Potency in men at 60 years and whose rise in

How to improve potency in men at home. Potency in men 60 years and performance skills. How to improve the potency in men in the domestic conditions of the people's resources.

The decrease in potency after 60 years — a natural thing. But the feeling of aging as a loss of male forces don't like someone, why do men often fall for this reason, in a Depression, although special occasions and usually not — you just need some efforts and thoughts about aging, and body, and in 60 years will be the same as in the 40.

The prevention of the deterioration of the potency

Potency in men 60 years

If you are not touched by such a Problem yet, and I don't want to ensure that you are covered, and in the future, or the first signs, you need to very simple methods of prevention of a deterioration of the potency. This is the best way, how to improve potency in men at home. Here are the simple rules and recommendations are:

  • Exchange and frequent change of partners, avoidance of frequent changes of partners;
  • Listen to your body, avoid fatigue, move more. If you went to the Shop where you buy bread, only a few kilometers, it may be worthwhile to walk instead of taking the car? Or specifically in the store go away, rather than in what is in the house next door? Walks increase a lot the Tonus of the organism;
  • We are not random, the example with the bread, and not with cigarettes or beer harmful habits should also be excluded, because nicotine and alcohol inhibit the production of testosterone, and what without it, the potency can?
  • Pay attention to your weight, obesity cholesterol deposits in the blood vessels occur accelerated pace, which can erection if the blood vessels are clogged. Leave greasy food and move more;

How to improve the potency in men in the home

Help us a healthy way of life:

  • Begin to monitor your sleep, go to bed early and sleep. At least seven to eight hours, in our time, a Smartphone does not help, not to mention special equipment, to follow the sleep;
  • Twice a week we go in the Sauna, enjoy birch branches. Visit to the steam room and improve the blood circulation in the body and increase your vitality in General;
  • One hour before bedtime you take sitting special baths — fill a cold and a hot and sit, each with a Minute, replacement 10 times. Just don't start with big changes in temperature, first, the difference is small, add contrast gradually, otherwise you may damage to the body;
  • You are already in the freezer ice cream, we are always in need of about a pound. Necessary fine hack would be to wrap it in several layers of gauze and apply to the body starting from the head, then down to the area of the heart and finally to the scrotum.
as for the improvement of potency in 60 years

Raise the potency quickly in house conditions you can also with the help of special physical exercises. We begin with the daily charging, used to do go Jogging or on the road, and then go to special exercises. For starters, the usual series of exercises to warm up the body, and then you begin do the following:

  • We sit on the Mat and bend a leg. The bent leg and the body should be in, as a rule, comfortably, without Stress. Go specifically to the Achilles tendon with the thumb and forefinger of the hands and start to squeeze and RUB him for a Minute, acting in the longitudinal direction. Gradually, the pressure in the movement to strengthen down. At the end of the exercise for 30 seconds, the Achilles touch the tendon. This simple exercise is very bladder, beneficial for the reproductive organs, the kidneys work and urine.
  • You will lie on your stomach and fold the hands under the chin, spread the elbows to the sides. A sharp inhalation, a little you bend the right leg and the knee falls short of the up to the elbow. Slowly exhale, gently leg back to the starting position. Do the same with the left foot. Two-three sets of 10 times (start with a approach to increase the load step by step) to significantly improve blood circulation in the small pelvis.

The proper diet for the improvement of potency in men in the home

Proper nutrition — one of the keys to a successful improvement of the potency and fertility to the home. We need to regularly nuts provide the body with vitamins, fresh fruit and vegetables. Such products increase potency:

  • Whisk the egg yolks;
  • Raw Garlic;
  • Chocolate;
  • Honey;
  • Walnuts;
  • All Legumes;
  • Seafood;
  • Organic coffee (but do not know the measure more than a Cup per day).

How to improve the potency in house conditions of the people's resources

Of course, in the pharmacies, there are many drugs that potency, but without the recommendation of the doctor it is just not worth it, otherwise you can only exacerbate your condition. Yes, and there is no such tablets are usually little. Therefore, it is better that the centuries-long proven folk medicine to improve the potency at home.

  • Tincture of Ginseng and Eleutherococcus. It has to drink the corridors. On the first day of water dissolved in half a glass of a drop, on the second day two and so on up to 28 days and 28 drops. Take a break again in three months to start the course with zero. Do this for a long time. Banned men with high blood pressure and severe diseases of the cardiovascular System;
  • Walnuts with honey — the most powerful medium. Mix in a ratio of 1:1 and within a month twice a day after meals in a quantity of two teaspoons;
  • Tablespoon of fruit and a tablespoon of Rowan berries and rose hips brewed in 500 ml of boiling water, preferably in a thermos or tightly remove wrapped capacity and for 6 hours in a dark place. Take half a Cup twice a day for a month;
  • How to increase potency quickly at home? We help cabbage juice, regular consumption of is an amazing effect.

Psychological Support

And, of course, the potency in men at 60 years, and their increase is directly dependent on and by women, should be treated to understand what is happening with the man, to him to assist and not to Express an opinion, no offense in case of "misfires".