Increase the potency in men after 60


Sex – one of the most important life-needs of the men. And the representatives of the male sex experience, have sex life, the need in almost any age. But after a certain age, for which the threshold is not related begins is a great part of the serious problems with potency, although advanced age is always a crucial factor in this regard. But in any case, the sexual life of a man changed over time and the Central question of increase of potency in men after 60 years. If you do this and how, even in this age experience the joy of closeness?

What are you waiting for 60 and more years ago?

According to statistics potency in men at the age of 60 years, remains at the proper level only in 60% of cases. In the rest of the so-called male Menopause develops – drops doubled the production of the hormone testosterone, Libido to be representative'nicam of the other sex is not so obvious. Sometimes a man is run can fulfill your conjugal duty, but he simply had no desire and mood. But still a large part of the representatives of the stronger sex, it is concerned about the lack of, or low potency.

On the note! Just the presence of regular Sex is able to stimulate the production of testosterone. So that the sexual life is a kind of preventive measure to prevent loss of potency. The Sex is not to be neglected is worthwhile at any age – he must be on a regular basis.

What a man expect to be standing on the threshold of the age of 60 and more years ago? In any case, he highlighted what the Sex is restrained, not so passionate as it was before. Fatigue from the process will be faster. There are also other signs of age-related changes in the sex life.

1. To need cool, a lot of time – sometimes 2-3 times more, than once in of the youth. And also during foreplay erection is not so bright, as in his time.
2. The feeling when you orgasm are less pronounced.
3. The dimensions of the Penis is not far from those who were in the age range of 20-30 years, even at the maximum level of arousal.
4. Laxity and loss of erection after orgasm comes very quickly.
5. Eggs lose their elasticity, become smaller, the skin of the scrotum.

On the note! Fertility in some men over the age of 60 years or more is reduced, however, to be the of the fathers, you can also in these years.


Negative Factors Of Influence

On the potency, only the General wear and tear of the body and age does not affect. In fact, many factors can affect:

• Smoking and alcohol abuse;
• nervous disorders, Stress, psychological problems;
• Problems with the endocrine System;
• Diseases of the circulatory system;
• The inclusion of a number of different drugs;
• improper diet;
• the presence of diseases of the genitourinary system;
• Prostatitis;
• Fatigue;
• obesity and lack of physical activity;
• no regular Sex.

A particularly negative effect on the level of the potency of obesity. Almost all of them full of men early lose their ability to deliver and receive pleasure from Sex. The fact that body fat is a kind of "memory" for male hormones, and their concentration in the blood is greatly reduced. Sometimes, obesity is considered to be the most important factor influencing the potency. He also provoked and psychological problems – man includes in itself, is unattractive to women.

Attention! At the age of 60 years of Sex in a man's life should be regular. A break of several months can cause complete loss of sexual function.

I can be of restoring potency?

The appearance of the first signs of decrease in potency, it is worth considering the correction of the Situation. It is recommended that the information about it, as it is at the right level, and it is also important to visit a doctor with the goal of getting tips, recommendations, or treatments. In General, a return must resort to the use of medicines is not always to react is sometimes enough to monitor their health, in time, to negative changes in affect, degrade the effectiveness of other factors.

Important! Think about your men's health we advise not only on the threshold of old age, and in an earlier age.

How masculinity?

In order not to lose them again, and the more manhood, should pay the man the attention to, especially, your health and life style. It is important to follow certain rules.

1. The control of the disease of the genitourinary system and at the first sign of a doctor for help. Only a specialist can have a maximum of correct and effective treatment, to assign the help in the current Situation.
2. Treats all chronic diseases. Especially not unattended, problems with the endocrine System, heart, blood vessels.
3. Give up Smoking and alcohol, abuse of harmful food.
4. Sexually active.
5. Develop physically, do not forget about Sport. Special attention to the training of the muscles in the pelvic area. It is interesting to note that in the case of a hike in the toilet, men recommended delay urination for a few seconds – it is a good exercise for the right muscle building.

Men in the age of Yoga is recommended, and at a resolution of doctor – give the body and endurance training (Cycling, running, to download feet on the street, etc.). However, it is the Yoga is able, to a high degree, increased Libido and muscle tone. Recommended attitude for the development of the butterfly, and the Cobra.


About aerobic loads, before it is worthwhile to consult with your doctor and monitor during the class, your heart rate. Intensive Training is recommended or excluded with reference to the years because they require great physical cost.

On the note! The optimal time to exercise – 30 minutes per day. It is enough for the maintenance of muscle tension.

If a man has a low self-esteem, or a number of psychological problems, you should not be ashamed of – have to go to a psychotherapist. In some cases, the correct therapy is helps pretty quickly the potency of normal.

The diet as one of the factors, the improvement of men's health

For proper function of all body systems, only nutrients, but also various vitamins and minerals not required. So men, eat at any age, and especially – at the age of 60 years varied should be balanced, wholesome and Rational.

In the menu included foods that lower cholesterol, but improve blood circulation. Useful Fruit, Vegetables, Protein Foods. But to avoid fatty foods. Daily it is necessary, legumes, nuts, honey, herbs, berries, yogurt and milk drink. Useful, and oily fish, the meat is rich in Omega-3. Useful products that contain a lot of calories to have a positive impact on the state of the organism and direct the potency. Reduce salt intake is better to 5-6 G per day. The improvement of the potency. bananas, seafood, onions and garlic, pomegranates

Regarding drinks, coffee and tea, and soft drinks should be partially replace with water, herbal teas, natural freshly squeezed juices. Sometimes the drink can red wines in small quantities.

On the note! Diet must also be uniform. Should not be hungry or eating too much, there must be regular and in small portions, according to a certain scheme.

It is recommended to drink regularly and vitamin complexes, food on the recommendation of the physician, a dietary Supplement. About minerals that are important for men Magnesium, and potassium, contained in the grapes, kabachkah, potatoes.