How quickly the power increase before the fact?

In modern medicine, the term potency means the desire and the ability to make a full sexual intercourse. This male phenomenon characterised by a certain sense of excitement, tension of the Penis, the speed of occurrence of the erection, and the duration of the contact. Under the influence of certain factors of potency, the property has to wane, which is not really nice for any modern man. The urgency of the problem, how to quickly increase the potency, especially if you wait for the partner to roll over.But there are a lot of solutions.It is a special approach to respect some rules and conditions for restores.

Timely and qualitative treatment of nervous, hormonal, and vascular malformations, it is guaranteed the possibility of the man you feel in any Situation sublime. If there is a significant weakening of erection is the effect of the excitement, the little experience, but also fatigue, can you the Council, are shown below.

Light exercise

Very often, the cause of the deterioration of the reproductive organs, but also the weakening of the potency of congestion in the pelvis. To resolve this Situation, you need the massage to happen, and in the days of the expiry of at least a small number of physical exercises. This is necessary in order to distribute quickly to the blood and to the functioning of the reproductive system in full force.

Not to buy necessarily an expensive machine in a gym membership, just for every day exercises, which will help to quickly increase potency. There is a way to do this before the fact a different question. Drove:

  1. Arch. In the supine position, pelvis increases, but the shoulders away from the floor
  2. Rotation. The feet are apart about shoulder width. Pool committed in a circular motion to the maximum Amplitude
  3. Squats. The feet are apart about shoulder width. The squat operate on the exhalation, and the return to the starting position of inspiration

After these exercises, significantly the blood circulation in the pelvic improved, what is the function of the sexual organs is improved. The use of exercise, the ability to not only improve blood circulation but also improve mood, reduce Stress, a slight feeling of sickness and dizziness. This is important, because errors in the potency often appears during Stress or mental overload.

Swimming, Jogging, Volleyball and Tennis - all of these occupations are able to recover the body after Stress and potency quickly.

immediate increase in potency

Proper nutrition

Intake of food significantly improved potency and effectively the reproductive system of the man's heals. There are some products that can be used immediately before sexual intercourse and prevent the blood flow to the genitals. These products with plenty of protein of vegetable and animal origin. Present In your diet such food must be such as legumes, soy, lean meat or fish. To eat very useful seafood, saturate the organism with useful microorganisms. Products such as nuts and honey is an undeniable amplifier of potency.

There are products that have a useful effect on the body, but there are also those which have a directly opposite effect. In sexual intercourse with certain problems to be faced, should the consumption of such products as:

  • Mayonnaise and Ketchup
  • Smoking and salting
  • Sausages and sausage
  • Ready meals and fast food different
  • Carbonated and alcoholic beverages in large quantities

If the rules of nutrition do not hold to consume are harmful to health products and a healthy diet, you can prevent not only quickly restore the potency, but also that problems in the sexual area.

Healthy Cocktails and drinks for the potency

Talking about the correct and sensible diet, is to point out some useful Cocktails, after the cooking and the eating of which you can feel the quick increase in potency. These drinks consist of such components, focusing on increasing the amount of produced testosterone in the blood. Drunk Cocktail offers a certain amount of jerk for the male body, and on the entire sexual System as a whole. Here are some drinks that may play a role in the er for men in the night before the love:

  1. A glass of tomato juice, three quail eggs, and a little salt and pepper
  2. Lemon, 100 grams of honey and 5-6 things walnuts
  3. Sour cream, beer 500 ml and 100 grams of sour cream
  4. 50 ml of Cognac, 200 ml of Cola, and a tablespoon of lemon

If you take such drinks with a light dinner with no fatty foods, you can get a quick supply of blood to the genitals and for the automatic improvement of the potency Optimal light salads, herbs and vegetables are suitable, various spices, a small amount of cheese to add. Useful Cocktails can be enjoyed as a Dessert with a small amount of alcohol.

Light exercise

The people's recipes

In order to increase quickly and effectively potency and sex drive stimulate, not necessarily go to the pharmacy and buy medicines. You can use traditional methods of restoration. Besides low cost, can not notice any side effects, which bring the recipes of folk medicine. Prepare similar home remedies in many ways, but there is one important rule - for the preparation of the stock is required, use only glass or enameled ware.

Especially popular with men, the problems with potency, a special citrus-ginger tincture. To cook, you must perform the following actions:

  1. Ground 100 Grams Of Ginger
  2. The product is mixed with the zest of three grapefruit
  3. The mixture is poured 500 ml of vodka
  4. All thoroughly mixed
  5. Funds left in a dark place for a week

After 7 days, the funds received need to take 2 tablespoons about an hour after taking food.

Another unique Instrument for the increase of the potency of vodka tincture on cedar nuts. This medicine is quite simple. Clean 5 tablespoons of a nut, mix it in a darkened container with three tablespoons of honey is very liquid consistency. All filled with vodka in a quantity of 500 ml, and about a month left in a dark place. After the fact, the funds need to take 2 tablespoons three times a day. Before use, the Infusion is to shake preferably.

Resources to prepare for a long time, but a positive effect directly after application. If at least once a Problem with potency, you can pharmacies-tool to buy and use it until the drug is infused. In any case, should be to delay treatment, because the sooner the Problem is, the higher positive result can be achieved is detected.

Healthy Cocktails and drinks for the potency

The advantages of fast recovery

To ensure that the forthcoming night of love brought only positive emotions, it is worth a opportunity, not only to certain drugs and agents, but also carve out some time on a short vacation. As shown, for the full restoration and a certain "reboot" it is enough, on the day of about 10-15 minutes of sleep. This is an ideal opportunity to support a high level of efficiency and the physical activity of the men.

Here you have to make sure that the time of the NAP no longer than 20 minutes, you can achieve the opposite. To prevent this, you need to set the Alarm.

The correct NAP comparable with the Meditation and relaxation, he is able to, an immediate increase of the potency . For the reason that the time for a little NAP is paid a little, you should have a few rules to quickly fall asleep. You close your eyes with a towel or a special mask, the breathing, and relax the whole body step by step. At the beginning it will be difficult to sleep and even more sleep for 20 minutes, but then this technique of relaxation a habit.

The right short-term sleep is a mental break, you move out the way quickly all of the emotional rigor and terminals. The resulting forces are directed not only on improvement of work ability, but also on improving the General reproductive options. Accordingly, you can decide how fast the improvement of the potency.

Before important appointments, only two hours and it would be good to know how fast the potency increase? The Video is about easy and effective methods to improve erectile function.

The people's recipes


The question about the weakening of potency, interested a large number of men of different age groups. If there are certain problems that the modern man begins with the question of how quickly the power increase. The despair is not necessary here, since there is a large enough selection of medicines and of traditional medicine.

Do not forget that Problem to treat frustrating and time-consuming, and according to the means, because particular attention should be certain preventive measures. It must be remembered that the sexual System can work with full force only in a completely healthy organism. It is important to of various harmful habits and behavior, to a Maximum of healthy, active and relaxed lifestyle.