Causes of reduced potency in men

Masculinity, strength, reliability, trust, and so you can write to infinity. All these features are characteristic of a strong half of humanity — men. Always unshakable, comparable to the Olympic gods, real men up to the present day, the object of desire of women. Each individual has something special and different than the other, but there is a General Problem, which combines almost all of the men of our planet – the reduction of the potency.

low potency

Disorders of the Penis can cause all sorts of mental disorders in men. This has a strong impact on all the processes of their vital activity and often leads to problems in private life and at work. Some men do not also imagine, why go to such trouble, low potency as it touches you, and begin the search for an answer. And some continue to live as if nothing had happened.

Male potency and their properties

The main feature of the sexual potential of men is, that for a maximum excitation, psycho-scaled logically so, that he for sexual contact. Emotional and mental peace contribute to the quality and long-lasting erections and full sexual intercourse. The sexual activity of men depends on the processes in the body, which is responsible for the production of testosterone. The level of this hormone in the blood of men determined his activity in bed. Some scientists have the theory that male organism, there is a specific Limit for the number of sexual acts for life. Part of it is as true as it is noticed that men with the bright, irregular, and frequent sex life problems with potency start earlier than in men, which in the course of life is Rational, their sexual forces, and showed excessive activity, self-assertion, or the gratification of your own ego.

What are the reasons for the male power waning

The years pass, and with them, and sexual activity. The problems with the health, manifested a turbulent youth has. Already after the third dozen of testosterone are produced starts, in smaller doses, and this fact is the main reason for the decline of potency. Therefore, the number of sexual contacts is reduced. A large proportion of men begin to be each other for this reason, to panic, become depressed and to sound the Alarm. Always, and in all such cases you must prescribe to a specialist to find out the cause and the necessary treatment.

Similarly, a negative impact on the potency can have an impact, that is an unhealthy way of life the man led. Unlimited amount of alcohol drank, used cigarettes, and hamburgers with fries – a additional causes for reduced potency in men. Lack of exercise, not for Sport and Outdoor activities, as well low potency threatens at an early age. If a man carelessly refers to your body, and this, in turn, will start in the work crashing, and losing their activity nature prior to the deadline.

At-risk groups

There is a certain number of factors and fundamental causes that provoke able to early loss of sexual performance in men. In the group of risk of development of erectile dysfunction can come:

  • Men, the diagnosed disorders of the sex organs, affect the quality of the erection.
  • The residents of the area, which has problems with the ecology, as well men, that work harmful to the health of the productions and industrial plants.
  • Victims of the constant mental pressure that the men constantly fall into situations of Stress and receive the moral and psychological injuries.
  • The proponents of the passive and sedentary way of life.
  • Regular visitors to the fast-Food-Fans of semi-finished and other not very useful food in unlimited quantities.
  • Yet on the potency of the communicable diseases affect sexual, with whom I had the man, place, and other diseases sexual organ that were in poor condition, or not healed.
  • The abuse of alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and other harmful drugs, not only cause interference, and problems with potency, to provoke diseases of the sexual and other organs. Greatly weaken the immune system and are harmful factors for the full erection.
  • Disorders or diseases of the endocrine system, which has result in problems with the production of hormones in men.

Drugs, the men, the sexual activity

as for the improvement of the potency

The reasons for the decline of potency may be different as the methods of treatment. To understand all men, and to remember that, when you diagnose problems in the activity of the Penis, it is necessary, the causes from which they originated in a man's life. An examination by doctor urgently in need of. The specialist prescribe to determine all the necessary Tests and procedures, which will be able to, exactly the reasons why the problems with potency began to.

The first way is it necessary to change your lifestyle. Saying goodbye to unhealthy food, soda, favorite sofa and other harmful foods and manners of behavior. A balanced diet and increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet, you fill the organism with the necessary vitamins and fiber. The nature is rich of products (aphrodisiacs), which also has an impact on the potency and promote the quality of education of erection. For example: parsley, mint, nuts, sesame seeds, honey, sunflower seeds, Avocados, dry fruits, milk products, dark chocolate, oysters, strawberries, etc.

Reduce psychological Pere load and a large amount of Stress. Clean up your nerves and Psyche, and only then, you can explore the delights of the full-fledged sexual intercourse, and the improvement of the quality of life to enjoy. Diseases, problems and other disorders of the internal organs, the endocrine System, which needs to be healed and normal function of the body.

In addition to natural factors, that can solve the problem of potency, there are still drugs and helpers, which improve strength sex organ, and time on the quality of sexual life. Such medicines are sold in pharmacies, in a different Form (tablets, suppositories, ointments) and have their own characteristics and properties.