Increase the potency in men after 60

The increase in the potency in men after 60 years, associated with the solution of the three tasks:

  • Compensation of the reduction in the natural levels of testosterone,
  • Correction of the consequences of diseases of a systemic nature, the more in this age, and manifest themselves particularly clearly,
  • the creation of a comfortable paradigm for the active and active life style in all areas, including sexual.
Potency after 60

All of the methods of improvement of potency and in General, the sexual function of men in this age are structured around the General principles for the preservation and strengthening of "men's health", on the one hand, with the introduction of specific supplements, the to a greater extent with regard to the men, the "more than" about sixty, on the other side. As for the improvement of potency in 60 years, taking into account the specific problems and how you can improve your sexual life in this age, we will describe in the article.

General problems with health as a factor in updated constantly

In every age from the condition of the cardiovascular, nervous and endocrine system depends on the blood supply to the sexual organs, their sensitivity, and the reaction on biochemical properties of the organism. However, the potency in men in 60 years, is particularly sensitive in the case of diseases of this type, and organic factors influence the potency in this age, on the first place in terms of the psychological.

This is mainly due to the accumulation of functional disorders of various kinds, and all the still hidden Problem is the "last straw" against the operation of the entire system. In addition, in this age, the development of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and heavier consequences that you would appear erection problems to be insignificant. According to the statistics, cvds annually, 17 million people die around the world, in Russia, of which 1.3 million in Addition to the 60-year-olds 60% of men diagnosed with benign prostate enlargement (bph).

The complexity of the Situation is that launched health in 60 years (if it is in connection with the influence of uncontrollable external factors or genetic diseases) is a consequence of the decades of cherished habits, and the forming of life and diet. If a man is accustomed to, in the course of life there are fried fatty foods, completion of lunch, tea and cake or sweets, it is unlikely that it could be easy to reject these after the age of 60. The farther, the more difficult the part is to the habits. Men often believe a similar favorite and delicious meal well-earned reward for decades of work on the family. The fact that the food is not going to stop slowly, kill.

The Situation does not deteriorate, if a retired man is limited to the need for sober life style begins to drink, and the TV all day. In this case, only a radical change of lifestyle and diet, trip to the doctor, a complete examination and identification of the most significant vulnerabilities of the organism is the only way that may be opportunities on restoration of potency.


Natural age-related changes in the physiological character

Growth-related characteristics due to, mainly, the confrontation of two factors: physiological inability to lead the life of a quite active sex and the compulsory necessity of the activity in this area.

In 50-55 years men a break, or male menopause, is bound with the biological process of reduction of the ability to work gonads and a decrease of the produced testosterone as a result of their work. experience With hormonal Balance the power of sexual desire and connected as a result, erectile function. In four out of five cases of Andropause in men is a easy course of and so about the male menopause has been known, in the people very much less than on women. But a fifth of men experience this transition time with bright symptoms:

  • rapid changes in pressure,
  • bad breath,
  • Headache,
  • Irritability, feeling of fear and apathy,
  • increased sweating,
  • a significant decrease in the number of sperm,
  • Difficulties with the onset of orgasm,
  • the disappearance of sexual fantasies,
  • bad functions, fertilization, etc.

Regardless of the severity of the symptoms, the way of the correction deficiency of testosterone production a: replaceable age class a special therapy, which has long been regarded in the West as a treatment and as prevention. To make it more convenient to restore hormonal balance, different therapeutic formats:

  • the pills long-acting,
  • Injection,
  • Patch with testosterone, and others.

Transition time – Andropause – take about 5 years, and 60 years of age, in General, hormones are already leveled. However, in the Phase of late development of Andropause can begin with 60 years of that, apart from the physiological problems, a serious psychological burden. It is believed that, in spite of the physiological "ease" that men in General experience more painful, decreased Libido, and just the General Situation is getting worse with the potency.

If an older age (through lifestyle and medication, which remains to increase the production of the body's own testosterone, or replace the missing testosterone) in the male, relatively good functionality, appear to be statistically verified opportunities the ability to function of the reproductive organs, and more – up to 70 to 80 and more years of support. One of the methods of the extension of sexual life and ways to improve the potency after 60 is to store the sexual activity.

High activity – the Basis of the potency of the man-60 years

proper nutrition

The Soviet sexologists in the middle of the 20th century. Century confirmed the need of the age-related men, an active sex life. In particular, I. M. Porudominski in the work of 1960 pointed out that the older man, for various reasons, the active sexual relationship to stop, leading to a deterioration of the function of the reproductive glands and worsen the condition of the erectile function. The practical conclusion followed clearly: the recovery of potency after 60 years, depends on how long the man will continue to be sexually active.

The need for sexual activity, researchers pointed, and in the cases where the age of the patients already observed disturbances of potency and erectile dysfunction of different degrees. That is, sexual contact, even for men after 60 forms a kind of cure for impotence, or of any of its appearance. If the transmission depending on the functional ability of permanent employment in the social sphere, then there is a clear analogy: the one of the active working life before retirement, quickly "give up", if not the application of alternative energy outside of work.

With the retirement also of a psychological stress factor, which also has a direct impact on the potency in men 60 years and increase of attenuation. In the redistribution of the usual social roles of man begins with the search of his place in the new as a pensioner. In principle, gives him more freedom and opportunities for self-dealing, relationships with other people, including the diversity, quality and quantity of interaction with the sexual partner (partners). Indirectly, such sexual activity is improved, and organic factors for maintaining this life style man have to be interviewed, to monitor their health, at the doctors, quit bad habits (Smoking, more walking, rather than behind a Desk.

On the other hand, the danger is not to be found in the new role of the pensioner and, because of the reduction of the usual social significance of falling out of the normal rhythm of life. Similar slows down and the transition into the Phase of life can lead to a reduction in physical activity, which in itself is harmful to health, but also mentally "switching" of the man, and a failure of all systems of the body, including the potency after 60 years.

In other words, the ends not realizing that life in retirement, but continues in the full spectrum of manifestations, including sexual life, expressed in terms of the potency helps, and in old age.

Similar claims for a man who wants to restore potency, arisen not yesterday and not today. Your best way to the maintenance of male power in the ancient world, the world of Taoists, which is not taken out, in principle, as the intractable problems with erection, but the equivalents of the term "impotence" aware of outside of the viewing discovered. Their methods, the men, the possibility, based on a thorough study of one's own nature, the knowledge of the needs of the Partner and the cooperation with you and the environment. According to one of the variants of the teaching with tried-and-tested breathing exercises and delay the ejaculation (which does not take vitality, if you focused on the continuation of the species), it can extend the man your sex life into old age.