The potency in men in 40 years: what should be, and ways to improve

Every adult person knows about the difference between male and female sexuality — the man "always wants to, but not always, a woman can always, but not always". If this abstract Situation flesh out a little bit and add something like the age that is easy to guess, especially, as the representative of the stronger sex older, the harder it will be given him intimate with your Partner. In General, a kind of milestone in your life a man crosses forty years of age, when the hormonal balance begins to change. Lately there has been a growing number of those who do not is reduced to 45 only erectile function, but who ever afterwards age-related "Rubicon" remains sexy, are unable to work. In this article we will analyze what are the causes of impotence in men over the age of 40 years, and as possible, if not completely, then at least part of the Problem.

Potency after 40

We start with the concepts and find out what the male potency. Under your most of the ability of the men is aroused meant quickly begin sexual intercourse, continued for some time (from several minutes to unlimited) and the ends of ejaculation, i.e. semen Eruption. If, on the day, a healthy person can have Sex a couple of times, it can be concluded that with the potency of everything is in order. Also, you can leave the daily Sex, and unique.

Causes resulting disorders of the male reproductive system

As you know, "nothing lasts forever", and sooner or later, all of the sometime gradually in decline. And the reproductive system of the man — not the exception. But why is the potency in men starts after 40, "to act"? Because according to the statistics, every second representative of this age group "wants to but can't". It is a question of individual "failures" or are already regular customers, it doesn't matter.

Not knowing the subject of man to explain the problems with potency can the age, and, as a consequence, fatigue. But it is a superficial, no concrete explanation. In fact, the potency in 40 years is practically in direct connection with such chemical substances, such as testosterone, and everything depends on its level in the body. His lack of you can go, without an erection, not only in 45 or 40, but even in 30 years. Testosterone, the hormone responsible for the development of muscles and growth of hair, as well as what is interesting to us, determines the sexual function. As long as the man is not traded in the third dozen, in General, everything is good, the level of this hormone is to high and even increases. But then the Situation changes Vice versa.

With 40 years of weak potency may be due to the stagnation in the small pelvis. Poor circulation in this area is detrimental to the reproductive Organ, because the men have a good erection, his Penis is at least 70-100 ml of blood. Otherwise, the Penis quickly becomes flaccid and unable to sexual contact.

It is important to note that the decline in potency after 40 is just an age. Little of the right hormones in the blood of the men can be due to a variety of factors. The most common of them:

  • irregular sexual acts;
  • Medications, testosterone (for this reason, can stop the body to produce it itself);
  • the use often and in large amounts of alcohol, drugs, tobacco;
  • Inflammation of the urinary tract;
  • Obesity.

It is visible that all of these factors combined with a lifestyle, man. But his poor contribution to the development of impotence is a genetic predisposition.


Potency in men after 40 years — each one has its own. But the prefix "he" to the word, without any doubt, you can notice the add this man began to, in his life of the following symptoms:

  • weak or complete lack of erections;
  • Difficulties with the removal of the Penis;
  • Difficulties with the completion of the sexual intercourse;
  • frequent urination;
  • low Libido.

Methods for dealing with impotence

the reasons for the potency of

Indirectly, to the aggravation of the situation with the sexual possibilities and the potency of typically the psychological component. You should prevent that the "misfires" and not finish the sexual act, as it should be – the probability, that on this ground will develop complex, an order of magnitude increase. Each time, if a man does not avoid self-confident in their potency, fear of contact with the woman, him. Often fear of impotence symptoms is a barrier type, a barrier to satisfy before the next attempt and a woman. And the reluctance to look weak result of this, many that you can submit to your visit to the doctor, the man then or never solved him. According to the statistics, at the first signs of impotence immediately in a medical institution, only 5% of men. The Rest instead, rely on the help of the chemistry, starting medicines to improve potency. Not found out, why was it possible to achieve low potency after 40 years, and began doing self-medication, you risk nothing. Yes not harm and whether such additional measures — the big question. Magic pill, thanks to the Problem with potency in 40 years, it would be time. High, that medicine can, advertised man himself, there will be a short-term effect, conceal for some time the Problem. Therefore, it is recommended to put aside all the clichés and consult a specialist. The doctor checks the level of testosterone in the blood, examine the causes of weak potency, if necessary, prescribe one or the other type of therapy. Also, probably, is the prevention, which allow you to not worry about the potency of, and after the age of 45.

The most important measures, which can be "in Form" and not about their own potency, reduced to several points:

  • a healthy, active life style (do welcome any kind of Sport only);
  • Modal food (nutrition wise, honey, carrots, eggplant, parsley, Dill, spinach, goat's milk — they contain zinc, which is responsible for the production of germ cells);
  • regular Sex;
  • regular check-UPS at the doctors.

There are a lot of recommendations in the treatment of impotence. In contrast to drugs, the technique without a prescription undesirable, natural remedies, at least the man no harm. As many of you start taking honey to offer balm. To prepare it, you need, in addition to the honey, Aloe, St. John's wort, and water. The resulting to do by mixing these ingredients a lot, put in the fridge for a few days. After this balm can be used, on average, one teaspoon, 3 times a day. Another popular option is to to the male potency after 40-45 years — tincture from the mummy. 2 grams of this plant is enough to dilute it in 200 ml of water. The Tool can also take 3-4 times a day, but for a tablespoon. On the third place in popularity — a decoction of oak bark. The recipe is simple: 20 grams of the bark, pour one Liter of water., the resulting solution was cook 40 minutes, then strain through the network. Take 1-2 Teaspoons. Thanks to these methods, dozens of men, a stable, high potency.

There is also a sufficiently simple preventative method that does not require taking neither the medical, nor the drugs. This is a temporary abstinence. If 2-3 days of Sex, when the next act of the orgasm is intense be accompanied, as usually, the release of the sperm, what is good affects the supply of the Penis with blood in General.


Treatment of potency

In today's world with its rapid pace of life, there are a lot of factors, the life of the people Stress and, as a result of this, problems in sexual life, expressed in a weak potency or complete impotence. In turn, in parallel with the technology, the medicine has developed. Therefore, at the first signs of erectile dysfunction man, just need to grab their opportunities. In her Arsenal there are a number of methods for the treatment of the beginning of the disease, of drugs to operations. The main thing — not to hide the Problem and try to solve under the guidance of an experienced physician. Only in this case, the potency in men at the age of 45 years can be restored. And then the man can say that he "wants and can".