Factors that influence the potency of

A good potency to old age is quite difficult, since on the body of the man's influence:

  • Stress at work,
  • Lack of exercise,
  • Errors in diet,
  • obesity,
  • chronic diseases of internal organs
  • and much, much more.
Influence on potency in men

You can avoid these effects impossible, but you can know the prevention of diseases of the male sexual function, the mechanisms of their development.

What affects the potency: the most important factors


The main enemy of erectile function is the age of the man.

After 35-40 years, the synthesis of testosterone in the testes is reduced to 1-2% per year.

The man gradually into the "andropause", which is characterized by partial androgen insufficiency. In this phase of life, there are certain changes in the body of the man, including erectile dysfunction.

Closer to the 70-80 years in the men's blood, only 40 % of the circulating levels of testosterone, the in 20 years.

However, there are cases when a man at an advanced age are no problems with the potency. The explanation is that the influence of concomitant diseases, sports, Lifestyle, presence of harmful habits, genetic predisposition.

Also important is the fact that with age, a lot of unnecessary body weight, which is a site of aromatization of androgens into estrogens.

Simply put, the ratio of estrogens/androgens leans in the direction of the female hormones. Female hormones through the mechanism of feedback to inhibit the synthesis of the gonadotropic hormones in the pituitary gland, and this also reduces the production of testosterone in the testes.

In addition, the spermatogenesis, the level of motile sperm, as well as the amount of ejaculate decreases with age. All of this of sexual function dies.

With increasing age, the risk of impairments increases because of chronic diseases of the heart and blood vessels, which can also negative impact on the potency. Atherosclerosis of the vessels of the small pelvis – the main cause of erectile dysfunction.

Arterial hypertension, Diabetes mellitus, status post myocardial infarction and cerebral stroke – a disease that occurs in advanced age and in every second man.

Sexual Activity

There is a legend, supposedly to meet the man, the power given to 15 women. Maybe most of the men, exhausted to the Limit in the youth or, on the contrary neglected this possibility, but in 40-50 years more than 50% of the representatives of the stronger sex problems with potency.

Scientific studies on the impact of the activities of the sexual life on the the state of erection. It turned out: the long abstinence reduces the potential of men and an active sex life, on the contrary, the potency increases.

A regular sexual life normalized indicators of the seed, makes an erection longer, bright orgasm.

All this thanks to the fact that the intercourse stimulates the production of testosterone.

Regular production of sperm cells and the synthesis of the male hormone is tissues replaced testicular connective tissue. The periodical hyperemia of the Penis inhibits the development of the sclerosis in the cavernous Sinus.

But everything is good in moderation. Diseases, sexually transmitted infections, contribute to the significant reduction in potency. Syphilis, gonorrhea (gonorrhea), chlamydia, the reasons for the infertility in men and women, the development of adhesions, tubal patency, and processes of sclerotic substances in the organs of the small pelvis, often grow in the chronic Form. So that the active sex life is recommended, with a proven Partner.

Influence on potency in men tablets

The physical Form

The physical Form has a direct impact on the potency.

A special hazard for the male force is overweight. People with obesity suffer from syndrome of sleep disorders, sleep apnea, pain in muscles and joints, increasing the pressure, glucosum resistentia, to sugar disease.

Impotence may appear to be the result of harmless, threatens the man with obesity. Erectile dysfunction developed abdominal obesity – waist circumference of more than 94 cm

If a man is abused, addictions and over the age of 45 years, the very large risk for heart attack and stroke.

So, for the normalization of the health of the whole body, including the improvement of the potency to normalize enough weight.

In the blood again disturbed the equilibrium of the male and female sex hormones. Fat tissue has the property to aromatize male hormones – androgens to estrogens – female hormones.

In the case of the absolute hyperestrogenemia in men, the Libido, erectile dysfunction drops occur, can be formed, gynecomastia – enlargement of the mammary gland, in spermogramme mobile forms is a lack of sperm cells.

