Experience in the use El Macho

This history has decided to share with us Ivanka from Dobrich (Bulgaria). The woman told about the Problem of her husband and tells of how the drops for increase of a potentiality El Macho they had a second honeymoon.

Experience in the use of El Macho

My husband and I have been for almost 15 years. Sex, we have never had any problems. Somehow, from the beginning, to perfectly fit together in the familiar feet. After the birth of the first child we will not wait, as the doctor permitted sexual intimacy. After the birth of the second child for our passion in the bed temporarily subsided as I gained a little weight. Not that my husband didn't want a little full – I even shy, and therefore decided to use the figure in order. A couple of months diet and regular gym have paid off – I'm not out of shape, and my complex are gradually disappeared, whereby the quality of sexual life again to the previous level.

As for us, the Problem in the bed started

After about 3 years, I've noticed that we drastically Sex deteriorated, both in terms of quality and in terms of regularity. After my husband came home from work, lay on the Sofa, and long rested. I ceased to hear from him compliments, we have lost hanging out, and before bed everything I could expect of it, not more than a kiss on the cheek. I thought that, perhaps, ceased to win your man physically, because in the course of the years, in fact, achieved up to 15 pounds. That's why I decided to go with a friend in the sports hall.

For a year and a half my body Fit was significantly overweight, almost completely disappeared (a little to the flanks and the belly, but it is more of a age-related problems, it was impossible to eliminate). I thought to improve my weight loss with her husband and the sex life, but I was wrong. Man did not want me to. For the missus I'm not be worried, because he is with me, a strict conservative and disgust even to a nice conversation "on the side".

Then I updated the wardrobe, went to a beauty salon, but in addition to a compliment of me, nothing came. My girlfriend started to say that Sex is not interesting for him because of the ordinariness of what he can enough variety and freshness of feelings. But all my attempts something new in the love life have been completely stopped. Then I decided that the Problem is really serious, so I decided to with him close to.

When the children were at the weekend at grandma's, I have an open conversation. I was not going to file for divorce, but decided to scare the man to shake at least something. The man to persuade was very much frightened, and began to me that he has no one, that I the best and the only woman in his life. Then I began to put pressure on him to find out what the Problem is then? He didn't want to talk for a long time, but the perspective of the divorce forced him to admit that he has problems with the potency. Not that an erection is all gone, but that was very rare and weak. On the one hand I was glad that the cause for the lack of Sex in our family – really not a lover, but on the other hand, was excited and in disbelief the man and, of course, frightened state of his health, for he is yet quite a young man.

Drops El Macho – the best means for potentiality increase

I'm not going to write which labour it has cost me, to persuade him to visit a doctor, but I've done it. Usually, the doctor recommended, less nervous, Smoking and less cluttered, excessively high physical loads (the man worked as a welder, and him by the nature of the activity to lift to much lift). Also, your doctor prescribed drops El Machothat would health help him to heal men. Smoking and your work man, totally rejected, so just drink a drop for him it was no Problem to stop. The composition of the drug was natural and harmless, so I quietly am for the lack of contraindications and side effects, although there are doubts about the effectiveness.

For the first 3 days of no change I did not notice, therefore, has already managed to upset, but on the fourth day, to my surprise, in front of the sleeping man began to fumble in the bed. Sex was not the most beautiful, and not particularly long, but the moral satisfaction of what has taken place of intimacy, made me very happy. Every second day we had a further sexual contact, I remember a long time: I had a orgasm is so bright that the younger son said at Breakfast: "mom, when you tooth was very sick? You moaned so loud at night that I woke up, and I was sorry". It is the best compliment was my husband!

Sex for us was a day, so we decided to be alone for a while, to get maximum pleasure from each other. Since the children had holidays, we send you to grandma in the whole 3 weeks, and survived even the second honeymoon! The man said that you wanted me so much, that the minutes said that if the working day ends and he is back home, in my arms. So cool Sex we had for the wedding! To diversify us even managed to live, all the tips my girlfriends in terms of how sexual life.

A month after taking the drops El Macho the man has stopped to drink, and Sex, of course, was rare a little (it is the best, because for a complete sexual satisfaction, we would give children's grandmother for always), but the quality and the duration of the us.

Remember how I suffered from the absence of attention on the part of the man, and how we have managed his problems to get rid of, and I decided to write our story, other couples don't get divorced in a hurry, to suspect each other of infidelity, but simply openly talked about their problems and decide together. Causes of erectile dysfunction can many (physical and mental), but for your solution, there is an effective means of drop El Macho. I can say that the drug works 100%, because in this we have learned from personal experience!