Causes and treatment of weak potency in men

Sex is an essential part of our life. For some of us it is the most important process of life activity than the Rest. Everyone knows that Sex happens in procreation. In addition, it is quite nice and exciting process. A man and a woman during Sex, pleasure and enjoyment.

Symptoms reduction of erection

weak potent

As we know, Sex are the two, and the violation of the basic features with you can lead to severe psychological trauma. The man such violations result in the weakening of potency, and the inability of the Penis, their direct function. First of all, we need to understand how a similar disorder is expressed and what is shown its effect on the overall picture of the sexual relations. The main factors for the disturbance of the functions of the reproductive Organ in the male the following symptoms:

  • the weakening of the potency;
  • the inability to finish sexual intercourse;
  • Lack of interest in Sex;
  • Flaccidity of the Penis.

All of these characters both individually as well as in the whole can manifest. In General, the course and the development of similar characteristics shall be carried out progressively. First of all, men can not feel the changes in the functionality and performance of their sexual apparatus. To decrease over time, under the condition of the disregard of the primary characteristics, the potency gradually begins to impact on the emotional and mental condition of the men. This can be a pretty negative consequences. Some of us take such problems in the sexual sense excessive, this manifests itself in despondency, irritability, and General disturbance of all systems of the body, due to mental failures of the people.

Factors that influence the strength

Note that the weak male potency is a set, and the Situation may change. In most cases, these problems are only temporarily, if it is not in connection with any disease, and can be fully neutralized. With appropriate treatment and adherence to preventive measures, the opportunity to correct the Situation and repair the complete Men's Health is. Each treatment begins with the determination of the factors, which led to a similar result. The reasons for the weak potency in men are as follows:

  • Stress;
  • the pent-up tiredness;
  • the General lack of energy;
  • Depression;
  • not a permanent relationship;
  • changes in hormone levels;
  • A lack of exercise;
  • a wrong diet;
  • overweight;
  • the presence of harmful habits;
  • inflammatory or infectious diseases;
  • negative radiative forcing.

Each of the above factors can be a cause that will affect the future of masculinity. Note that the weak potency comes out of nothing. Rather, it develops and progresses under the influence of one or more negative factors that gradually affect the General functionality of the sexual apparatus of men.

The change of style of life

The leadership of the lack of exercise in conjunction with poor nutrition can cause a number of negative effects and one of them is the weak potency, which once again confirms the necessity of preventive measures and change of style of life.

In most cases, the underlying cause, the impetus for the development of all other diseases, and the emergence of various inflammatory processes, looks exactly the same.

Particularly susceptible to such influences, people with reduced immunity, leads a sedentary lifestyle. This behavior can be spend by the peculiarity of the work, the man most of the time of your day. The presence of harmful habits, whether it is the abuse of alcohol or excessive Smoking, only exacerbates the Situation and leads to a rapid development of functional disorders of the sexual apparatus of men.

Eating disorders are not less destructive for human health. Abuse of fried, spicy or acidic does not go unnoticed. Metabolic disorders inevitably impact on the recruitment of overweight, which, in turn, affects the quality and the intensity of the intercourse. In General, all of the main reasons for the weak potency of men lie in these simple factors.

Mental Health Problems

Treatment of potency

In most cases, poor male sexual enhancer is a consequence of mental health problems. Since the emergence of the analysis of the causes and signs of disorders of potency some find this fact overly dramatic and emotional. Thereafter, the main problems begin.

In the systematic return in the Moment of failure in the subconscious mind of a particular man, and the impact a further deterioration of the potency. This kind of emotional climax leads to the fact that the subsequent attempts are under the influence of the memories of failure and its disastrous consequences. This fact can't go unnoticed. Nervous tension and Stress caused by the constant thoughts about one's own inferiority, that cause the weak potency is the Norm rather than the exception to the rule. Therefore, the primary task that you decide for yourself, is that possible primary problems are only temporary phenomena, and problems can only be hints of other health is.

Salutation to the doctor

If there is a weakened potency, what to do in such a case? Experienced the first signs of a similar phenomenon, should not to run to the doctor immediately, because it is, perhaps, just a unique Manifestation of the disease, caused by domination and deterioration of one of these factors. Again, the same violation of potency requires an immediate treatment to a specialist, and determine to prescribe the causes, as well as the necessary treatment, and a list of recommendations. Salutation to the doctor is necessary for the determination of the exact causes and factors, which was the result of the weakened potency. An important aspect is the delineation of the psychological aspects and the identification of infectious processes, which are responsible for the deterioration of potency. is On the basis of the necessary analysis, the physician to the presence or absence of the infectious pathogen recognizes and is the Schema of the other drug or prophylactic treatment.

Too bad the potency is not really a serious challenge in the life of a man, need to have a timely treatment and prevention, the mean primarily the change of style and the rhythm of life.

Preventive Measures

What to do if the life style is a fundamental factor for the masculinity? Some, not really try to change something in habitual way of life, to treat insider tips disease taking medication. For such people it is a panacea, that in their opinion you healing of all diseases. The changes to the same life style to be extremely unacceptable for such people. However, sluggish potency is unlikely that the cure is solely through tablets or ointments. Basic changes in lifestyle and diet can help, a regular and reliable erection, to the delight of the man over the years. To include such preventive measures:

  • the proper diet;
  • an active life style;
  • The avoidance of harmful habits;
  • The avoidance of fatigue;
  • slimming;
  • the presence of a partner, be;
  • Sports.


Problems with potency can be a serious Problem for men. Sometimes similar problems are not pensioners, but the whole of outwardly healthy young men overtake. The reason for this sad development of the events, the presence of inflammation in the body, but these cases are not so common In most cases, crashing erectile functions by quite different factors, which influence on the entire body of the people. The presence of harmful habits, overweight, lack of exercise, and a constant state of Stress - all this may lead to violations not only of the potency of the man, but also of the failure of the other systems of the body.