potency. You can add a little honey to make it more palatable;
  • Finely chop the celery. Add small bunches of grapes, crushed walnuts nuts. Dressed with sour cream or other dairy products. Of the day without damage to the character can be eaten up to 2 servings, and to quickly restore your potency.


This plant, botanists called "Epilobium angustifolia", in ancient times, used in Russian folk medicine. For the treatment of male potency, the leaves and flowers are suitable. Easy Ivan decoction of tea is an ideal substitute for coffee, tea and other harmful to the sexual activity of men.

In the following popular means to improve potency used fireweed:

  • The Tincture. Take a glass with boiling water and a tablespoon of dried Ivan-tea. Close the cover, hold for 20 minutes. Every morning and evening you drink a half a Cup of such tinctures for potency. The treatment of this national method, is thirty days. Rest as much and, if necessary, repeat;
  • Decoction. 2 tbsp. L. dried plants pour into the pan, pour a glass of water. When the water boils, the heat do weaker, close the cover, the slight boiling for 15 minutes. Turn off the stove, two hours the pot to keep closed. Finished, the broth you can drink. The best solution is 2 teaspoons three times a day, on an empty stomach;
  • Kombucha Drink. Wash the teapot with boiling water. We need 3 TSP dried, Ivan-tea, and a Pint of boiling water. Brew our tea, but first, do not pour the whole volume of boiling water, only one-third. After 7 minutes add the remaining hot water, a little brew. This is a drink you can drink in large quantities, and the potency is restored. To taste honey, more or less, of boiling water to add, if you like strong or weak tea.
Tinctures for potency


Ginger is one of those ingredients that were commonly used in the traditional medicine of the East. This root is excellent in order to it every day and strengthen your potency. Here you will find all of the necessary vitamins and minerals for a good male.

In the following folk methods to improve the potency of men is:

  • Take a fresh ginger root and pickle. We need a kilogram of product. Cut it into thin slices, after the shell is cleaned. In advance Bank harvested with a capacity of 3 L, full Marinade. We need 1.5 Cup of rice vinegar, 3 tbsp. L. Sugar. Add the water, stir well. To sleep sliced ginger. After seven hours, you can eat;
  • In this national procedure can be used as a dried ingredient "ginger", and fresh roots. Take ginger and honey in the ratio 1:1, mixed. You put in a cool place for 15 days. Before you go to bed, eat a couple of spoons. You can Dessert as useful for the potency;
  • RUB fresh ginger rhizome on a grater, or better – not very fine. Pour the vodka. Ginger in the tincture of all the nutrients, which are not older than 12 days. Then filter the tincture through a sieve. To taste add the lemon juice, sugar and a little cinnamon. Before you go to bed, drink a teaspoon of the tincture with water.

For Women

Temperament and behavior during intercourse – in women, the question is more complex than in men. If the girl drove a low sex drive, not always succeed to improve and his folk medicine. Often this time is determined in women, psychological factors, the relationship with the Partner and the conditions in which it Sex.

But there are also Situation, where all in a couple of well, the woman is open to and loves her husband, but the Libido decreases. So, this happens in the menopause or the Menopause. Or if the woman have any problems with the production of estrogen. Here, you need natural substances, increase the level of female hormones. You may also need natural antioxidants to support the treatment of gynecological inflammatory processes of the institutions.


In women herbal teas have long been known as one of the best ways to increase the sexual activity:

  • Izmelchaem four tablespoons of Pasternak. Mix six teaspoon of sugar, add 300 ml of water. Bring to a boil, boil for about a quarter of an hour. Remove from the heat, remove the lid and keep for four hours. Three times a day, drink one tablespoon on an empty stomach;
  • 25 G of Dubrovnik we will need for the preparation of this folk medicine. Throw them in a pot, where 250 ml of water boils. Cooking, but not more than four minutes. You remove tiles, 90 minutes. Eat three times a day, a couple of large gulps, on an empty stomach;
  • If a woman wants to try this remedy, you need ten grams of wild Yam root. Only the rhizome of the plant, the need to grind to fit. Bring 300 ml of water to a boil, and put a weak fire. Our officinalis sleep ingredient, hold at this temperature for a quarter of an hour. Remove from the cooker, under the lid for about three hours. Use a 100 ml, four times a day.


Folk medicine of this type have been increasing in popularity among women as a good source of nutrients:

  • Take 6 teaspoons of horsetail-and 4 – hazel, Pint of boiling water. Fill in our ingredients, keep them under the lid for about 90 minutes, through a cheesecloth filter. Drink half a Cup twice a day;
  • Some of the leaves to pluck nettles, better a nettle. It is easier to digest and more nutrients. Brew tea, a tablespoon to a glass of boiling water. But to use a half-hour wait. Decoction to take on an empty stomach;
  • Prepare the dried rhizome. Throw them in boiling water, one tablespoon in a glass of water. After half an hour you can drink, but in small quantities — 1/5 of a Cup. Best to repeat this three times a day, before you sit at the table;
  • Take a few leaves of the passion flower. You brew for fifteen minutes and filter the tincture. Twice a day drink a tablespoon. The therapeutic course is one month;
  • Common wormwood is also useful in the normalization of the function of the female organism. We need a tablespoon of dried plants. Fill with boiling water, insist, until the water is cold again. Filter through cheesecloth or a sieve. We drink a drink three times a day;
  • You take St. John's wort two tablespoons, add a glass of boiling water. 60 minutes, there are filters. You drink three times a day, 1/5 of the Cup.