How to repair potency after 60 years

With age there is a natural decrease in the Libido in men. Not all of them are willing to put up with the inevitability, since there are examples of active sexual life at a very advanced age. His father was physiologically possible up to a high age record holder in 96 years, was a resident of India. One of the factors of "sexual" longevity is a life style, that is to say, a lot depends on the Person. This explains the popularity of the query "potency in men at 60 years, and the increase in folk medicine". Venerable men in search of information on the methods of the extension of the sexual activity, to apply knowledge in practice.

Potency in men in 60

For persons of the male sex is atypical (in contrast to women), the abrupt end of reproductive ability. But to decline after 30-40 years of production in the body sex hormones, especially testosterone is about 1-2% per year. In most men older than 80 years, content of a sexual hormone in the blood is not more than 40% of his salary for a young man at the age of 25 years.

This reduces the mobility of the sperm decreases the likelihood of fertilization and the potency, Libido becomes less pronounced. But the process of waning sexual activity will take place in the case of each man individually and depends on the way of life and of biological age.

Weakening of potency contributing factors:

  • improper diet and nutrition;
  • Lack of exercise, lack of physical activity;
  • overweight (obesity), excessive fatigue;
  • mental and physical overload, frequent stressful situations (in particular, in the case of States of weakness, and insomnia);
  • emotional difficulties, depressive States;
  • Alcohol Abuse, Smoking, Drug Addiction;
  • some neurological diseases (e.g., heart failure, stroke, brain tumors, Parkinson's disease, and others);
  • Diseases of the genitourinary system (e.g. inflammation of the prostate gland, the urethra, the testicles, and the pathology of the kidney);
  • Liver failure;
  • many endocrine diseases (e.g., Diabetes, prolactinoma);
  • Staphylococci, fungi, intestinal infection (and some other infectious diseases);
  • some of the pathology of the heart and blood vessels (e.g. arteriosclerosis, hypertension);
  • Injuries or diseases of the spinal cord and the brain, as well as of the sexual organs;
  • Taking certain medications (e.g., neuroleptics, sedatives, agents for hypertension).

The Commission of sexual intercourse for men suffering from alcohol dependence, problematic already 35-40 years old.

Erectile dysfunction perhaps even during prolonged abstinence and the absence of Sex, not respecting the culture of the natural sexual relations.

In young men sexual dysfunction, often due to psychological causes, on average, or advanced age, the weakening of potency in General, the organic nature contributes and relates to age-related changes in the organism is triggered and the associated diseases.

Restore potency is not possible, if you don't know the individual cause of the problem. Here, the diagnosis and expert advice to help. According to the statistics, medical help men with the weakening of potency apply rarely (only in 10% of cases). The recovery of potency, perhaps in nine cases out of ten.

Such as impotence reveal?

Potency in men in 60 causes

About the weakening of potency any of the following symptoms show:

  • the slow transition of the Penis in an excited state, which requires more time than previously;
  • Penis in the excited state do not have the sufficient strength and smaller size than before – which can lead to the inability of a intercourse;
  • requires considerable effort to achieve sexual arousal;
  • a little feeling of orgasm or its absence;
  • rapid loss of arousal after ejaculation;
  • after intercourse, a very large amount of time to the restoration of the ability to its completion;
  • the testes are small, loses its elasticity;
  • the skin of the scrotum;
  • mental disorder, depressive state.

The diagnosis of erectile dysfunction (ED) can be used only when the failure ends in success more than a quarter of the attempts to commit sexual intercourse.

A single error may situationally occur in a healthy person.

Often one of the first symptoms of ED, premature ejaculation uncontrolled eruption of sperm in the early copulation (sexual intercourse) or in front of him. The presence of this Symptom is a Testament to the organic nature of the disease, often associated with vascular pathologies.

Psychogenic Form of such a Manifestation in rare cases.

The first Manifestation of the problems with potency, it is often so, that does not occur by spontaneous erections in the morning or at night (also the lack of wet dreams). When the Penis goes spontaneously in the excited state, then the impotence is associated with psychological causes (if it is impossible to commit sexual intercourse). If spontaneous occurs an erect state, then the weakness of the potency of the organic nature.

Methods of treatment the potency after 60

the potency in men in the treatment 60

Some men believe that the potency of you can only improve with the use of drugs. The ability to commit a sexual act is largely dependent on the General condition of the body and the existing diseases.

Engage remedies in old age is dangerous, in addition, they usually give only temporary results. Natural and long-lasting improvements in the potency, the General improvement of an organism by means of adjustments in life-style. To do this, you have a number of simple recommendations.


  • eat properly, a special diet and nutrition, to normalize, to get rid of obesity;
  • supports the motor skills, useful for walks in the fresh air, morning exercises, doable lessons in some sports, not swimming, they require large loads (e.g., Cycling);
  • to stabilize sexual relations;
  • monitors the state of health (e.g., not under refrigeration, it is necessary to avoid colds, treat existing chronic pathology);
  • to avoid stressful situations, provide a favorable emotional background;
  • exclude physical and Psycho-emotional overload, Smoking, and excessive alcohol consumption;
  • To establish the normalization of work and rest, healthy sleep and relaxing.

Not all people can easily have the implementation of these recommendations, but to stimulate the possibility of the liberation of unpleasant diseases in the situation in the way that many on the strengthening of the health, the change of the usual life.

The greatest effect brings a holistic approach lies in the combination of therapy, a healthy lifestyle and the simultaneous use of natural remedies.

Self-medication leads to binding only rarely the desired result, consultation of the doctor in the process of combating ED.

You follow the diet, what is possible and necessary

One of the most important adjustments that you make in the lifestyle for the successful fight against a weakening of potency, is the adherence to a special diet and nutrition. Many diseases of the elderly are due to poor diet. Useful products that contain proteins, zinc, selenium, potassium, Magnesium, vitamins and a number of other substances.