Changes in the Psyche of the man under the influence of estrogen, the wine is unstable, even fall into Depression.

All of these problems can be avoided, only dropping the pounds. Men can help:

  • A well-balanced diet;
  • Sports;
  • Restriction of the use of beer.

In the case of the regular sports in the blood increases testosterone levels and improves the potency.

"The most useful men's sports – swimming, Yoga, Jogging, moderate Fitness Studio." — advise the members of the National Association of urologists.

Disease and dependence

Various diseases, sometimes, that is the reason, the affects the potency of the man.

In the foreground are three large groups of diseases, the effects on potency:

  1. Pathology of the genitourinary system
  2. Diseases of the circulatory System
  3. Neuro-psychiatric diseases and disorders, including all types of dependencies from the bad habits

The urine will see the System is closely related to the sexual.

Prostatitis, hyperplasia of prostate can cause fluid retention, chronic urinary retention, the development of cystitis (bladder inflammation), Pyelonephritis (inflammation of the renal pelvis), Urolithiasis.

Urethritis (inflammation of the urethra) cause the development of Prostatitis. Different Flora, cause inflammation.

Specific pathogens: gonococcus, Trichomonas, chlamydia, Ureaplasma can have serious consequences for the health of the man.

Chlamydia may spread along the rising type with the urethra in the prostate, the epididymis. The completion of the disease are infertility and disorders of potency.

Diseases of the circulatory System occupy the first place in the morbidity in the world.

Arterial hypertension in the terminal stage leads to irreversible changes in the large vessels and the capillaries. Vascular network in the Penis is suffering so.

In the early stages of pressure narrowing of the increase in the vessels of the microcirculatory bed, which slows down the blood circulation in the genitals.

When a man receives appropriate treatment, the pressure in the normal range – not more than 139/89 mmHg, is made the blood flow again.

Diseases of the nervous system and mental disorders lead to psychogenic impotence. In men, the sexual attraction disappears, not in the mood to have intercourse. Treatment with antidepressants has side effects – low potency.

Alcohol and drug dependency in 100% of cases leads to any problems with the potency. On the basis of the reduction of Libido, lack of erection.

Tablets, the influence on the potency

There are a number of medicines that a stimulant or depressant effect on the potency. "Harmful" for the health of the man drugs:

  1. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
  2. Sedatives, and tricyclic antidepressants are used for depression and Stress.
  3. The preparations of female sex hormones.
  4. Medications against high-pressure group, b-blockers and calcium antagonists.
  5. Diuretic Medicines.
  6. Anti-Allergic Drugs.
  7. Drugs for prostate cancer inhibit the action of testosterone, thus reducing the potency inhibits.

Medicines, the potency:

PDE-5 inhibitors.The drug increases the concentration of nitric oxide in the genital area. Nitric oxide expands the blood vessels, restoring blood flow to the Penis, creating an erection.

Influence on men's potency drugs

Products, a positive effect on the potency

For men, there is a large selection of products, the impact on the potency. Here is a rough list is:

  1. Seafood – oysters, mussels, plaice, mackerel.
  2. Nuts – Pine Nuts, Walnuts, Almonds, Hazelnuts.
  3. Vegetables – Celery, Radish, Cauliflower, Broccoli.
  4. Fruit – Bananas, Strawberries, Citrus Fruits.
  5. Lean Meat – Veal, Rabbit, Chicken.
  6. Spices – Ginger Root, Ginseng Root, Cloves, Cinnamon.

The beverages preferably green tea, natural coffee.

In the case of the use of grated radish and grated beet, the body begins to be synthesized and amplified testosterone diet of the Japanese Samurai.In the diet is important to the nettle, nutmeg, honey, pepper and the testicle of the rooster.

Seems to normalize health only at first glance it's hard. But if the input is in the habit of simple rules, on the disorders of the sexual function can be forgotten.