The health of the men after 50 years: the efficacy and other properties

In spite of the fact that men prove traditionally considered to be the strong gender, some medical facts to the contrary. According to current data, the male gender is worse than the female and for the duration and quality of life. Men are significantly more likely to be pathology of the heart and blood vessels, as well as oncological diseases. Another relevant and exclusively male medical Problem is erectile dysfunction, which in many physiological and pathological reasons.

Potency after 50

Properties of the potency of men over 50 years

Every man, which is 45-50 years, must carefully take care of their reproductive health, because it affects the deterioration of not only the sexual life, but threatens the development of serious diseases.

The male reproductive system is a complex mechanism that are involved in the work of the organs of the small pelvis, nerve plexus, arterial and venous vessels, endocrine glands. Therefore, "failure" is at least one member leads to a dysfunction of the whole system.

With increasing age the vascular wall less active, slowing down the speed of nerve impulses from special fibers, to a certain extent, disrupted the work of glands of internal secretion, which also has an impact on the potency and erections in men. Moreover, in the literature, such a term, such as age androgenic deficiency (VAD), or "Andropause".

Testosterone as a sex hormone, determines the functional state of almost all organs and systems in male body. Its normal concentration protects the man from the development of the large number of age associated diseases. So, androgenic deficiency provokes the emergence of somatic pathology, including the reproductive system. Chronic diseases of the same worsen within the WAD, creating a vicious circle.

Property of chronic diseases, the improvement of erectile function

Aging, bad habits, poor nutrition, and of course the genetic predisposition – all of this with age triggers the development of chronic physical illness.

The most common diseases and conditions in men and a negative influence on potency:

  • essential hypertension;
  • peripheral atherosclerosis;
  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • chronic Stress;
  • Pathology of the prostate;
  • sexually transmitted diseases;
  • bad habits.

Hypertensive Heart Disease

Essential hypertension is one of the most common diseases among the male population, not only affects the quality of life, but not seldom the cause of mortality (hemorrhagic stroke, myocardial infarction). The pathogenesis of the disease is the persistent increase in systemic pressure is above the standardized norms, depending on the age and sex of the patient.

In the case of high blood pressure a great strain on the heart and blood vessels, which over time they lose their elasticity, become thinner, weaker areas of aneurysms and cholesterol Plaques are formed. As is known, the erection impulses due to the good filling of the blood in the corpora cavernosa of the Penis vessels under the influence of nerves. Therefore, vessels, elasticity of, deprived of, lose their ductility, and significantly worse fill with blood, leading to the development of erectile dysfunction.


High cholesterol in the peripheral blood to the INTIMA of the blood of injured vessels and leads to an imbalance between the lipoproteins low and high density. As a result, in the endothelium of the artery gradually cholesterol accumulates, Plaque-forming, connective tissue covered. Protrusion on the inside of the container is produced in a turbulent flow of blood which triggers the formation of thrombi and ulceration Blaschke, in the subsequent break and cause life-threatening complications.


The same changes occur with the arteries of the Penis, causing them to become coarse, concentrated, and with a small atherosclerotic Plaques. Accordingly, hyperemia, swelling body is significantly deteriorated, causing great difficulties with the erection.

Diabetes mellitus type 2

In most cases, a second type of Diabetes (non-Insulin-dependent) is a lot of older or overweight people. Why it is so common in men older than 50 years and the problems with obesity.

The high level of glucose in the peripheral blood inhibits the immune function, breaks the work of many organs, exacerbating a other background pathology, if at all, and also damages the inner wall of a vessel, by the processes of glycosylation of.

In the majority of cases, is Diabetes of the second type viewed in the context of metabolic syndrome, when there is an impaired glucose tolerance, arterial hypertension, increased cholesterol levels in peripheral blood and symptoms of obesity of the Central type. The totality of these symptoms strongly the male reproductive system affect by destruction of the blood vessels and disturbances of the neuroendocrine Regulation.

Chronic Stress

Psychological impotence is a fairly common cause of the insolvency of sexual life in men, the on the threshold of middle age. Frequent stressful situations in the family or emotional Stress at work, fear of the coming of retirement age — have a negative impact on the mental and somatic health of the people.

In addition to the lack of sexual drive on the psychological level, stressful situations, accompanied by a massive release of catecholamines in the blood (norepinephrine and epinephrine) which cause severe narrowing of the large and small vessels, including the male sexual organ.

The normalization of relations in the workplace and at home, looking for interesting Hobbies to improve the Psycho-emotional state of the man and his sex life.

Prostatitis and sexually transmitted diseases

The correct knowledge or simply lack of willingness of the conception of the lack of use of contraception, the leadership of the disorderly sex life rarely leads to the emergence of sexually transmitted diseases. To ignore a large part of the men, which appear at regular intervals, itching, vaginal discharge, problems with erection and is extremely rare in medical treatment. Meanwhile, progressive inflammation of the urinary affects paths and extends up to the prostate.

Healthy prostate – the pledge of long and good sex life. However, physiological changes in the body, as well as the inflammation, leading to dysfunction of the prostate and thus to disorders of erection.

Therefore, every man is important to use contraception, if necessary the help of a doctor, and after reaching 45 years of age – mandatory annual screening, the Palpation of the prostate and delivery of the blood test for prostate-specific levels of the hormone.

Bad Habits

Long and heavy Smoking, frequent alcohol consumption impairs the function of the nervous system, the heart, the liver, leads to a special risk of blood vessels and increases the risk of cancer (for men lung cancer, prostate and stomach).

Nicotine-resin and Ethanol – a kind of toxic time bomb for the human body, the irreversible processes. It is proven that smokers and drinkers men have problems not only with the cardiovascular System, but also with the potency.

Useful Tips

Prevention or timely treatment of the disease to a large extent the prognosis and development of complications improved minimized. So, men, the recommended for older than 50 years:

how do you deal with it
  • Give up Smoking and the frequent consumption of alcohol.
  • Change your life style, namely, the input of the daily routine in stress, normalize and diversification of the diet by a fat, sharp, smoked, and flour.
  • An interesting and exciting Hobby.
  • Regularly all the necessary precautionary analysis, and in the presence of a chronic pathology – take the assigned therapy.
  • After consultation with the doctor, and the prophylaxis of vascular pathology to begin. It is proved that the regular use of these drugs and dietary supplements, such as Omega-3-saturated fatty acids, Vitamin E, fish oil improves heart function and protects the blood vessels, strengthens their walls.