In the menu, you can enable:

  • Fish (Herring, Mackerel, Cod), Seafood (Oysters, Shrimp);
  • Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, beans and peas, mushrooms;
  • a young beef, chicken and Turkey, cottage cheese;
  • Celery, Spinach, Dill, Parsley, Leeks, Garlic, Parsnips, Asparagus;
  • Honey, Pistachios, Walnuts;
  • Peppers and tomatoes, varieties of cabbage, Kiwi, citrus fruits, Avocado;
  • Vegetable oils (olive oil, soybean oil, linseed) – for salads;
  • Berries (black currant, sea-buckthorn, viburnum) berries;
  • Cheese and dairy products;
  • Oats and buckwheat groats.
In the menu of unwanted products, the large quantities of animal fats and carbohydrates. Limit the consumption of overheated fat in the body to the formation of "bad" cholesterol, promotes the atherosclerotic changes of the vessels and hampers blood circulation.

Undesirable and harmful food additives in food: ready meals, industrially produced sausage and sausage Food, Energy, fast Drinks, sodas.

It is not necessary to fat meat, eggs, and cream, lots of potatoes, pasta, rice. Benefit refined varieties of white bread. Limit intake of salt (no more than 5-6 grams per day), and harmful excessive consumption of coffee, to replace the best green tea.

Treatment of tablets, such as the improvement of the potency, if 60

Be cured of ED only the normalization of the lifestyle is not always possible. Movement training, special food, usually used to the effect of pharmaceutical agents. Developed various Tools for dealing with ED (including, drops, ointments, gels, solutions for injection), the determination is carried out by one skilled in the art, taking into account the results of the individual diagnostics.

Tablets (or capsules), the means for potentiality increase, the permissible use of age, divided into the following groups:

  1. Hormonal agents, it is the content in the blood level of the male hormone, testosterone , necessary, long-term courses.
  2. The effect of inhibitors of Phosphodiesterase-5 is based on the enlargement of the blood vessels by the intake of nitric oxide to the cavernous body, which causes the blood circulation and the transition of the Penis in an excited state. To take funds in a short period of time (30-60 minutes) before the planned sexual intercourse, the effect on adjustment of the stroke limiter bracket 5-38 for hours. The funds will help only if the Libido in natural sexual arousal.
  3. The Alternative is the use of herbal and homeopathic remedies from ED. This means that has little side effects, can blood vessels in diseases of the heart and blood. In kursovom use it, the Libido and the testosterone level increases, the periodic revenue (before sexual intimacy) increases the potency.
Potency in men in 60 results

Hormonal agents and Phosphodiesterase inhibitors have a number of important contraindications. For example, the inhibitors may in certain cardiovascular diseases (for example, if a myocardial infarction in the anamnesis). With caution apply at low or high blood pressure.

Before the use of medications, should consult a doctor, but also carefully read the instructions. Means of the first and second group, you can buy in the pharmacy if a doctor.

To learn on the Internet (for example, on a specialized Forum or Information site), you can find reviews from patients and doctors about the means of struggle with ED, photos of the brands packaging, read the instructions, offers.

The recipes of folk medicine, to tips from experts

As for the improvement of potency to home after 60 years? There are many folk remedies that allow you to normalize weakened potency. Such drugs (teas, tinctures) leads to a well-pronounced and long-lasting results in the initial phase, ED.

Some examples of natural remedies:

  1. Ginseng – aphrodisiac, strengthening the Libido or sexual activity. Is cooked or recutita alkoxide. To prepare it is necessary, pour diluted the crushed dry root (20 G) alcohol (30 ml, 70%). Funds infused for 21 days, then filtered. You need to take 20 to 25 drops three times a day before meals. The tincture is not necessary, before going to bed 4 hours – because of the tonic effect on the body.
  2. For the preparation of the broth you have to carrot and grind it on a grater carrot is not big. Pour 3 tablespoons of carrots of hot milk (200 ml). Cook on low heat and use a tablespoon 3-4 times a day before meals.
  3. There are fresh onions, but also a tincture can be prepared. They should be crushed 2-3 medium-sized onions, pour the pieces of onion water (volume 0.4 L), leave for 30 minutes. Use Infusion in smaller amounts 3 times a day. A process for the preparation of compositions on the Basis of onion with honey or egg. Useful consumption of onions in the salads and fresh chives.
  4. Useful the walnuts, 200 ml per day for 2-3 hours. You can take a mixture of honey and walnuts (a tablespoon twice a day).

There are also sowing a home remedy on the Basis of thyme, nettle, celery, hops, and garlic, pumpkin seeds and hemp, Pollen, plant – bee.

Means on a natural Basis, as few restrictions and accompanying undesirable manifestations.

The selection of the optimal agent is determined by the stage of the disease and its causes, as well as the individual characteristics of the people. So you need a professional who is recommended on the basis of the diagnosis is the best means in each case.

The Infusion of Ginseng helps when the cause of the problems with the potency of a physical or emotional exhaustion, and hormonal fluctuations. Onion normalizes the metabolism and the circulation of the blood and provides the blood flow to the Penis, stimulates the Libido, increases the production of testosterone. The carrot is a nutrient storehouse of vitamins (including for the potency of Vitamin A – Beta-carotene), and others, normalizes the blood circulation, regulates blood sugar, improves the quality of sperm.

The walnuts with the honey contribute to the effectiveness due to the improvement of blood circulation, has a General positive effect on the body, increase the amount and quality of sperm. In the case of psychogenic Form of the disease agent from Ginseng, St. John's wort, wormwood, parsnip, mugwort, ginger can help.