Problems with potency in men and their solutions

Male problems with potency – not uncommon in any age. It is a weak or unstable erections, premature ejaculation or lack of orgasm, low quality and small quantity of sperm, as well as the reduction or the complete absence of desire for intimacy.

Such disturbances directly influence the health, work ability, mood of the man and the life of his partner. So I have problems with the potency and how to fix them?

The reasons for problems with the potency in the different ages

Problems with potency

Problems with potency in 20 years occur less frequently than after 50. Due to the fact that with age, the immunity is decreasing, in the body of slag and toxins, chronic diseases, collect appear hormonal disorders, and other disorders. All of this has a negative impact on the potency in people of middle and advanced age.

The most important variants of the answer to the question of why the young man distinguish problems with the potency of experts for several reasons:

  • increased anxiety, frequent feelings of Stress;
  • Apathy and Depression, suicidal mood;
  • unsuitable Situation during intimacy;
  • poor health on the background of diseases such as e.g. SARS or Influenza, and side effects of certain medications;
  • mental and physical overload;
  • frequent change of partners;
  • bad habits;
  • unbalanced diet, not enough nutrients, and a lot of fast Food, coffee, fatty foods and sweets.

Problems with potency in 30 years, often arise from the same reason why it is in the 20. But in this age, statistically perhaps, the emergence of the first pathological changes in the prostate and other inflammatory processes in the organs of the urogenital system in men. And that is another reason for the emergence of erectile dysfunction and the decrease in potency.

Problems with potency in 40 and 50 years, often due to Prostatitis, cardiovascular and nervous diseases. Also night life to the detriment of the erections and the desire for intimacy, irregular sexual life, and monotony in the bed.

If the problems with potency, then try to figure out the causes of disorders. Get plenty of rest and eliminate from the life of Stress, abandon bad habits and to normalize the power supply. If such measures will not give positive results, contact a specialist.

Basic ways to improve the potency

Doctors do not recommend self-treatment in case of problems with potency in men regardless of age. Not started in time or the wrong treatment can lead to the development of complications and a worsening of the health condition, impotence, and infertility.

The most important methods to manhood to restore, are as follows:

  1. The solution of the problems with potency with the help of synthetic drugs. For the state of erection and the return of the joy of Sex men use Viagra. Such drugs have a lot of contraindications and possible side effects, but give a excellent effect.
  2. Application of homeopathic means. Thanks to the natural composition of these medicines gently work on the body, a small number of contraindications and possible side effects, is available in the pharmacy without a prescription. However, their application should be careful and only after clarification of the problems with potency.
  3. Dietary Supplement. These preparations contain, in its composition only natural ingredients that stimulate the normalization of the work of the whole organism, strengthen the immune system, increase the blood flow to the genitals and the intensity of the sensations during Sex. If your husband problems with potency, the dietary Supplement – is a common solution that can offer your spouse. But we must bear in mind that these funds also have the subtleties of their usage, to each organism individually, and should be strictly according to the instructions.

If a young man has problems with potency, it is impossible to instantly go to the pharmacy and buy powerful drugs that can solve the Problem immediately. It can only worsen the Situation.

To increase in addition to taking medicines and dietary supplements potency, increase stamina and lengthening of sexual intercourse experts recommend to strengthen in every way the immune system to, for example, through frequent walks in the fresh air, hardening, a visit to the saunas and steam baths, provided there are no contraindications. You can also Kegel exercises, which strengthen muscles and ejaculation, slide help.

Often, it turns out that the debt of the resulting interference-steel psychological problems with potency. To solve them, helps the support of loved ones, relaxation and reduction of Stress in life. Also beneficial a change of scenery or a new Hobby works in the diving with the head.

If you believe that you are not able to cope with indecision, self-doubt, and other manifestations, to prevent, to lead you to live a fulfilled gender, contact those skilled in the art. An experienced psychologist, the cause of the problem reveals the potency in men, will tell you how to solve them and prevent re-occurrence.

If you should see a doctor

as for the improvement of the potency

In most cases, interference due to psychological factors, fatigue, nervous and mental effort are yourself to an unforgettable stay.

But often problems with potency require treatment. And not only him, the doctor after a thorough examination and test can pick up. Above all, it is important to, as quickly as possible a therapy for inflammation and infection to pick up, suspected the presence of cancer and tumors of the prostate.

If erectile dysfunction is due to diseases of the circulatory System, Diabetes mellitus, hormonal disorders, to a comprehensive investigation. In some cases, for accurate diagnosis and selection of therapy you need to see a endocrinologists, cardiologists, neurologists, urologists, and psychotherapists. And in the diagnosis of the problem is the traditional and modern methods: ultrasound, MRI and CT help.

The main symptoms, if you do not hesitate and immediately consult a specialist to know how to call a Problem with the potency of experts the following conditions and symptoms:

  • the emergence of pain during urination and ejaculation;
  • decreased Libido, weak and unstable erections;
  • premature ejaculation and the inability to ejaculation;
  • psychological discomfort associated with Sex;
  • any signs of infection or inflammation;
  • Violation of urination;
  • atypical impurities in the urine and semen, for example, pus or blood;
  • Redness, skin pain, sores and itching on the Penis and scrotum.

If you do not know to go what doctor to go to you or call you in the registry of the clinic, explain the nature of the violation and describe worrying signs. According to a survey of selected specialists, a provisional diagnosis is made and a decision whether the Council, in the case of other doctors.


If you choose not to self-medicate, to recommend the problems with potency, what to do, start with simple measures. You change your lifestyle to a healthier eating habits you rethink the power supply and change the Situation, make you a lot of variety in the Sex with the woman, and you make it a regular, give up Smoking and alcohol.

Often, such measures will not only help with erectile dysfunction, but also improve your General health, strengthen the immune system, to feel a surge of energy and strength. But if it will not help or worsen the health, then immediately consult an ophthalmologist.